Johnny Arabia

Johnny Arabia

Manila, Philippines
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Johnny Arabia

Johnny Arabia

Manila, Philippines
Member since October 9, 2014
Johnny is a talented developer with a love for object-oriented programming and an eye for detail with PHP. He has worked successfully on numerous freelance projects and is an advocate of TDD. He has worked mostly as a solo developer, but is interested in working in a group capacity as well. He enjoys writing and working out in his free time.
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  • WordPress, 8 years
  • Zend Framework 2, 7 years
  • PayPal API, 5 years
  • Facebook API, 5 years
  • jQuery, 5 years
  • eBay API, 5 years
  • Laravel, 4 years
  • Project Management, 4 years
Manila, Philippines
Preferred Environment
Ubuntu, Sublime Text, Git
The most amazing... I've built is the first ever online retail platform in the Philippines.
  • Freelance Web Development Services Provider
    Various Online Freelance Websites
    2003 - PRESENT
    • Provided on-demand independent web development and eCommerce consulting services to small and medium scale enterprises remotely.
    • Worked with clients in the US, Europe, South America, and Asia.
    • Adhered to sound and generally accepted development practices.
    • Preached the importance and benefits of TDD.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, Laravel
  • Co-Founder, Partner, Technical Officer
    Local Startup
    2001 - 2003
    • Founded and developed an internet business along with several partners.
    • Developed products that had to do with pension plan and insurance claims management for the local pre-need industry.
    • Coded a concrete web-based working prototype of our business idea.
    • Pitched our ideas to prospective parties and succeeded in acquiring investors.
    • Handled all technical and information needs for our small enterprise.
    • Represented the company at various technical seminars and workshops at the time.
    • Coordinated with the marketing and finance officers in establishing long term strategies and daily tactical objectives.
    Technologies: Classical ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, PerlScript
  • Business Developer, Internet Commerce Developer
    Local IT Firm
    1999 - 2001
    • Worked full-time for a local IT firm owned by one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines.
    • Worked in a team internally dubbed as the eCommerce Group (ECG).
    • Explored and discovered business opportunities afforded by the growing entry of Internet into the Philippines by proposing and developing possible online businesses to be tested.
    • Deployed the first online mall and the first movie theater purchase and reservations website in the Philippines.
    • Conducted daily brainstorming meetings with managers, and external stakeholders.
    • Drafted technical requirements and specifications based on derived business goals and objectives, including project management blueprints and team plans.
    • Served as the primary ASP primary developer.
    • Developed technical skills with Microsoft software.
    • Wrote ASP scripts, Visual Basic executables, and Visual Basic for Application modules.
    • Explored new and emerging data formats at the time, such as EDI, XML, and SGML.
    Technologies: Microsoft
  • Freelance IT Consultant and Developer
    Local Dry Goods Retailer
    1997 - 1998
    • Consulted for a local business engaged in the wholesale and retail of supermarket items.
    • Displayed all their products in a web-based catalog and ordering system.
    • Worked with source data in MS Access (MS Office 95/97).
    • Wrote ASP and VBA scripts to work with the company's data sources.
    • Wrote documentation for staff and employees to be able to update their data via an authenticated admin interface.
    • Provided live training and instruction.
    Technologies: MS Access, ADODB, ASP, VBA
  • Technology Consultant
    Philippines-Based Dutch Company
    1996 - 1998
    • Gathered and analyzed business requirements for employer online ventures.
    • Drafted project plans and technical specifications for implementation.
    • Assisted in procuring hardware and software resources to meet our team's requirements.
    • Participated in daily Scrum meetings dealing with business and technical concerns.
    • Coded and deployed desired websites and portals with the rest of the team.
    • Developed Dutch/Europe facing websites including a tie retail online store, a Filipino handicrafts retail store, and a personal-astrologer-on-demand-via-webcam online outlet, among others.
    Technologies: Windows Hardware Management, HTML, Web Design
  • Freelance IT Consultant and Provider
    Local FreeAds Publication
    1996 - 1997
    • Consulted for a local establishment that published a biweekly free ads periodical.
    • Created an online version of their circulating free ads paper.
    • Generated source data from MS Visual FoxPro.
    • Imported Visual FoxPro generated data to Perl consumable data.
    • Wrote Perl console scripts for data migration and utilized CGI-BIN for serving the target website.
    • Provided orientation, training and documentation for stakeholders to allow them to manage everything on their own after my involvement.
    • Deployed four websites for the company, including the main free ads website, a buy and sell car website, a buy and sell property website, and a buy and sell gadgets website.
    Technologies: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Perl
  • 2016 Updates and Modifications for a UK-based Online Print Shop (Development)

    As their developer left off to work at a bigger company, I was tapped to provide updates and modifications to their proprietary print job management system for this UK based online printing company.

  • 2015 Proprietary API System (Development)

    Created a REST API from the ground up for a small startup. This client knew how to write programming code, and it was a fun and interesting project for me executing somebody else's concept and ideas for an API.

  • 2015 Development and Support for a UK-based Dev Shop (Development)

    Extended development and support services for a UK based development and design shop.

  • 2015 Online Rent-a-car Site Modifications (Development)

    Provided modifications and updates to an online rent-a-car website based in Latin America.

  • 2015 Insertion Order Management System (Development)

    Built an advertisement insertion order system for a budding entrepreneur in the online advertising space. He used personal funds to establish his web app, break free from his 9 to 5 employment, gain financial independence and last I heard is on the way to a five figure monthly income!

  • 2015 Online Auction Site (Development)

    Rebuilt an existing online auction website to make use of Laravel and modern php programming practices.

  • 2015 WordPress eCommerce Development & Support (Development)

    Provided development and support for an ecommerce Wordpress website. The site was a meal planning site run by a group of fabulous females who provided meal and menu suggestions for families who might not have the time or creativity to plan meals.

  • 2015 Link Outreach System (Development)

    Enter keywords or a URL, and click a button. This lists all related urls on the internet where you can go to request for incoming links to your site. If you're into promoting your site or SEO, this is a must-have for you!

  • 2015 Ebay Management System (Development)

    My client wanted a way to manage Ebay customer inquiries, messages, disputes, etc. through a single unified interface. It was difficult to jump back and forth between the Ebay site and Gmail to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence. Hence, this proprietary solution.

  • 2015 FilmFish (Development)

    Movie suggestion website. Probably the largest hand curated movie suggestion site in the world.

  • 2014 Ebay API + FreshDesk Integration (Development)

    My client for this project was an established Ebay seller in good standing with a large volume of SKUs in his Ebay inventory available for sale. I worked with the client to integrate FreshBooks to facilitate management of his Ebay tickets and Gmail emails.

  • 2014: Ebay-like Website in Laravel 4 (Other amazing things)

    My task was to work with my client to build a Laravel 4 website intended to emulate some of Ebay's features. The general idea of the site was to provide an Ebay-like auction website among wholesale suppliers in my client's region within Asia. Received extremely positive reviews from the client following the work.

  • 2012: Modifications to CakePHP (Development)

    Performed numerous miscellaneous enhancements to an existing CakePHP-based web app.

  • 2012: ShopperPress + Authorize.Net (Other amazing things)

    Integrated the payment gateway used by my client (Authorize.Net) with ShopperPress, a well-known commercial WordPress plugin. Worked through several technical difficulties with the platforms used, and received glowing reviews for my work.

  • 2011: Internet to Snail Mail SaaS (Software as a Service) (Other amazing things)

    Provided custom development services to an overseas-based online business. This company's novel business concept was to allow its users to draft letters over the website, generate a PDF of the letter including a scanned copy of the sender's signature, and actually send these composed letters manually over the overseas postal network.

  • 2008: Magento Shipping WebService Extension (Development)

    Created a Magento module that integrated with a few shipping APIs and was commercially distributed by my client.

  • 2006: Directory Listing Website Only for Directory Listing Websites (Other amazing things)

    Created a custom web directory listing app for listing the content in other directories. Later integrated the app with Twitter API and allowed for buying and selling of ad space.

  • 2006: Custom WordPress Sales Letter Generator Plugin (Other amazing things)

    Produced a sales letter generator WordPress plugin. Later allowed for use of custom templates, payment gateways, and other useful features. Received a review praising me for my excellent communication, patience, and long-term diligence.

  • 2005: California Based Website Matching Employers with JobSeekers (Other amazing things)

    Created a custom website that allowed for the posting of job ads targeting the state of California, after proper registration and login of prospective employers. The site had evolved into a decently sized job marketplace by the time I finished.

  • 2003: Cerberus Help Desk Integration on PHP 4.2 (Development)

    Implemented a custom integration with Cerberus Help Desk ( Utilized PEAR packages to ensure the customization would work with register_globals ON or OFF (important for PHP apps at the time).

  • Languages
    PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python, Bash Script, Bash, Perl, HTML5, CSS3, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Frameworks
    Zend Framework, Laravel, Laravel 5, Zend Framework 2, Zend, Smarty, CodeIgniter, PHPUnit, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Symfony2
  • Libraries/APIs
    Twitter API, eBay API, Facebook API, PayPal API, Stripe, jQuery, Dropbox API, GitHub API, UPS API
  • Platforms
    cPanel, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Linux, Linux RHEL/CentOS, WordPress, Linux, Debian Linux, Windows 9x, Windows 7, Windows
  • Tools
    Bitbucket, Sublime Text 3, Nginx, GitHub, Git, PuTTY
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD), Agile Software Development, Scrum, Functional Programming
  • Storage
    MySQLi, SQLite, MySQL, InnoDB
  • Misc
    Project Management, GNU, Agile Software Testing, DHTML
  • Marketing degree in Business Administration
    San Beda College - Manila, Philippines
    1983 - 1987
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