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Jefferson Bandeira da Silva, Multiplayer Developer in Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jefferson Bandeira da Silva

Multiplayer Developer in Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Member since January 23, 2016
Jefferson has expert knowledge in various computer science arenas with a major focus in game development. He has an easy time learning new tech and adapting to the environment surrounding him. He is also an entrepreneur at heart and knows the importance of having a strong vision for the product. When confronted with an interesting and challenging project, he will give it his best until everything is completed to the highest standards.
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  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 7 years
  • Agile Software Development, 5 years
  • C#, 5 years
  • Unity3D, 4 years
  • C++, 4 years
  • Multiplayer, 3 years
  • Photon, 3 years
  • .NET, 2 years
Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Unity3D with Visual Studio + Resharper on Windows

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is Holodrive, a 2D multiplayer F2P arena shooter.


  • Software Engineer | Co-founder

    2013 - PRESENT
    BitCake Studio OÜ
    • Created Holodrive: a multiplayer, cross-platform 2D arena shooter.
    • Developed tools to ease the process of developing games in the company.
    • Managed the availability and health of the servers tasked with running the various applications the company has.
    • Worked as the technical lead in some projects, making the bridge between the programmers and artists.
    • Developed back-end solutions to run together with the client of several games.
    • Studied and developed solutions for creating realtime multiplayer games with Unity3D.
    Technologies: C#, Ruby on Rails, Unity3D, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, .NET, Azure, Heroku
  • Software Engineer

    2012 - 2013
    Incubadora de Empresas COPPE UFRJ
    • Developed business games for one of Brazil's biggest companies.
    • Was tasked with maintenance and integration of a legacy system created in Delphi.
    Technologies: Delphi, ActionScript 3.0, ASP.NET


  • Holodrive (Development)

    Mario Kart meets Quake, in 2D. Holodrive is all about fast and explosive multiplayer combat mixed with unpredictability. You control, equip, and customize your dummy and participate in various multiplayer modes, exploding your enemies using unique guns that range from a bazooka that shoots through walls or a homing-bullet shotgun.

    The game features classic game modes such as team and deathmatch and a growing list of unique game modes including the collector's mode—where each team must collect energy from kills and attack the opposing team's Vault.

    Holodrive has been in open development for over three years, its growing community has become one the pillars of development by actively giving feedback and helping shape the game since the very beginning.

  • Super Torcedor (Development)

    A mobile app where you can track and make guesses with your friends on the games of your favorite football teams. Available for both iOS and Android, the app has information about all major championships in Brazil and some others worldwide.

  • Trix Cafe (Development)

    An electronic version of a popular middle-eastern card game. Done as contract work, I handled all the coding involved in the project, from coding the rules of the game to handling all the multiplayer aspects of it. It's currently live in both app stores.

  • Beat The Heat and Drive (Development)

    This project involved a mobile free-to-play runner game. I re-coded the game from scratch in about two months as a freelancer. All of the parts, UI, gameplay, integrations, and more. It's currently live in both app stores

  • URGE: An Engine for 3D Game Developing (Development)

    URGE is an engine for the development of three-dimensional computer games. It is based on its two cores: the visualization system and a physics system. Both are responsible for simulating the reality of an extensive range of materials in nature, and all the dynamic interaction between bodies based on the laws of physics.


  • Languages

    C#, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks

    Photon, Unity3D, .NET, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Server-side Programming
  • Storage

    JSON, Azure Websites, Azure Queues, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Multiplayer, Unity Networking & LAN, Unity3D GUI Development, Virtual Reality (VR), Client-server Model, Mobile Ads, BaaS, Analytics, Unity Shaders
  • Libraries/APIs

    Facebook SDK, Facebook API, jQuery, Fabric
  • Platforms

    New Relic, Android, iOS, Heroku, Azure


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2016
    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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