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Josip Bojčić

Josip Bojčić

Split, Croatia
Member since October 22, 2015
Josip is a computer science professional with skills from a variety of fields. He works well solo or on a team. He's highly motivated in tackling all kinds of CS problems; particularly in algorithms, artificial intelligence, databases ,and web development. He's continuously trying to improve, learn more and gain new experiences. In the past two years, he has been working mostly with .NET (MVC and RESTful services with a web API) and Angular.
Josip is now available for hire
  • MySQL, 3 years
  • Microsoft SQL Server, 3 years
  • C#, 3 years
  • AngularJS, 2 years
  • ASP.NET Web API, 2 years
  • ASP.NET MVC, 2 years
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), 1 year
  • REST, 1 year
Split, Croatia
Preferred Environment
Windows, .NET, Visual Studio, Git
The most amazing...
...thing I've designed is a model of a cognitive robot and implemented a simulation where I used a lot of cool algorithms like A*, BFS, and STRIPS planning.
  • Senior JavaScript Developer
    2016 - PRESENT
    Lawfirm Matrix, LLC (via Toptal)
    • Implemented an Angular project from scratch.
    • Used Webpack for module bundling.
    • Wrote Angular unit tests with Karma and Jasmine.
    • Handled the migration from Angular 1 with JavaScript to TypeScript and then to ng-metadata.
    Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS, AngularJS 2, TypeScript, ng-metadata, HTML, CSS, Sass, Webpack, Plaid API Link, Angular Material, Karma, Jasmine
  • Software Engineer
    2016 - 2017
    HR Cloud
    • Worked as a full-stack developer.
    • Did Agile software development.
    • Utilized design patterns.
    • Maintained the SQL Server database.
    • Wrote Transact-SQL scripts.
    • Integrated an app with the Slack API.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, .NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, Microsoft SQL Server, Transact SQL, Git, AngularJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, jQuery, Underscore.js, Bootstrap, JSON, Kendo UI, Slack API
  • Software Engineer
    2016 - 2016
    CM&F Group, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Implemented responsive web pages using .NET MVC, HTML, Razor, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, and more.
    • Set up Umbraco data types, document types, properties, and more.
    • Implemented Umbraco APIs.
    • Refactored and unit tested AngularJS directives.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, Umbraco, Git, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Unit Testing
  • Software Engineer
    2015 - 2016
    Procensis, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Developed multiple ASP.NET Web Service integration apps for data integration between QuickBooks and Accellos WMS.
    • Designed QuickBooks—WMS communication using the state and the factory method design patterns.
    • Set up and configured IIS and Microsoft Server.
    • Deployed apps to IIS.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, ASP.NET Web Service, LINQ, LINQ to XML, Git, QuickBooks, QuickBooks SDK, Accellos WMS, IIS, Microsoft Server
  • Software Engineer
    2013 - 2016
    • Designed, implemented, and maintained a relational database in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
    • Implemented .NET MVC app and Web APIs. Worked as a full-stack developer on both back-end and front-end.
    • Set up and maintained an app on Microsoft Azure.
    • Set up and used a Team Foundation Version Control. Utilized GitFlow Workflow.
    • Set up an AWS S3 file storage and implemented APIs for it.
    • Generated PDF files on the server side using a Spire.PDF plugin for .NET.
    • Used Underscore.js for template building.
    • Implemented a client-side validation using Parsley.js.
    • Implemented a fully responsive HTML pages using Bootstrap and CSS.
    • Modeled complex insurance business logic.
    • Worked on the development of the SaaS application.
    • Implemented a Grails MVC app and APIs.
    • Set up and maintained multiple AWS EC2 instances behind a load balancer.
    • Set up a Git repository on Bitbucket and utilized a GitFlow workflow.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ, Groovy, Grails, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Git, Team Foundation Version Control, Azure, AWS S3, AWS EC2, Spire.PDF, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Underscore.js, Parsley.js, Bootstrap, JSON
  • Languages
    HTML, CSS, TypeScript, ASP.NET Razor, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C#, Java, C, C++, Groovy, Lisp, Prolog, Transact-SQL
  • Frameworks
    AngularJS, Kendo UI, Jasmine, Entity, Entity 6, .NET, ASP.NET Web API, Bootstrap 3, ASP.NET MVC, Grails, Machine Learning
  • Tools
    Visual Studio, JIRA, Atlassian Confluence, QuickBooks, SendGrid, Git, MATLAB, Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Web Services
  • Storage
    JSON, AWS S3, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Relational Databases, Elasticsearch, AWS RDS
  • Libraries/APIs
    LINQ, jQuery, Underscore.js
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Agile Software Development, Unit Testing, Model View Controller (MVC), REST, Object-relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Platforms
    Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, AWS EC2, Unix, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Umbraco
  • Other
    Artificial Intelligence (AI), AJAX, IIS, Data Structures, Algorithms, OData, Computer Vision, Neural Networks
  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    2013 - 2015
    University of Split-Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - Split, Croatia
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2010 - 2013
    University of Split-Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - Split, Croatia
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