Jhonny El Helou, Software Developer in Paris, France
Jhonny El Helou

Software Developer in Paris, France

Member since July 26, 2021
Jhonny is a software developer with more than eight years of experience building solutions for Microsoft, Murex Systems, PinPay, HedgeGuard, and open-source communities. He specializes in cross-platform applications, interactive games, and infrastructure and productivity tools. He is excited to freelance on projects to help clients enhance their products and expand their markets.
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  • TheFork
    JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Grafana, Prometheus, SonarQube...
  • HedgeGuard
    C#, Excel Macros, RabbitMQ, Hangfire, Grafana, InfluxDB, SQL, PostgreSQL...
  • PinPay
    C#, SQL, AngularUI, Angular CLI, WCF Web Services, ASP.NET MVC, CSS...



Paris, France



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...interactive games I've developed were used in malls and expositions.


  • Software Architect

    2022 - PRESENT
    • Analyzed business requirements by providing technical assessment, alternative solutions, risks, suggestions, and feedback in ADR.
    • Assisted in realizing the technical vision and target objectives.
    • Prepared documentation, architecture diagrams, user flows, schematics, and KPI reporting.
    • Suggested best practices, design patterns, frameworks, and tools.
    • Provided technical assistance to developers during the implementation phase.
    • Coordinated with the EM, PM, Directors, Data, Ops, and Security.
    Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Grafana, Prometheus, SonarQube, Solr, Kong, Docker, Docker Compose, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Memcached
  • Software Architect and Senior Software Developer

    2018 - 2022
    • Developed and maintained existing Windows services and web applications.
    • Promoted development guidelines and best practices.
    • Maintained and supported existing Service Fabric microservices.
    • Designed architecture and developed a cross-platform data import microservice.
    • Developed and maintained an Angular single-page application.
    Technologies: C#, Excel Macros, RabbitMQ, Hangfire, Grafana, InfluxDB, SQL, PostgreSQL, Azure Service Fabric, Docker, CSS, Plugin-Based Architecture, Python 3, Python 2, .NET Core, Redis, CORS, ELK (Elastic Stack), C#.NET, REST, Microservices, .NET, LINQ, RestSharp, ASP.NET, Architecture, Fintech, Software Development, Software Design, Software Architecture, MVC Design, Technical Leadership, Web Development, Team Leadership, Office Add-ins, Microsoft Office SDK, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
  • Senior Full-stack Developer

    2017 - 2018
    • Developed and maintained an Angular 4/5/6 single-page application.
    • Designed, proposed, and enhanced existing bank applications with my team.
    • Created and maintained .NET Core APIs and internal services to generate internal reports and extracts.
    • Configured continuous integration and continuous delivery for existing bank applications.
    • Designed and implemented REST APIs used in mobile applications.
    Technologies: C#, SQL, AngularUI, Angular CLI, WCF Web Services, ASP.NET MVC, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, CORS, C#.NET, REST, .NET, LINQ, ASP.NET, Fintech, Software Development, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), MVC Design, Technical Leadership, Web Development
  • Software Developer

    2014 - 2017
    • Developed and maintained web applications to automate IT operations using ASP.NET, MSMQ, MSSQL, WebAPI2, and AngularJS.
    • Integrated an MVC application with third-party RESTful and SOAP services such as: Office365, Yammer, Confluence and others.
    • Developed and released in Agile using Jira for sprint planning and issue assignment.
    • Generated reports and dashboards for the collected data using tools such as Highcharts, D3.js, and PowerBI.
    • Developed and maintained an application for infrastructure monitoring that functions on Linux, Windows, AIX, and Solaris machines to collect environment information (memory, power, storage, mounts, database servers, OS updates and releases).
    • Designed architecture and developed multi-tenant cross platform application using .NET Core that enables queue-to-queue communication over http/https or message queuing protocol between secured infrastructures (similar to Microsoft Gateways).
    • Designed architecture and developed and maintained highly available and fault tolerant applications with needed components (website, web API, Windows services) that executes Sybase, Oracle, and MSSQL scripts on database servers.
    • Collaborated, supported, and followed up with part-time and internship employees.
    • Designed architecture and developed and maintained highly available and fault tolerant applications with the needed components (website, web API, Windows services) that executes Shell, Windows PowerShell, and Python scripts on machines.
    • Developed and maintained the back-end framework used by the team for faster and easier implementation of applications.
    Technologies: C#, Python, Windows PowerShell, Bash, AngularJS, Angular, APIs, Grafana, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Linux, Windows, Highcharts, D3.js, MSMQ, Windows Services, IIS, ASP.NET MVC, CSS, JavaScript, Plugin-Based Architecture, jQuery, Python 2, .NET Core, CORS, C#.NET, REST, Microservices, .NET, LINQ, RestSharp, ASP.NET, MongoDB, Software Development, Software Design, Software Architecture, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), MVC Design, Web Development


  • Secure, Customizable Deployment Framework

    A C# based multi-tenant application that allows clients to customize deployment commands, triggers, and steps. The project was built for secure machines and DMZs that did not want to expose or open ports to the public. The solution was to expose RabbitMQ ports to securely send messages between gateways (APIs) and services (agents). The application stores sensitive client information (applicative machines, database machines, and credentials) encrypted in the client's infrastructure and never used or passed through the networks (IDs are instead used to point to sensitive information). Clients can also change scripts stored on their infrastructure and can be written in Bash, Windows PowerShell, or Python. I was the application's back- and front-end developer and used the below technologies to implement the project.

  • Time Tracking

    A cross-platform time tracking application that aims to automatically track user time and eventually compute time spent per project. The client that can be used to compare the monthly cost to revenue. The first part of the application consists of a .NET REST API to manage users, teams, salaries, clients, revenues, departments, and activities. Then comes the front end, where we can manage the resources, filter user data, generate reports, and export data. Last is the reminder tool that is installed on client machines as a reminder to use the tool and automatically fill from previous activities

  • Crypto Portfolio Management System

    A C# based multi-tenant application that connects to multiple exchanges and providers and acts as a single page portfolio management system. The project was designed in a domain-driven approach with five microservices in mind: Security, RateLimit (client/IP rules), PMS (financial data and calculations), DataExtract (data retrieval such as API calls, WebSockets, SFTP upload, SFTP download, ZIP and UNZIP requests, email attachments download, Dynamic ETL (extract, transform, load) requests), pricing (pricing configurations, provider pricings) and audit (tracking versioning of data stored, restore to the previous version). Each microservice is in its own repository and managing its corresponding components (API, databases, and services), where each service is responsible for resolving a specific business problem. Service-to-service communication is performed via RabbitMQ requests that wait until the execution of the operation or normal fire-and-forget events via API and calls.

  • Crypto Arbitrage Excel Plugin

    An Excel-based plugin for spot/margin/future trade monitoring. I was the leading developer working on creating the plugin, storing client configuration (selected exchanges, selected instruments, and refresh rate), implementing WebSocket connections to exchanges, checking log files, and generating deployable solutions. The application is useful for comparing bid and ask prices for each instrument and exchange.

  • Algorithm Termination

    A C++ based application aimed to abstract the termination logic for any algorithm into a configuration. It allows validation on a single termination as well as a combination of multiple terminations at the same time. It implements fitness and stagnation functions, time, threshold, iteration, and resources (RAM, thread) constraints, and AND/OR operators to combine multiple terminations.

  • Accounting System

    A C# based application to manage payments, receivables, payrolls, tuition fees, and generate advanced and customizable reports for end of fiscal year.
    Among other features from the system, it contains currencies, categories, inventories, and general ledgers.

  • Project Management Software

    A multi-tenant C# based application that manages projects, employees, items, and payroll information. The back end is written in .NET and connected to the SQL database, while the front end is written in JQuery and MVC.

  • Fund Transfer System

    A C# API that allows the automation and scheduling of payment transfers to individuals from dedicated funds. Role management is implemented to allow administrators to approve and issue ACH payments. Application is leveraging the AWS ecosystem.


  • Languages

    SQL, C#, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C++, Bash, Python 2, Python 3, C#.NET, TypeScript, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), Java
  • Frameworks

    .NET Core, Angular, ASP.NET, .NET, Windows PowerShell, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, .NET 5, .NET 4
  • Libraries/APIs

    LINQ, jQuery, AngularUI, Highcharts, D3.js, Exchange API, Node.js, React
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, Angular CLI, RestSharp, Grafana, RabbitMQ, Hangfire, ELK (Elastic Stack), C#.NET WinForms, SonarQube, Solr, Kong, Docker Compose, MATLAB, Plaid, Excel 2013, Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel
  • Platforms

    Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Linux, Azure Service Fabric, Docker, Oracle, Azure, Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB, Sybase, Databases, Relational Databases, Azure SQL, Azure SQL Databases, Memcached
  • Other

    APIs, IIS, Software Development, Web Development, Windows Services, CORS, Architecture, Fintech, Software Design, Software Architecture, Technical Leadership, Team Leadership, Office Add-ins, Microsoft Office SDK, WCF Web Services, Excel Macros, MSMQ, Cloud, Web Security, Identity, Privacy, Data, Non-relational Databases, Analytics, Cloud Storage, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW), WebSockets, Prometheus, Image Processing, Neural Networks, Cash Flow Management, ACH, Posting Schedules
  • Paradigms

    Microservices Architecture, MVC Design, Plugin-Based Architecture, Microservices, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), REST


  • Master's Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering
    2013 - 2015
    American University of Science and Technology - Beirut, Lebanon
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering
    2009 - 2013
    American University of Science and Technology - Beirut, Lebanon


  • Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
    JUNE 2022 - PRESENT
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Fundamentals

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