Juan B. Cabral, Python Developer in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Juan B. Cabral

Python Developer in Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Member since October 16, 2014
Juan is a detail-oriented programmer who has been working in Python since 2007. His main interests are data mining, business intelligence, and machine learning. He has worked closely with academics, game developers, and mobile applications and has been described as a motivated individual with clean code and a strong understanding of web technologies.
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  • Python 15 years
  • Metaprogramming 11 years
  • NumPy 10 years
  • SciPy 10 years
  • Matplotlib 10 years
  • Django 9 years
  • SQLAlchemy 7 years
  • Scikit-learn 7 years


Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina



Preferred Environment

Python, Linux, Scikit-learn, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code

The most amazing...

...thing I did was a collection of scientific tools to assist in data analysis experiments and a training course in good computing practices for scientists.


  • Postdoc

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Worked on the detection of instrumental errors in large astrophysical data surveys.
    • Designed a tool for the calculation of phase curves in asteroids.
    • Designed a citizen science tool for astronomy for the classification of galaxy morphology.
    Technologies: Big Data, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Dask
  • PhD Student

    2016 - 2018
    • Created a pipeline to manipulate petabytes of astronomical survey data.
    • Developed a tool for feature extraction from stationary time series (Pypi.org/project/feets/).
    • Analyzed more than 13 million astronomical time series by machine learning.
    Technologies: Big Data, Astrophysics, Machine Learning
  • Django Developer with an Interest in Game Theory

    2014 - 2016
    Center for Law and Economics - ETHZ
    • Rewrote the test framework to execute tests sequentially instead of simulating real-time transactions resulting in 500 times faster test execution.
    • Created a multi-platform launcher for macOS, Linux, and Windows.
    • Redesign the main page of the application with the newest Bootstrap version.
    • Create an automated test to verify the code styles.
    • Created a Python scientific stack connector to the database.
    Technologies: Batch Scripting, AppleScript, Bash, Python, Django
  • Undergraduate Researcher

    2009 - 2015
    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Córdoba
    • Designed a data analysis technique using graph sand business intelligence methods.
    • Created a tool that implements the data analysis technique.
    • Trained three undergraduate students in Python and KDD.
    • Designed and implemented a low-level language to interact with our data analysis project.
    • Assisted biology researchers in data analysis through Python.
    Technologies: SAS OLAP Cube Studio, MDX, SQL, Python
  • Senior Software Developer

    2011 - 2014
    Liricus SRL
    • Created software for auto generation in video games to extract data from user decisions and store it in OLAP cubes.
    • Designed a simple web service plugin for a Django web framework.
    • Created software for certifying ISO standards.
    • Created the SCM plan for all the projects in the company.
    • Created all the development environments for user testing in the company.
    Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Python
  • Co-Chair

    2012 - 2013
    PyCon Argentina 2012
    • Selected all vendors for food, video recording and transportation.
    • Chose the talk selection team.
    • Selected the conference location and designed the schedule.
  • Senior Software Developer

    2009 - 2010
    Infoxel S.A.
    • Created a tool to analyze text from local newspapers.
    • Created a tool to match news from newspapers and their corresponding web portal.
    • Modernized some apps moving from PHP to Python+Django.
    • Developed a mass-media relevance index for information.
    • Developed new generic views for reporting in Django and efficient retrieval of large datasets from Mongo DB.
    Technologies: MongoDB, SQL, Python


  • Scikit-Criteria

    Scikit-Criteria is a collection of multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods integrated into a scientific Python stack, is open source and commercially usable.
    The tool allows MCDA data representation, preprocessing, evaluation, and visualization in an environment similar to scikit-learn.

  • oTree

    oTree is an open-source and online software for implementing inter-active experiments in the laboratory, online, the field, or combinations thereof. oTree does not require the installation of software on subjects’ devices, and it can run on any device that has a web browser, be that a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Deployment can be internet-based without a shared local network or local-network-based even without internet access.

    The programming language is Python, a popular, open-source programming language.

    oTree.org provides the source code, a library of standard game templates, and demo games that anyone can play.

  • Yatel

    Yatel allows the creation of distance-based user profiles in an OLAP network and their multidimensional analysis through a process of exploration.
    The code is a reference implementation in constant beta.

  • Pyedra

    Pyedra is a python library that allows you to fit three different models of asteroid phase functions into your observations.

    Phase curves of asteroids are very important for the scientific community as they can provide the information needed for diameter and albedo estimates. Given the large amount of surveys currently being carried out and planned for the next few years, we believe it is necessary to have a tool capable of processing and providing useful information for such an amount of observational data.

  • Galaxychop

    GalaxyChop is a Python package that tackles the dynamical decomposition problem by using clustering techniques for stellar galactic components in phase space.

    It runs in numerical N-body simulations populated with semi-analytical models and full hydrodynamical simulations, such as Illustris TNG and EAGLE.


  • Languages

    Python, Java, JavaScript, Jython, MDX, IronPython, SQL, Bash, AppleScript, XML/XSLT, Common Lisp (CL), Python 3, Fortran
  • Frameworks

    Django, Web2py, Flask, Hadoop, Play Framework
  • Libraries/APIs

    Matplotlib, peewee, Bottle.py, SQLAlchemy, POSIX, PyQt, Tastypie, SciPy, NumPy, jQuery, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Dask, HDF5
  • Tools

    Bitbucket, Virtualenv, Geany, PyDev, Mercurial, Eclipse IDE, Git, GitHub, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, Codeship, Weka, Pytest
  • Paradigms

    Metaprogramming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, MapReduce, Scrum, OLAP
  • Platforms

    Ubuntu, Linux, Eclipse, NetBeans, Windows, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code
  • Storage

    JSON, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, Memcached, Redis, MongoEngine
  • Other

    Module Development, Batch Scripting, Big Data, Machine Learning, Visualization, API Design, Astrophysics, Bokeh


  • PhD in Data Science
    2015 - 2019
    Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Rosario, Argentina
  • Graduate Degree in Applied Statistics for Research
    2013 - 2014
    Universidad Nacional De Córdoba - Córdoba
  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering
    1999 - 2010
    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Córdoba

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