JC Gurango, Developer in Quezon City, NCR, Philippines
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JC Gurango

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Quezon City, NCR, Philippines
Toptal Member Since
September 11, 2018

JC is a full-stack developer who has enjoyed software development for the past 15 years and has worked professionally for the past 10. His expertise includes building, converting, and updating various web and mobile-based applications within various industries.


Python, Frappe, ERPNext, Gatsby, Strapi
Apparel & Accessories Retail Company
Node.js, PHP, Bitbucket, CS-Cart, MySQL, Amazon RDS, React Native...
A Security Software Company
React Native, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, Bitbucket, Twilio...




Preferred Environment

PHP, Node.js, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Bitbucket, Ubuntu, Bash

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded was a custom, pluggable scripting language called Function Language.

Work Experience

Full-Stack Developer

2022 - 2023
  • Led the development of Lemonade, a full ERP solution catering to Filipino businesses built on ERPNext and Frappe.
  • Developed a custom ordering website for a local food company including payments and delivery management.
  • Oversaw the entire software development process, from requirements gathering, to development, testing, and aftercare support.
Technologies: Python, Frappe, ERPNext, Gatsby, Strapi

Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2021
Apparel & Accessories Retail Company
  • Led the React Native mobile application development from the initial stage to its submission to the App Store and Play Store.
  • Extended CS-Cart substantially to conform to the functionality required.
  • Developed multiple Node.js-based tools, including an automated image optimization process that saved server space and bandwidth for the website's visitors.
  • Set up separate development and production environments and automated deployments for both.
  • Created CloudWatch alarms that check the server's health, notify when the server is unhealthy, and rectify by automatically scaling or restarting unresponsive instances.
Technologies: Node.js, PHP, Bitbucket, CS-Cart, MySQL, Amazon RDS, React Native, Amazon CloudWatch

Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2020
A Security Software Company
  • Worked as a front- and back-end developer on the mobile application InvisibleMe, which involved using Amazon SES and Twilio to generate email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Set up automated deployments to AWS AppSync via CloudFormation and Bitbucket pipelines.
  • Handled the application's submission process to the App Store and Play Store.
Technologies: React Native, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, Bitbucket, Twilio, Twilio API, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Microservices Architecture

Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2020
Repair Services Provider
  • Completed a React Native application and restructured the existing codebase to conform to best practices.
  • Developed an automated deployment system to deploy directly from GitLab to Heroku.
  • Extended the Hasura-based back end to include additional features to the application.
Technologies: React Native, Hasura, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Heroku, Microservices, Microservices Architecture

Full-stack Developer

2019 - 2019
Social Media & Marketing Solutions Provider
  • Updated parts of their existing Angular front end to add new features.
  • Translated features from their existing front end to React and their existing infrastructure to serverless.
  • Implemented paid promotion features into their updated front and back ends.
  • Executed a new way of triggering long-form requests over API Gateway via Socket.IO.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Socket.IO, Angular, React, Serverless, Microservices Architecture

Mobile Developer

2019 - 2019
Travel Agency & Services Provider
  • Restructured their existing React Native app to make use of best practices.
  • Implemented additional features to the Android and iOS applications.
  • Fixed bugs and issues on the app's Android version.
  • Introduced unit testing and continuous integration.
Technologies: AWS AppSync, React Native, TypeScript

Web Developer

2018 - 2019
Centre for Educational Excellence
  • Developed a WordPress plugin for automating tutors' workflows as they interact with students online.
  • Built a WordPress plugin to introduce requested custom functionality onto LearnDash.
  • Modified a WordPress theme to introduce requested custom functionality into LearnDash.
  • Created a reusable REST API in Slim Framework for PHP, which allows application data querying and authentication using a one-time PIN.
Technologies: Slim, WordPress

Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2018
CloudKickers Ltd
  • Developed a secure document storage and collaboration web application using Node.js with Lambda and API Gateway, with Amazon S3 as the storage medium.
  • Configured the application's development, testing, and production environments.
  • Built a companion Alexa Skill that allows users to take notes and store them in the application immediately.
  • Implemented continuous integration using GitHub and TFS builds.
  • Set up an integration testing suite using Newman and the AWS SDK.
Technologies: TFS, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Route 53, AWS Lambda, API Gateways, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Node.js

Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2018
Tuki Today
  • Added new features to an existing React Native application used for managing shifts.
  • Restructured the existing React Native application to meet better code standards.
  • Developed a Firebase back-end for the application, which held and parsed shift, venue, and employee information.
Technologies: React Native, Firebase

Web Developer

2015 - 2018
Obi Creative
  • Created a custom WordPress plugin for handling bookings and payments for a festival.
  • Migrated 20 WordPress websites from one server to another, each with different custom panels.
  • Built a Firebase-backed social networking site for sharing pictures based on location and decade.
  • Added custom functionality to a Drupal plugin with no documentation.
  • Developed a mobile application for receiving daily positive affirmations as notifications.
Technologies: React Native, JavaScript, HTML, Firebase, Drupal, WordPress

Web Developer

2017 - 2017
  • Migrated to a new server an existing Laravel application developed by a third party without documentation.
  • Rebuilt the Laravel application's AWS stack, which involved Amazon SNS for notifications and Amazon Route 53 for serving different websites through the same domain.
  • Developed custom functionality into various WordPress themes to extend their capabilities.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Laravel, WordPress

Mobile Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Converted their native iOS and Android apps used for restaurant loyalty rewards into a single React Native app.
  • Restructured various parts of their system to increase security, especially the application's financial side.
  • Performed R&D to look into other innovative projects, including a custom point-of-sale system that became an additional revenue source.
Technologies: Laravel, React Native

Full-stack Developer

2015 - 2016
RelayClick Ltd
  • Integrated an existing WYSIWYG editor into an ongoing Laravel project for A/B testing landing pages.
  • Developed an editor that allows users to create variations based on the same landing page.
  • Built an AWS integration into the application, which pushed output HTML files into S3 and created CloudFront distributions to serve them.
  • Set up Amazon EC2 instances with Route 53 load-balancing rules.
Technologies: Amazon Route 53, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon EC2, Laravel, PHP

Lead Software Developer

2013 - 2015
Gurango Software
  • Built a time-tracking solution within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM called Dynamic.Time.
  • Managed the development of Dynamic.Time when additional developers were introduced to the project.
  • Developed a custom integration between Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM.
  • Led an Excel training course for companies teaching advanced Excel topics.
  • Created the style guide in use in the company today.
Technologies: Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft Dynamics, Python, PHP, .NET

Function Language

A scripting language and compiler for .NET. The language allows users to run arbitrary scripts that execute .NET code. The scripts only execute functions and operators. Literals in the scripts adhere to no types as they are all strings. Users can completely define the application's functions and operators, except for "as," which is the built-in cast operator.

Enderun App

An application that I developed using Firebase and React Native for a school called Enderun Colleges. The app was a social media platform for students to post and view updates internally and a collaboration platform for school and group work.

Excel Master Class

Taught several master classes on the advanced features of Excel. The first one I conducted was in Cebu, Philippines, where we went through the basics of creating formulas and the most common functions used, with practical examples based on real-world HR or Payroll scenarios.

Kiosk Software

A kiosk software that I developed, which displays ads and allows users to browse an interactive map of the building. The software included two components: the "renderer" that ran in the building's digital kiosks and the "back end" that allowed administrators to customize the building's map and locations. I wrote the renderer in React, the back end's admin dashboard in Angular, and the back end itself in Node.js and Bookshelf.


An enterprise time-keeping solution that I solely developed. Dynamic.Time leverages the Dynamics XRM framework as a back end, with a primarily ASP.NET front-end portal where users could adjust their time. In addition, I wrote a few integrations with existing time-keeping and biometric devices to pull their time data into our system. The back end is built completely with C#, while the front end uses Bootstrap and jQuery with no framework.


A competitor product to VWO Editor that I developed, where users could create pages with a WYSIWYG editor and then create variations to the pages.

The editor was a project we bought from CodeCanyon. I developed the integration with our Laravel front and back end and customized the editor to accommodate the creation of variations. The system would take the created pages and variations and automatically generate a page for every possible combination. Each page gets automatically uploaded to S3 with a CloudFront distribution, to which users can map alternate domain names using a CNAME record. Moreover, users are automatically directed to one of the generated combinations when they visit a page, which the system tracks, including clicks. I integrated heatmap.js so the system could show dynamic heat maps of the variations receiving the most clicks.

UpdraftPlus Backblaze Integration

An integration that I developed for the WordPress plugin: UpdraftPlus, which sends the backup to Backblaze. Backblaze is significantly cheaper than all other remote storage solutions, and we sold quite a few copies of this plugin.

Tuki App

An app for shift management and timekeeping, mostly designed for food and other industries with more casual shift assignments managed between employees. I developed the app alongside another developer with React Native and used Firebase for the back end.


A learning management system (LMS) built on top of WordPress, which leverages the functionality of LearnDash but with additional customizations. I developed the system for the Centre of Educational Excellence. I also set up their entire AWS infrastructure using EC2, CloudFront, and S3.

IronClad Docs

A web-based, secure document storage application. It uses Lambda and API Gateway on the back end, while the front end is stored on S3 and served over CloudFront using Amazon RDS for its database. I developed the application's first iteration on AngularJS and Node.js and—with another developer—created the Angular 6 version of the front end.

Recruitment Websites

Took over a project for a few different websites, centered around recruitment and job listing in the UK with established users, and redeployed it on a DigitalOcean Droplet. The project was written in Laravel 3.

Invoicing App

A small outsourcing business here required an application to create invoices for their work easily. I wrote them one using Laravel and Angular. It uses multiple currencies, automatically converts between them, and allows users to track hours for different work items and projects.


An application that uses the Google Voice API to recognize speech, which is translated automatically by the Google Translate API, before finally using Text-to-Speech to serve the translated text out loud. I wrote the app in 24 hours for a hackathon using React Native and Node.js for the back end.


An inventory management software that I solely developed using Laravel, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and C# or .NET. The software tracks products and deliveries by SKU, bar code, or by name on the web application. The C# desktop application also handles barcode scanning and tending.

MoveYDC Ticketing System

A custom ticketing system that I created using Symfony and Doctrine for the CCF MoveYDC event. The system accepts payments through PayPal, with different currency options depending on the country of purchase, and issues tickets with randomized numbers.

Zendesk CRM App

An in-house app that I developed for Zendesk, which connects and pulls up live customer data from the Dynamics CRM, displaying it on the right-hand sidebar in Zendesk tickets. It also syncs back data from Zendesk if a Zendesk customer is associated with a Dynamics CRM contact.

Twitter Bot

A Twitter retweet, favorite, and response bot. It allows users to define conditions for tweets based on a keyword, location, bio, date, and others. I built a Node.js background application that handles the retweet, favorite, and response actions and wrote the front end in AngularJS.


A personal finance tracking software that I wrote in Laravel for personal use. It uses Bootstrap for the front end and scrapes data from my online banking accounts to organize my finances. Note that this was before things like Mint became mainstream, which still doesn't have data connections in the Philippines as of this writing.


A note-taking application that uses Markdown for formatting. It allows for links between notes, indexed notes that appear all the time, and arbitrary tagging. I solely developed the application using Node.js for its back end, which connects to MySQL.

Agency Management

A web application for managing applicants and people for a modeling agency. I solely developed the application written in Symfony and C#. The project included a web application for reviewing models and a desktop application for entering recruitment details and managing bookings. The data is stored in an MS SQL database.


An application that pooled together data from various traffic generation and ad campaign solutions into a single dashboard, which I wrote in Laravel. The dashboard gives users a simple view of the campaigns and traffic sources generating the most money relative to their costs. Based on this data, the system also automatically increases budgets and bids every hour on the dashboard.

Payment Integration

A consumer payment integration that I solely developed between Stripe and an accounting software. As the underlying infrastructure, I used the MEAN stack, which includes MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js, on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Sally Road Trips

A road trip planning and booking app written in React Native. I aided in the app's development, introduced unit testing, and restructured most of the codebase to make it more testable and modular. I was also in charge of synchronizing the app's Android version, as it had only been initially developed for iOS and had issues on Android.

Serverless Payment Processor

An existing payment processing system that I converted from a Node.js or Express monolithic application to a serverless microservice architecture. This processor went through transactions in a payments processor; we supported several and created ledger entries in an accounting system. The user could also define rulesets for how these transactions are encoded.


A React Native version that I developed of an app called PaidUp. The app was a rewards program that offered loyalty points for those who "paid up" in advance and used their points to purchase items on the menu. It also offered a separate queue at partner restaurants and an order-ahead system.


An app and back end that I developed for RealityShift, which allowed users to generate phone numbers via the Twilio SDK and email addresses via Amazon SES to receive SMS and emails anonymously. The app enabled users to register for websites without giving away their exact details. I wrote the app in React Native, the back end in AWS AppSync, DynamoDB, Lambda, and S3, and the CI/CD using CloudFormation and BitBucket Pipelines.


A project where I worked on transferring code and implementing new features to their new React and serverless infrastructure. Originally, it was written in Angular and was a monolithic application. One notable feature I worked on was paid promotion.

Room Service Food

An out-of-the-box solution for restaurants that handle their delivery drivers and online ordering via a website and mobile app. The smart scheduling technology leverages Google Maps and Open Street Maps to estimate delivery times and pick the best riders for the job.


A service booking app written in React Native. The React Native part was already 30% written, and they had a back end which I extended. I mostly took the existing code the rest of the way and implemented best coding practices. I also wrote their back-end management platform from scratch using React.


An open-source project called ERPNext, which I heavily customized to fit within local HR and payroll standards and released under the name: Lemonade. Most customizations involved creating new objects specific to Philippine law, while others involved fixing underlying bugs and updating existing features to complete their implementation.

DMCI Bank Portal

A multitenant web and mobile application that I developed on top of Frappe, which allows users to create and maintain contracts for properties, including purchase loans, rental agreements, and long-term leases. It contains multiple user roles with different access levels and an accounting system to keep track of all financing.

Army Navy Websites

A project where I developed the ordering websites for all Army Navy brands and migrated data from the existing website. The back end is based on Strapi with some heavy customizations, while the front end is built in Gatsby. I also implemented CI/CD for the production and staging environments.

Double Ledger

A double ledger accounting application that I developed using Go microservices for the back end, with HTTP or gRPC transports and PostgreSQL for the database, and React for the front end. The project was deployed on the DigitalOcean app platform.

Place dApp

A demonstration decentralized application (dApp) that I built using a Solidity smart contract for the back end and React and web3.js for the front end. The smart contract handles keeping a ledger of historical transactions and processing new ones with a coin value.


Firebase Android SDK, jQuery, Node.js, React, Bookshelf.js, Socket.IO, Twilio API, Google Translate API, Doctrine, Zendesk API, Google Maps, Web3.js


Knex.js, AWS AppSync, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Cognito, Microsoft Visual Studio, AWS CloudFormation, Bitbucket, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), TFS, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), CS-Cart, Amazon CloudWatch, LearnDash, MetaMask


React Native, AngularJS, Laravel, Angular, .NET, Angular 6, Slim, Frappe, Flutter, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, Symfony, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Express.js, Next.js, gRPC, Hardhat


SQL, PHP, C#, JavaScript, GraphQL, Batch, HTML, Go, Solidity, Active Server Pages (ASP), Python, Ruby, TypeScript


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, WordPress, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Ubuntu, Amazon EC2, Drupal, AWS Lambda, Amazon Alexa, Heroku, Twilio, DigitalOcean, Zendesk, Ethereum


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MySQL, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, Hasura, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, PostgreSQL


Waterfall Development, Microservices Architecture, Microservices


Dynamics CRM 2015, Amazon API Gateway, Serverless, Amazon Route 53, API Gateways, Amazon RDS, ERPNext, Gatsby, Excel 365, WYSIWYG Web Builders, Heatmaps, OpenStreetMap, Strapi

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