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Justin Ortiz, Software Developer in Miami, FL, United States
Justin Ortiz

Software Developer in Miami, FL, United States

Member since July 29, 2018
Justin has added more than $100 million of value for his employer multiple times and values making sure applications are applying the best practices for their situation. He has worked on major initiatives for companies like Goldman Sachs and EBay but is also familiar with startup industry conventions. He has extensive knowledge of Java, Ruby on Rails, or React based applications, but enjoys coding with other technologies also.
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  • Agile, 7 years
  • Java, 7 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 7 years
  • JavaScript, 6 years
  • SQL, 5 years
  • Spring, 4 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 4 years
  • Ruby, 4 years
Miami, FL, United States



Preferred Environment

Windows, Mac, Linux, or Ubuntu

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was helping to build a security system for Capital One 360, an online bank with millions of customers.


  • Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead

    2015 - PRESENT
    Startup (eCommerce, Payments, & Government Technology)
    • Trimmed eight seconds (66%) off the homepage load time just by applying browser-based profiling and analysis done before joining the company.
    • Helped build a new front end using the React ecosystem, including Redux, React Native, React Bootstrap, and Material UI.
    • Reduced outages by 99% of important algorithm-driven Java and C services by reducing race conditions and memory leaks.
    • Built services using a variety of technologies, such as Ruby on Rails (including MRI and JRuby), Groovy on Grails/Spring Boot, Django, and Express.js.
    • Performed software architecture and design to improve the long term maintainability and scalability of projects.
    • Created framework-agnostic Material and Bootstrap web components using Angular and integrated them with React components.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Java, Spring, JavaScript, React, Groovy on Grails
  • Analyst Developer

    2012 - 2015
    Goldman Sachs
    • Communicated with non-technical people (e.g., compliance officers and traders) and engineered software to do whatever they needed.
    • Improved web service latency by 90% via building an aggregation cache using the JVM and SQL.
    • Became the C# go-to person on my large global team and taught the team about the Agile methodology.
    • Used scripting languages like Ruby, Python, Bash, and DOS to automate tasks and perform file handling.
    • Built projects with a variety of technologies (including AngularJS, Java, and JavaScript) either working in a silo, with local developers or working remotely with people on the global team.
    Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#
  • Technical Consultant

    2010 - 2012
    Capital One & eBay
    • Applied principles of White Hat ethical hacking and software engineering to reduce system vulnerabilities.
    • Substituted as a technical lead occasionally and applied the Agile methodology to generate incremental value.
    • Tuned databases, algorithms, and caches to improve the latency of systems.
    • Integrated third-party software and APIs to improve the robustness of systems.
    • Constructed domain models and enhanced backwards compatible services using Java, JavaScript, and SQL.
    Technologies: Java, JavaScript


  • Capital One 360 | Main eBanking Website (Development)

    Here, I worked on the security and anti-fraud systems for an online bank with millions of customers and significant ramifications for bugs. This included authentication and anti-hacking related enhancements for the main website (if people couldn't log in, then it would probably be my fault). For this project, I used a significant amount of Java and JavaScript to build and maintain the systems.

  • Activities App (Development)

    A quick example of a simple application that took me about 30 minutes to build and is deployed publicly on Heroku (compatible with mobile browsers as well). Essentially, it is a platform to remember activities that you've done and the date you've done them (similar to a to-do list). It includes the following features: search, authentication, and authorization. It was built using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Bootstrap.


  • Languages

    Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, SQL, JRuby, TypeScript, Groovy, C#
  • Paradigms

    Agile, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST
  • Frameworks

    Ruby on Rails (RoR), Spring, Hibernate, Redux, Sails.js, React Native, Cordova, Bootstrap, Ember.js, AngularJS, Django, Grails
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, React, Google Maps, Stripe API, Node.js
  • Platforms

    iOS, Linux, AWS EC2, Heroku, Meteor, MapBox, JVM, Android
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Sybase, Redis, IBM DB2, AWS S3, MariaDB


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Math, and Psychology
    2005 - 2010
    University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA, USA
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