Jay Patel, Salesforce AppExchange Developer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Jay Patel

Salesforce AppExchange Developer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Member since September 18, 2017
Jay is a Salesforce developer with almost seven years of experience with companies like Amdocs and Finicity. He's an expert in design and development of scalable and optimized applications. His ability to translate business requirements into technical solutions helps clients to convert their ideas to reality. He enjoys helping clients with his knowledge of the Salesforce platform and related tools and technologies.
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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India



Preferred Environment

Ant, Force.com, Bitbucket, Git, Eclipse

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a 3GPP compliant solution capable of accepting millions of events and processing them downstream with enrichment.


  • Salesforce Developer and Admin

    2019 - 2022
    EMyth Worldwide, Inc.
    • Worked on managing salesforce org, which coaches mainly use to deliver financial coaching to end customers.
    • Worked as Developer and Admin to fulfill all requirements, including integration with external platform managing billing and coaching contracts. This project also uses Skuid and Partner Portal and the Sales and Service cloud.
    • Abstracted only required functionality out of the legacy system, divided them into three personas, and made salesforce users' lives easy to maintain their subscriptions and end customers.
    Technologies: Salesforce, Skuid, Apex, Lightning Components, Force.com, Salesforce Community, Salesforce Lightning
  • Skuid Developer

    2019 - 2019
    Full Skope, LLC (via Toptal)
    • Cuztomized loan origination software (LOS) built over Salesforce and Skuid.
    • Worked on the front end for a LOS application.
    • Customized Skuid.
    • Created Salesforce admin tasks to optimize the existing flow.
    • Worked on reports based on data sources from Salesforce.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Skuid, Salesforce
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2014 - 2017
    • Worked on the development of Amdocs' Service Order Management system, which is designed for introducing new services to customers faster and at a lower cost; with the help of this product, each customer order is broken down to its basic components, tracked, and processed to completion. Provisioning of multi-play services can be orchestrated across multiple fulfillment systems.
    Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, Java, Salesforce
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2011 - 2014
    Elitecore Technologies
    • Helped develop and enhance Crestel Mediation Server, which is designed for processing 350 million call data records each day.
    • Contributed to the architecture and development of CGF Server, which is a 3GPP compliant offline mediation solution that is capable of accepting any event or record in any standards based format generated by the network and producing rich records in the format required by the downstream system.
    • Helped architect and develop IPLogger/CGNAT, an application that provides security-related features based on the lawful interception request for identifying a user for network usage. As per Indian government rules, IPLogger or NBR is necessary in all telecom service providers.
    Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, Java, Salesforce


  • Finicity Data Services

    Finicity is a US-based company focusing on financial wellness and financial data aggregation. Finicity Data Services is a combination of data aggregation, API, transaction intelligence, API analytics, financial software innovation, and mobile finance. I helped them set up Salesforce as central storage for customer and usage data. I also enabled Salesforce Community for them to manage API documentation and to make it available to the outside world. I have integrated the Salesforce instance with externals APIs like status IO to report incidents and perfomance metrics, and I also configured Salesforce Omni to route Salesforce cases to multiple agents based on their availability and performance.

  • Dental Marketing

    Dental marketing is a Utah, USA-based company focusing on postcard marketing for dentists. In the past three years. I've worked on a number of projects for them. Below is a selection of my favorites:

    1. Call Recording: We are downloading calls that come to dentist end using Twilio. The downloaded calls are then moved to Amazon S3 for permanent storage.
    2. Call Scoring: I made a call scoring system; the core use of this system is that the call scorer can log in there are and listen to calls, and then they will able to answer KPI questions based on call type prospect, customer, etc.
    3. Dashboard v3: The client dashboard is used by their end client (dentist) to view and analyze their own data, the number of calls they have, the number of appointments in the system, and other stats as well.

  • Black Dog Institute

    Black Dog is an Australia-based institute, helping people with mental health. I helped them set up their Salesforce instance and supported post-project as well. I also helped them on integration with multiple banks in Australia for payments.

  • Amdocs Service Order Management

    Amdocs Service Order Management allows you to introduce new services to your customers faster and at a lower cost. Each customer's order is broken into its basic components, tracked, and processed to completion. Provisioning of multi-play services can be orchestrated across multiple fulfillment systems. This system allows customers to introduce complex new services within weeks, not months; accelerate revenue, provisioning services within minutes, not weeks; increase productivity, reducing engineering staff time required on site; and provide scalability, processing thousands of orders per month.

  • Crestel Mediation Server

    A mediation system is required in the telecom industry especially for voice postpaid billing solutions. The switches at the telecom service provider generate the CDRs per usage of customers or subscribers. The CDRs normally reside on a remote location like an FTP server. Crestel Mediation Server is responsible for collecting these files, parsing them, and converting them into a unified format that is understandable by the Crestel Rating System. For this, Crestel Mediation Server has different services: collection, parsing, processing, and distribution. Each of these services has a plugin to perform their respective tasks. These services work independently on their own time interval. Moreover, the Crestel Mediation Server filters zero duration calls, duplicate calls, incoming calls, and others as per business requirements. After that, Crestel Mediation Server sends only the valid CDRs to any downstream for further processing. Moreover, it is responsible for CDR reprocessing, aggregation, and reconciliation.

  • Charging Gateway Function

    Crestel Charging Gateway Function (CGF) is a 3GPP compliant offline mediation solution that is capable of accepting any event or record in any standards-based format generated by the network and producing rich records in a format required by the downstream system. It helps protect investments in existing BSS/OSS systems by interfacing to transfer information to the downstream system in the required format. It also acts as a storage buffer for CDR collection and to perform consolidation of CDRs. It handles filtering, duplicate detection, cloning, data editing, data processing, error processing, data formatting, and enrichment of the CDR in accordance with 3GPP specifications.

  • IPLogger/CGNAT Application

    Carrier-grade NAT (CGN), also known as large-scale NAT (LSN), is an approach to IPv4 network design in which end sites, in particular residential networks, are configured with private network addresses that are translated to public IPv4 addresses by middlebox network address translator devices embedded in the network operator's network, permitting the sharing of small pools of public addresses among many end sites. The IPLogger application provides security-related features based on the LI request for identifying a user for network usage. As per Indian government rules, IPLogger or NBR is necessary in all telecom companies.

  • Marine UI UX

    Marine UI UX was an enterprise level system built for a Singapore-based client. The core function for the system is to manage ships on the shipyard.The project was built to manage and fix routed ships as well as random ships and was able to allocate space and bill according shipyard size and number of days the ship is parked in the yard. this project was designed using Java Spring on the back-end and Bootstrap and Angular on the front-end.

  • Ring Optimization (Code for Circle Packing)

    Ring optimization is a project designed to find minimum sheet space required to put multiple rings. All rings will have different dimensions (width, inner radius, outer radius). The goal of the project was to find the minimum number of sheets we need to put all the rings together by optimizing space in different ways, such as putting smaller rings inside bigger rings. it was designed using circle packing theorem algorithms.

  • eSignGenie

    eSign Genie, is a signed application which allows the user to create forms and send for a signature. We have created a Salesforce application for them, which allows them to create mappings between Salesforce fields and eSign Genie form field. it is tightly integrated with eSign Genie API to fetch their form, related forms and users, etc. This application has dynamic field forms using Salesforce data and sends it to the next user in the row for signatures. It also tracks the forms that are sent and signed.

  • Value Builder System

    Value builder system is a company set up with a vision to help other entrepreneurs set up their business with fewer dependencies on them. They help entrepreneurs to understand how they can set up and sell their business at a profit. I have been involved with them for couple of years to give ongoing support with Salesforce setup and customization.

  • Mortgage App Using Salesforce, Skuid and Infusionsoft API Integration

    Capealla Mortgage is a Las Vegas, US-based company focusing on loans. In the last six months, we worked on a number of projects for them. Out of those below are our favorite projects that we made for them.

    • Integrating Salesforce with third parties (including Infusionsoft) via Zapier and custom APIs.
    • Syncing data between Salesforce and Infusionsoft using Infusionsoft REST APIs.
    • Adding the Skuid JavaScript snippet to achieve more than Skuid configuration can provide. As part of the customization of Skuid pages, we used a snippet which can work with different components like templates, tables, row action, etc. We also integrated custom data sources and APIs using snippet and apex programming to fill data inside Skuid table and pages.
    • Customizing Salesforce using Apex and Visual Force programming to integrated Skuid pages with Salesforce pages.
    • Enabling Salesforce console to display data using Skuid pages as a console tab. Also configured Omni to smartly route multiple loan applications to loan officers.

  • Salesforce Synchronization

    In this project, the SQL database tables get synchronized with Salesforce objects and store the data in the Salesforce standard/custom objects. Synchronization is done every hour and it is designed to manage all parent-child relationships and make sure no data gets lost in between. Some of the most challenging work in this project was:

    • Having a single REST entry paint all the objects instead of one for each object, and we created generic objects to put field names and values in at the time of insertion or update. We mapped it to the actual object.
    • Making sure no record is missed for sync because of temporary network failures or errors on the Salesforce end and we create the script to be checked for the last sync time so it will only update new sync time after getting a success response.


  • Languages

    APEX Code, Apex, Java 8, Java, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Visualforce, Hibernate, Spring 4, Spring, AngularJS, Lightning Components
  • Libraries/APIs

    Salesforce API, Salesforce REST API, Salesforce SOAP API, Node.js
  • Tools

    Batch Apex, Visualforce Pages, Skuid, Eclipse IDE, Git, Bitbucket
  • Platforms

    Salesforce, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, Salesforce 1, Eclipse
  • Other

    Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce AppExchange, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Force.com, Ant, Salesforce Community


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2007 - 2011
    Government Engineering College Gandhinagar - Gujarat


  • Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer
    JANUARY 2013 - JANUARY 2016

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