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Kacey Saff

Verified Expert  in Engineering

SCPI Developer

Boulder, CO, United States
Toptal Member Since
June 25, 2014

Kacey is a strong developer with peer-acknowledged prowess in problem solving and debugging. As an experienced technical lead, she designs systems congruous to the problem space. As a programmer, she makes sure to acquire a deep understanding of the task.


Etherios Wireless Design Services
CSS, YAML, XML, SCPI, C++, C, Mercurial, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Django, jQuery...
Leonardo's Basement
Arduino, AVR, C++, Java
The Boeing Company
wxWidgets, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), C++




Preferred Environment

Git, JetBrains, Vim Text Editor, Linux, MacOS

The most amazing...

...architecture I've designed ran four lines of a cellular manufacturing tester in parallel on shared equipment.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2009 - 2014
Etherios Wireless Design Services
  • Created a manufacturing test framework in Python capable of testing four cell modules simultaneously with shared hardware.
  • Developed an in-house electrical component database in Django and MySQL tying into Altium's circuit layout application.
  • Developed a Python library to report data via Orbcomm communication satellites from a moving vehicle.
  • Created many libraries from scratch to communicate with a large variety of test hardware, from programmable power supplies to cellular callboxes.
  • Worked as lead developer from start to finish for around a dozen manufacturing testing tools in Python.
Technologies: CSS, YAML, XML, SCPI, C++, C, Mercurial, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Django, jQuery, HTML, JavaScript, Python

Builder, Programmer

2009 - 2009
Leonardo's Basement
  • Wired together and programmed a cockpit-like room as a space for children to push buttons and type commands to experiment with what would happen.
  • Used Arduinos connected to relay banks to run a variety of lights and devices.
  • Connected a simple 1970s terminal to serve as a point for children to enter commands and guess at the "launch" sequence.
  • Allowed the launch sequence to coordinate lights, sounds, and text to give the impression that something crazy was happening.
  • Continued support for some time as children took their toll on the entropy of the system.
Technologies: Arduino, AVR, C++, Java

Software Engineer (Fatigue Tracking)

2003 - 2005
The Boeing Company
  • Adapted a legacy application from Ada to C++ for fatigue tracking in F-15s as part of a 3-person team.
  • Developed a system for reading/writing and processing (often faulty) F-15 tape data in a variety of formats.
  • Developed a wxWidgets front-end for the application.
  • Automated data filtering in foreign aircrafts that had previously been done by hand.
  • Spent considerable time adapting unit-safe libraries to the version of C++ required by the customer.
Technologies: wxWidgets, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), C++

CA Scanner

This is a cellular automata pet project intended to handle very large cellular automata worlds very quickly. I created it using Python and C code that was compiled on the fly.


Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, XML, YAML, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), CSS, SQL-99


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Concurrent Programming, Agile Software Development, MEAN Stack, Functional Programming


Arduino, Windows, AVR, MacOS, Android, Linux




jQuery, XML ElementTree, wxWidgets


Eclipse IDE, Mercurial, Git, PyCharm, Vim Text Editor, JetBrains, WebStorm


JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Express.js, AngularJS, Flask, Django

2005 - 2008

Master's Degree in Mathematics

University of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta

1998 - 2002

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Champaign, Illinois