Joseph Victor Zammit, Software Developer in Gozo, Malta
Joseph Victor Zammit

Software Developer in Gozo, Malta

Member since October 27, 2013
Jos is a software engineer with extensive experience in writing maintainable, test-driven code. He prefers working with Python and Django. His experience includes creating, releasing, and maintaining web systems as well as command-line scripting.
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Gozo, Malta



Preferred Environment

Git, Virtualenv, PIP, Sublime Text, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is the entire web back end of, a SaaS product.


  • Back-end Developer

    2020 - 2020
    • Integrated OAuth 2 JWT-based authentication in an existing application.
    • Integrated a custom authorization logic per object type.
    • Leveraged the hooks DRF provides to encapsulate logic per entity type.
    Technologies: Python, Django, Django REST Framework, OAuth 2
  • Back-end Engineer (Contract)

    2020 - 2020
    Motorola Solutions
    • Delivered a custom mobile device management system to manage internally-used devices.
    • Integrated the system with Google Suite, including background processes to keep data up to date.
    Technologies: Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Django, Python
  • Senior Python Developer/Technical Lead

    2015 - 2019
    • Automated data collection, report building, and content management processes, eliminating many hours of manual work per week.
    • Achieved significant site-wide performance improvements by auditing and debugging the slowest running code to have our code/queries do less.
    • Reworked synchronous parts to part-or-fully work async for improved process management and user experience.
    • Wrote a Python class decorator to automatically retry failed tasks on specific exception types, reducing the overall LOC required to achieve the same effect across the codebase.
    • Halved load time in specific cases by performing a combination of query optimization, DB redesign with consequent migrations, and refactoring.
    • Decreased test suite run-time by having unit tests be unit tests instead of part-unit part-integration test and mocking where appropriate.
    • Liaised with product owners to convert required business functionality into actionable agile user stories improving communication between the business and technical arms of the team.
    Technologies: Redshift, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Celery, Django, Python
  • Python Contractor

    2014 - 2014
    • Delivered web analytics competitive intelligence scripts to NYC-based startup Pave, which eliminated hours of manual work required to achieve the same result.
    • Worked on a set of crawlers/scripts that extracted data from web pages and transformed it into the requested relational form for querying.
    Technologies: Web Scraping, Python
  • Senior Python Developer

    2014 - 2014
    • Contributed code that halved load time in several user-facing pages, mainly by simplifying the menu bar template's tag rendering algorithm.
    • Improved individual page load time by prefetching data to reduce the overall number of queries required to retrieve the same data.
    • Reworked several processes that needed to be run by admins as management commands via terminal into processes that could be executed using Django's admin interface by logged in users.
    Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Django, Python
  • Technical Co-founder

    2013 - 2014
    Crowdbridge AB
    • Designed, built, and deployed the web back end for a SaaS product for a Swedish startup from scratch. The product was a crowdfunding platform for events.
    • Implemented back-end code unit test coverage for more than 90% of code.
    • Integrated payment flow with PayPal Adaptive Payments API and Stripe API.
    • Deployed the product.
    Technologies: Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Django, Python
  • Freelance Software Developer

    2012 - 2013
    Cominform gmbh
    • Delivered a single-page application web desktop that leveraged WebSockets to host other single-page applications within it.
    • Developed client-side single-page apps all based on the Ext JS framework.
    • Implemented the back end with Java Servlets, Google Guice, and Tomcat 7.
    Technologies: WebSockets, Apache Tomcat, Java, Ext JS
  • Senior Software Developer

    2007 - 2011
    Uniblue Systems, Ltd.
    • Worked extensively on all systems belonging to the internal systems team, ranging from internal business processes to external customer-facing websites. These systems automated many repetitive pain points for the internal users at Uniblue.
    • Produced systems to interact with payment providers to enable product activation back ends. Managed the Uniblue sales funnel consisting of landing pages, download pages, and product checkout, and variations of each to improve conversion.
    • Promoted to a technical lead in 2010 after porting existing internal web applications and systems to Amazon AWS. This halved the total cost of ownership for the existing systems in place and improved uptime metrics.
    Technologies: Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Django, Python
  • Programmer

    2006 - 2007
    • Worked for Crimsonwing, a UK-owned solutions provider for companies deciding to outsource IT work.
    • Specialized in emergency transportation services and logistics.
    • Involved extensively in all development aspects of the three-tier system, from database design and evolution to database-level programming with T-SQL.
    • Handled application-level programming with C# .NET, web services, and UI development.
    • Worked full-time for the first time.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, ASP.NET, C#.NET


  • Fundsurf (Development)

    I built the entire web back end of this SaaS product from scratch. This included database design, unit-tested web back-end code, and server setup and deployment.

  • (Development)

    I developed this concept from beginning to end. This included setting up and deploying the website's Ubuntu server, writing the Django web app, and writing the jQuery mobile markup and CSS in order to achieve a responsive web design.

  • Profile on Stack Overflow (Other amazing things)

    I answered and asked several questions on this programming Q&A site. I am in the top 5% in the Python, Django, and SQL categories.

  • Untangled Development (Development)

    My personal blog, which is not necessarily technical. Create to consume less, create more. I finally got to write for an audience after 15 years in the industry, and well over 20 years dabbling with code. A topic by tag:


  • Languages

    Python, SQL, JavaScript, Java, C#.NET, Bash
  • Frameworks

    Django, Ext JS, ASP.NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Jira REST API, Facebook API, PayPal API, Stripe API
  • Paradigms

    Database Design, Test-driven Development (TDD), ETL, REST, Scrum, Agile Software Development, Asynchronous Programming
  • Other

    Software Development, Software Engineering, Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing, Ubuntu Server, Code Review, Data Engineering, Scraping, Web Scraping, WebSockets, IIS, PIP
  • Tools

    Terminal, Celery, Git, GitHub, Jira, CircleCI, Apache Tomcat, Sublime Text, Virtualenv, Bitbucket, Jekyll
  • Platforms

    Ubuntu, Visual Studio Code, MacOS
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server


  • Master of Science degree in Informatics
    2005 - 2008
    University of Malta - Msida, Malta
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Computing
    2002 - 2005
    University of Malta - Msida, Malta


  • LPIC-1 Linux Administrator
    Linux Professional Institute

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