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Katharine Rovinsky

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Data Analytics Developer

Valencia, Spain
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January 20, 2022

Katharine is a passionate and business-focused analytics professional with ten years of experience leveraging CRM and database insights. She has proven success in supporting decision-makers across marketing, sales, and product teams at Nielsen and Dell Technologies, and most recently managing analytics at a startup. Expert in SQL, customer database insights, dashboarding, and reporting via Looker and Tableau, Katherine loves working with data and helping inform business strategy.


Looker, LookML, SQL, Snowflake, Segment, ETL Tools, Dashboard Design, Analytics...
SQL, Tableau, Tableau Desktop Pro, Tableau Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Teradata...
SQL, Netezza, Toad, Tableau, Tableau Desktop Pro, Tableau Server, Customer Data...




Preferred Environment

SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Looker, LookML, Tableau, Snowflake, Teradata, Google BigQuery, Oracle

The most amazing...

...outcome I've achieved was to help decision-makers refine and demonstrate their customer impact with data.

Work Experience

Manager of Analytics

2021 - 2021
  • Managed a database analytics function for a startup specializing in landing page post-click automation.
  • Led the project scoping, delivery, and development of LookML data models and data pipelines to a Snowflake data warehouse via Segment.
  • Developed a data and reporting flow to track a marketing lead pipeline from the campaign touch through closed opportunity.
  • Produced a monthly company KPI report for investors and the leadership team.
Technologies: Looker, LookML, SQL, Snowflake, Segment, ETL Tools, Dashboard Design, Analytics, Slack, Trello, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, B2B Sales Pipeline, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Data Pipelines, BigQuery, Data Analysis, Data Entry Analysis, ETL, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence (BI), Python

Senior Advisor | Consumer Insights Consultant

2018 - 2021
  • Promoted from a U.S. consumer CRM data analyst to a regional B2B analytics team lead for Europe and Asia, training and developing six new hires.
  • Built core datasets using SQL and developed stakeholder relationships and processes to lay the foundation for a new team of regional analysts.
  • Led global and regional projects, including marketing and sales COVID-19 response.
Technologies: SQL, Tableau, Tableau Desktop Pro, Tableau Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Teradata, Analytics, Customer Data, Salesforce Sales Cloud, MySQL, Microsoft Power BI, Stakeholder Management, Presentations, Global Project Management, B2C Marketing, B2B, Data Analytics, Database Analytics, Data Analysis, Cohort Analysis, ETL, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence (BI)

Customer Insights Advisor

2016 - 2018
  • Assisted business stakeholders with ad-hoc analytics requests, including segmentation insights, customer cohort analysis, and campaign performance.
  • Developed and presented monthly customer insights dashboards for the U.S. consumer marketing and sales leadership.
  • Developed and refined core customer datasets using SQL.
Technologies: SQL, Netezza, Toad, Tableau, Tableau Desktop Pro, Tableau Server, Customer Data, Marketing Analytics, A/B Testing, Oracle, Stakeholder Management, Presentations, Cohort Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence (BI)

Client Manager | Business Development Manager

2014 - 2016
  • Promoted to an account manager, focusing on data and analytics support for financial, utility, and technology industry clients. Assisted with customer segmentation, market data, and data visualization software.
  • Led sales presentations, project scoping, and delivery for custom projects using syndicated research data.
  • Resolved business process challenges for client delivery and managed client renewal and upsell.
Technologies: Client Success, Client Management, B2B, B2C, Market Research & Analysis, Surveys, Software, Training, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Customer Segmentation, Market Segmentation, Demographic Data, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence (BI)

Client Success Manager

2012 - 2016
  • Provided ad-hoc analytics support and data training for banking and insurance clients, assisting with customer segmentation, market data and survey data analysis, and software training.
  • Received two quarterly client service awards for developing a client reporting dashboard for a large banking client.
  • Served as the primary day-to-day point of contact for clients and worked to resolve service delivery issues, log technical issues, and provide necessary training.
Technologies: MapInfo, SQL, GIS, Surveys, Market Research, Training, Software, Demographic Data, Customer Segmentation, Client Success, Dashboard Design, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence (BI)

Graduate Research Assistant

2010 - 2012
University of Illinois Chicago | Urban Transportation Center
  • Collected data via video recordings, passenger surveys, and stakeholder interviews to support government-funded studies on public transportation and rail safety.
  • Performed analysis on research study data using SAS and ArcGIS.
  • Reported findings and recommendations to lead researchers.
Technologies: SAS, ArcGIS, Research, Surveys, Data Collection, Focus Groups, Interviews, Writing & Editing, Relational Databases

Marketing Funnel Leads Reporting

Working with Postclick, a startup focused on digital conversion and landing page optimization, I developed metric definitions, data pipelines, data models, and ultimately a Looker dashboard that allowed marketing leadership to report on the complete B2B leads funnel from the campaign touchpoint to closed opportunity. This dashboard served not only to help optimize marketing strategy but also to demonstrate to board members the value of investments in marketing.

I began the process by understanding the leadership team's vision and gathering definitions and dashboard requirements. I advised on data flows, pushing existing lead tagging from the marketing CRM tool to the sales CRM and ultimately to a central database, where I built a data model for the dashboard. After further refinement and discussions with stakeholders, I created flexible code which would accommodate new lead tagging fields planned for upcoming quarters.

Developing Datasets for Customer KPI Reporting

At Dell Technologies, I worked as a customer database analyst, and writing SQL queries was a part of my daily work. My colleagues and I would regularly share code and queries and refresh specific core tables. I took it on as a project to design and develop user-facing datasets to be deployed in Tableau for the marketing and sales department. Using SQL, I built out two core reporting datasets, one at a customer transaction level and another at a population/customer cohort level. These two datasets alone solved over 90% of the business questions and reporting needed for customer behavior, allowing myself and other analysts to use the bulk of our time discussing the implications of findings with stakeholders and working on more complex projects rather than writing queries. The longer-term impacts of these datasets could be seen in hiring trends for the team, where there was a potential to hire from a broader range of candidates and industries since heavy SQL skills were no longer necessary.

Global COVID-19 Guidance for Marketing and Sales

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing and sales leadership at Dell Technologies had questions about the likely impacts to client industries and product preferences across global markets. As a CRM analytics lead, I coordinated the delivery of a global analysis project while fully producing the insights for the European region. The project findings gave country-level guidance on industry vertical focus, consumer demand, shifting product focus, and learnings from previous market events, such as the recession in 2008.

This project leveraged both customer database and third-party market insights. The most challenging aspect was pulling together insights from many regional analysts in a timely way so that recommendations could inform some significant strategic decisions. Ultimately, the recommendations did reflect in the strategy set by marketing and sales leadership, contributing to successful pivots in resources and focus.


SQL, Snowflake, SAS, Python


Key Performance Metrics, Business Intelligence (BI), B2B, B2C, ETL


Relational Databases, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Data Pipelines, Teradata, Netezza


Surveys, Analytics, Demographic Data, Dashboard Design, Data Visualization, Customer Data, Stakeholder Management, Customer Segmentation, Data Quality, Data Cleansing, Analysis, Database Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, LookML, Forecasting, Research, Data Engineering, Presentations, Global Project Management, B2C Marketing, B2B Sales Pipeline, Marketing Analytics, Cohort Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Client Success, Client Management, Market Research & Analysis, Market Segmentation, Market Research, Writing & Editing, User Requirements, Funnel Marketing, Google BigQuery, Econometrics, Segment, ETL Tools, Tableau Server, A/B Testing, Software, Training, Data Collection, Focus Groups, Interviews, Machine Learning, Regression, Clustering, Data Entry Analysis


Looker, Tableau, Salesforce Sales Cloud, GIS, Slack, Trello, Tableau Desktop Pro, Microsoft Power BI, Toad, MapInfo, BigQuery




ArcGIS, PySpark, Pandas



2010 - 2012

Master's Degree in Urban Planning

University of Illinois Chicago - Chicago, United States

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

University of Central Florida - Orlando, United States


Looker Certified LookML Developer

Google Cloud


Developing Data Models with LookML

Google Cloud


Managing Big Data with MySQL



Hadoop Application and Framework



Machine Learning



Getting and Cleaning Data



Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau