Jozsa Istvan, Software Developer in Brașov, Romania
Jozsa Istvan

Software Developer in Brașov, Romania

Member since September 10, 2019
Jozsa is a software developer passionate about coding, doing it both professionally and as a hobby for the last 15 years. Throughout his career, he worked for both small and large companies, such as Siemens and Waters Corporation. He tries to perfect himself to get the most out of his time by automating repetitive tasks, self-analyzing, and focusing on eliminating detrimental habits. Jozsa is always eager to learn from others and integrate best practices into his work.
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Brașov, Romania



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, Windows 10

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game server with over 200,000 new subscriptions per month.


  • Senior Software Developer

    2019 - PRESENT
    Online Freelance Agency
    • Provided cross-platform support. Developed an audio and video player using SDL and FFmpeg.
    • Converted images to vectors. Scanned the building plan documents and converted lines to vectors, which required a precise scaling of building plans.
    • Checked transactions and generated reports for accounting software in C# WPF and SQLite.
    • Monitored the hard drive location for file changes. When text or document file changes were detected, I created automation for versioning snapshots that users can manage in a UI and revert to specific versions.
    • Converted LinkedIn AI search module from GO language to C language. Extended capabilities, scalable sharding support, and features with over 50 filtering and scoring options for AI.
    • Developed a YouTube downloader to find matching music for the sound fingerprint to detect copyrighted material. Node.js on AWS.
    • Built an Amazon email processing Lambda function using AWS Route 53, SES, S3, DynamoDB, and SQS.
    • Created the network traffic encryption using a custom network driver to redirect all traffic into the SOCKS5 proxy and encrypt connections, even if they don't support SOCKS5.
    • Implemented human emotion detection and talk statistics for video conferencing using machine learning and AI.
    • Performed data extraction using the monitor input capture (not a desktop computer) and OCR.
    Technologies: C++, C#, Python, C, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Networking, Memory Management, Memory Profiling, Distributed Systems, Load Balancers, Valgrind, Makefile, Linux, Windows, Kubernetes, Docker, Jira, Agile, Site Speed Optimization, Speed profiling, Debugging, Databases, APIs, AWS S3, AWS SES, AWS Route 53, OCR, Visual Recognition, Pattern Matching, Data Structures, Algorithms
  • Senior Software Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Wrote data replication, security layer, and licensing for the Nord Stream gas pipeline project.
    • Upgraded the security layer between HFA phones and OpenScape 4000 servers.
    • Rewrote a C++ MVC project into C# WPF to control the telephone connections.
    Technologies: C#.NET, Java, ASM, C++, C
  • Software Developer

    2015 - 2016
    Waters Corporation
    • Provided a solution to reduce Pfizer login times from 15 minutes to 20 seconds, involving a workaround of Oracle SQL drivers.
    • Improved SmartBear automated testing times by 50% by creating a plugin to cache object search results based on their hierarchy path. Reduced the testing times from seven to three hours.
    • Created a demo solution to separate the back end from the front end to replace the old MVC technology stack with cross-platform solutions. The demo included PHP and Qt front end with a REST API back end.
    Technologies: SmartBear Collaborator, C++
  • Junior Software Developer

    2005 - 2015
    Splash Software
    • Maintained and updated MPEG4, H263, and H264 video decoders and encoders. Added multi-threading, GPU processing of data, different rate controls, CABAC, fade detection, and optional input of filters.
    • Created a pilot project for the H265 encoder before the specification was fully released. It only included a baseline profile.
    • Converted most encoders and filters to support DirectShow graphs, intending to fix constant issues with corrupted inputs and separate issues into multiple programs that could restart and resume separately in case issues arise.
    • Developed a Google map overlay, which triggers a special offer popup to appear on the map as the users drive by different stores.
    • Conducted a search engine comparison. This was a doctorate project where a custom search engine performance had to be compared with Google and Bing. The interface was created for human testers to rank the search result relevance.
    • Performed a firewall modification. The firewall had to protect against SYN floods, DDoS attacks, service attacks, port exhaust attacks, and connection exhaust attacks. Hardware firewalls cost around $50,000 for such tasks.
    • Set up raw video processing over the network. A large video stream had to be split over multiple processing PCs and combine results to be streamed due to memory bottleneck.
    • Developed automation based on image recognition. Wrote the DLL in Assembly (ASM) for a C# project.
    • Built a multiplayer online game server, including all development layers—planning, execution, testing, customer support, community management, forums, website, and payment platforms.
    Technologies: PHP, Java, C++, C, ASM, Game Development, 2D Games


  • Image-processing Library Optimization

    Optimized an image-processing library, as its speed was so critically low that I had to compile code to become hardware-specific on the computer that runs it. I perfected the libraries to the point of avoiding cache pollution, data prefetch, and branch prediction helping.

  • Augmented Gaming

    Used the image recognition and automation, augmented the player capabilities with features like auto-aiming, range detection, and object recognition in impossible situations. Provided scripting interface to enable users to customize features for each specific game.

  • Memory Profiler

    There are situations when you can't track down an issue. This is an example of an application that uses multiple versions of CRT, and cross deallocation leads to memory leakage and reallocation. This project aims to help track down allocations and help users resolve them in the same DLL that allocated it.

  • Execution Profiling

    There are many paid profiling tools, but many times I couldn't find exactly what I needed. So I built a profiler that can instrument code dynamically based on previous profiling results. This project, as small as it looks, works as well as Intel VTune or AMD μProf.

  • Qt Demo

    A minimalist demo project I did to showcase that I can work with Qt. Used cURL to obtain session tokens and consume HTTP APIs to show a project management service visually. I also included a custom widget.


  • Languages

    C, C++, C#.NET, PHP, AutoIt, HTML, JavaScript, Pascal, Lisp, VHDL, Java, Lua, VB, Flash ActionScript, Python, C#, Visual Basic, CSS, Embedded C
  • Libraries/APIs

    FFmpeg, DirectShow, Win32 API, Node.js, Sockets, PayPal API
  • Paradigms

    Windows App Development, Concurrent Programming, Automation, Agile, Scrum
  • Platforms

    Microsoft, Windows, CUDA, AWS Lambda, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Other

    Video Encoding, Performance Tuning, Debugging, Profiling, Data Structures, APIs, Screen Scraping, Performance, Networking, Multithreading, AMD μProf, Video Streaming, GUI, Streaming, Computer Science, Client/Server Networking, Computer Networking, Memory Management, Game Development, Hardware Design, Compilers, UX, WINCCOA, SSL, AWS Route 53, UI Programming, Encryption, Windows Services, Front-end, Front-end Design, Machine Learning, Low Latency, AWS, Discord Bots, PayPal, Network Configuration, Memory Profiling, Distributed Systems, Load Balancers, Site Speed Optimization, Speed profiling, OCR, Visual Recognition, Pattern Matching, Algorithms, 2D Games
  • Frameworks

    ASM, Qt, .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), .NET Core, Realtime
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, Intel Parallel Studio, Subversion (SVN), SmartBear Collaborator, AWS SES, Amazon SQS, Git, Valgrind, Makefile, Jira
  • Storage

    MySQL, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, Google Cloud, Databases


  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    2001 - 2005
    Transilvania University of Brasov - Brasov, Romania


  • UX Workshop
    Mozaic Works
  • Certified WinCC OA Basic Training (ETM-WINCCO)
  • Agile Software Development Using Scrum
    AUGUST 2015 - AUGUST 2018
    Mozaic Works

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