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Jean-François Savard, Software Developer in Québec City, QC, Canada
Jean-François Savard

Software Developer in Québec City, QC, Canada

Member since January 29, 2016
Jean-François is a passionate programmer who started coding in Java when he was 14 years old and almost never passed a day without writing code since then. While his specialty is, without any doubt, Java and its related frameworks—he also has a great understanding of multiple RDBMS such as Oracle and MySQL. Jean-François is also a Scala enthusiast and hopes to apply it soon in a professional environment.
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  • SQL, 4 years
  • Java, 4 years
  • Java EE, 4 years
  • Eclipse IDE, 4 years
  • Java 8, 2 years
  • JSF, 2 years
Québec City, QC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Git, SVN, Eclipse

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a high-performance client/server game which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about multi-threading and optimization.


  • Software Development Consultant (Independent Contractor)

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Developed multiple back- and front-end components with automated tests (unit, end-to-end, integration).
    • Took part in all steps of the software development process.
    Technologies: Java 8-11, Spring, Apache Kafka, MySQL, AWS, React, Angular
  • Software Development Consultant (Independent Contractor)

    2017 - 2019
    Bell Canada
    • Developed multiple back-end components with automated tests (unit, end-to-end, integration).
    • Wrote MongoDB migration scripts.
    • Worked in a rigorous Agile team where quality matters; participated in sprints, daily scrums, and so on.
    • Contributed to code reviews, design sessions, and so on.
    • Took part in all steps of the software development process.
    Technologies: Java 8-11, MongoDB, Apache Kafka, Docker, macOS, Linux, ELK
  • Software Development Consultant

    2016 - 2017
    Chaintag (via Toptal)
    • Implemented bug-fixes on the back-end side.
    • Handled production deployment via Boxfuse and AWS.
    • Developed new features on the back-end side.
    • Performed simple database development (new tables, constraints, and more).
    • Communicated with a team of freelancers.
    Technologies: Java EE, Spring, Flyway, Boxfuse, AWS, MySQL
  • Software Development Consultant

    2016 - 2017
    MyTutor (via Toptal/Mercury1)
    • Wrote multiple database change-sets using the Liquibase tool.
    • Developed multiple web pages on both the back-end and front-end side.
    • Communicated every day remotely using Agile's tool such as HipChat's standup bot.
    Technologies: Java8, Java EE, JSF, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Liquibase, WildFlywildfl
  • Software Development Consultant

    2016 - 2017
    Laval University (via Effenti)
    • Handled and was in charge of the analysis and development of multiple REST services.
    • Worked in an environment with a lot of code review—attempting to have the cleanest written code as possible.
    • Created multiple unit tests to ensure the stability of the application.
    • Composed multiple Oracle database scripts.
    • Worked in an Agile team with sprints and daily scrums.
    • Designed the complete API by writing a Java doc to document our REST API in a very detail-oriented way using all the possible tags and even custom ones.
    • Built an advanced high-performance search engine for the university library principally with Elasticsearch.
    Technologies: Java 8, Oracle, Spring, Jenkins, FishEye, Crucible, WebLogic, Tomcat
  • Software Development Consultant

    2015 - 2016
    La Capitale Financial Security (via Effenti/Levio)
    • Developed multiple RESTful services to handle different financial transactions.
    • Created multiple routes to arrange the systematic execution of different services using Apache Camel and ActiveMQ.
    • Handled the creation and management of an Oracle database using a Liquibase change management tool.
    • Set up the continuous integration of our applications using Bamboo.
    • Wrote a complete Javadoc to document our REST API contract in a very detail-oriented way using all the possible tags.
    • Wrote multiple JUnit test cases with custom configuration taking power of embedded Tomcat, a H2 in-memory database, and embedded ActiveMQ.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, Liquibase, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Tomcat, Oracle
  • Software Development Consultant

    2015 - 2015
    Orsa Studio
    • Wrote RESTful services to integrate with another REST API.
    • Performed Spring JUnit testing.
    • Communicated fluently between a team of 16 freelancers.
    Technologies: Java, Spring
  • Full-stack Developer

    2012 - 2015
    eVision, Inc.
    • Created a lightweight business intelligence tool using Java, Oracle, and D3.js.
    • Optimized multiple SQL packages and views using Oracle.
    • Created multiple web forms and its back end for an award-management system using Java EE and JavaServer Faces.
    • Set up multiple types of application servers such as WebLogic, Tomcat, TomEE, OC4J, and GlassFish on Linux systems.
    • Wrote a smart XML merger which could handle multiple business rules to increase the productivity of our BI team which were often ending up manually merging SpagoBI's auto-generated XML.
    Technologies: Java EE, JavaServer Faces, Oracle, Docker, Linux


  • monPortail (Development)

    monPortail is the digital environment for studies at Laval University. It offers centralized access to multiple services and information such as the class size or the event calendar.

    My role as a Java developer was principally to work on the back-end engine i.e., the development of an advanced search service using Elasticsearch for the university library.

  • MyTutor (Development)

    MyTutor is the leading online tutoring provider used by over 10,000 students across the UK and beyond.

    My role on MyTutor was focused on the development of multiple webpages both on the back-end and front-end side.

  • QUARTZ | Integration (Development)

    A REST API routed with Apache Camel that integrates with other multiple software packages.

  • CFI Award Management System (CAMS) (Development)

    The CFI Awards Management System (CAMS) is a secure online portal that allows universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions to apply for CFI funding and manages pre- and post-award activities. The system is used by researchers, institutional administrators, and by reviewers assigned to assess the proposals submitted to the CFI.

    My role as a full-stack developer on this project was to build multiple web forms using JavaEE, JSF, and Oracle.

  • Chaintag (Development)

    Chaintag is a new and fun social video and photo-sharing app.

    My role as a Java EE freelancer for Chaintag was focused on the development of new features for the back end of the application.

  • Stack Overflow Contribution (Other amazing things)

    I wrote approximately 600 answers on Stack Overflow to help other programmers in need.


  • Languages

    Java, Java 8, SQL, Java 9, Java 11, Java 10
  • Frameworks

    JUnit, JSF, Apache Camel, Spring
  • Libraries/APIs

    Guava, Lombok, jQuery, Apache POI
  • Tools

    Eclipse IDE, Maven, Subversion (SVN), Apache Tomcat, Git, Bamboo, Jira, IntelliJ, GitLab, Jenkins, Gradle, ActiveMQ
  • Platforms

    Windows, Java EE, NetBeans, MacOS, Linux, Oracle, Apache Kafka
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Agile Software Development, SOLID Principles
  • Storage

    MySQL, Oracle DBMS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP), Apache Commons, Apache FOP, Architecture, GlassFish, WebLogic


  • Master's degree (in progress) in Artificial Intelligence
    2019 - 2021
    Laval University - Québec, Canada
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2017 - 2019
    Laval University - Québec, Canada
  • Associate's degree in Computer Science
    2011 - 2014
    Cégep Limoilou - Limoilou, Québec, Canada
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