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Jing Hong Chan

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Front-end Developer

Selangor, Malaysia
Toptal Member Since
March 16, 2021

Jing is a front-end developer with five years of professional experience specializing in React and React Native. He's attentive to detail and excels at building creative interfaces and interactions. Jing is obsessed with crafting pixel-perfect front-end experiences and getting a perfect lighthouse score. He believes that being a great developer balances beauty with practicality, and he writes code that future developers can easily work with.


Aevo (by Ribbon Finance)
Blockchain, Ethers.js, Web3.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, WebSockets, Node.js...
Ribbon Finance
TypeScript, React, CSS, Web3.js, GraphQL, JavaScript...
Loot Explorers
React, Node.js, Web3.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)...




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), MacOS, Slack, Git, Jira, Bitbucket, GitLab

The most amazing...

...experience I have had as a developer was being awarded Apple's scholarship to attend the annual WWDC event three times in a row.

Work Experience

Senior Front-end Developer

2022 - PRESENT
Aevo (by Ribbon Finance)
  • Worked closely with a designer and developed a high-performance crypto exchange front-end with arguably the best-in-class UI from scratch.
  • Built the web socket management architecture that auto-subscribes/unsubscribes to relevant instruments, index prices, and charts without having any noticeable load on the front end.
  • Built and deployed the Aevo NFT contract and the front end. Only users with the NFT are allowed to access the product during the beta.
  • Built an interactive options chain component that allows users to trade over 100+ instruments and expiries.
Technologies: Blockchain, Ethers.js, Web3.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, WebSockets, Node.js, React

Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2022
Ribbon Finance
  • Developed a front end that allows users to easily deposit their cryptocurrencies into our vaults and earn weekly yields. Our total value locked in all the vaults has exceeded $300 million.
  • Developed a GraphQL project using The Graph that allows the indexing of certain on-chain events to allow the front end to query data easily.
  • Created ribbon.metrics.finance that pulls data from our subgraph and visualizes it all in one place.
  • Led the front-end team in building the Aevo options exchange (currently in beta).
Technologies: TypeScript, React, CSS, Web3.js, GraphQL, JavaScript, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Front-end

Co-founder, Full-stack Developer

2021 - 2022
Loot Explorers
  • Developed an image generation tool that allows us to combine and generate 8,000 images of all the NFTs and upload them to the IPFS.
  • Developed a gas-optimized ERC-721 smart contract that allows the minting of NFTs.
  • Oversaw the entire process from the beginning until launch, generating over $1 million in revenue.
  • Developed a front end that provides an excellent NFT minting experience using React, TypeScript, and web3.js.
Technologies: React, Node.js, Web3.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), GraphQL, Front-end

Senior Front-end Developer

2019 - 2020
  • Worked on two user platforms, including the public-facing front end and the CRM.
  • Designed and developed the UI component for visualizing financial details in the form of charts.
  • Added i18n translations for a text component for over ten different languages.
Technologies: Angular, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Front-end

Senior Mobile Developer

2018 - 2019
  • Successfully developed and launched the second version of Digi’s mobile sales app.
  • Wrote a custom API to allow React Native to interface with the native biometrics sensor (Java).
  • Implemented the unit test pipeline for the React Native project.
Technologies: React Native, Java, Jenkins, Node.js, TypeScript, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Front-end


2016 - 2018
  • Founded Groftware while at university, with the university itself as the first client. Developed a React project for the school of business to help students with essay writing, including a mind-mapping component.
  • Worked on over ten different projects, servicing clients from Malaysia and Singapore, and grew the team to three people in two years.
  • Developed a delivery app for one of the largest hypermarket chains in Malaysia to facilitate truck drivers with their product deliveries. The mobile app was created using React Native, and the admin portal was built with React.
Technologies: Netlify, Slack, Jira, Docker, React, React Native, GitLab, JavaScript, TypeScript, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Front-end

MY SG Festival Post

MY SG Festival Post is a mobile app that allows users to create beautiful festival greetings from a list of templates.

I built the website using React with Next.js and made the iOS and Android mobile app using React Native; the back end and database were hosted on Firebase.

Is It Licensed

A website that scrapes data from the Securities Commission Malaysia and provides insights into licensed or unlicensed companies to be operating in Malaysia.

I created the front end using React and built the back end and web scraper using Google Cloud functions, Node.js, and Puppeteer.


The landing page website for my software agency business.

I built a custom React component that allows a horizontal experience when scrolling vertically (Groftware.tech/experience). I created the front end with React and hosted it on Netlify. The form submission uses Netlify forms, which trigger a Slack and email webhook.

404 New Tab

A React-based Chrome extension allows users to see a random and interesting 404 page whenever a new tab is opened. This chrome extension reached the rank of the #3 product of the day on Product Hunt.


I developed a Swift-based video editing app back in 2017 that allows users to drag, drop, and stack video effects onto their videos. The app is built entirely in Swift, and no back end was used for this. I also implemented in-app purchasing for the premium version.


Supermom is Asia's largest eCommerce marketplace for parents.

I was one of the iOS contractors that took over an in-progress iOS app written in Objective-C. The app's functionality that I've worked on includes a cart system, checkout, and payment.

Aevo Exchange

A high-performance, decentralized crypto exchange specialized in derivatives (options and perpetual futures).

I've built the front-end from the ground up, from allowing users to connect their wallet and depositing USDC from Ethereum mainnet to trading options and perps instruments to withdrawals.


React, Web3.js, Node.js, React Redux, Puppeteer, MobX


Expo, Jira, Slack, Bitbucket, GitLab, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Xcode, Git


React Native, Next.js, Angular, Redux


MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Blockchain, Firebase, Docker, Netlify


HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Swift, Objective-C, CSS, GraphQL, Go


Front-end, Ethers.js, Styled-components, WebSockets, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Google Cloud Functions, Web3, TradingView, Futures & Options

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