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Kaushik Sridasyam

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Software Developer

Austin, TX, United States
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July 3, 2022

Kaushik is a senior software engineer experienced in creating and executing innovative software solutions to enhance business productivity. He has developed intuitive, in-product user experiences, architected user-facing dashboards, and leveraged AWS Lambda, Elasticsearch, and DynamoDB to create a robust, highly scalable correlation engine. Kaushik is well-versed in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and end-to-end product management, from concept to development and delivery.


MongoDB, JavaScript, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Node.js, API Integration...
Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Node.js, Docker, Docker Compose, JavaScript...
An Online Freelance Agency
JavaScript, Node.js, Python 3, Django, Amazon Web Services (AWS)...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Oh My Zsh, iTerm2

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on integrated Looker into a well-known freelance agency, enabling customers to create visualizations and dashboards to gain insights.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer | Tech Lead

2022 - 2023
  • Led a team to build the integrations platform and worked with multiple vendors to create reusable connectors written in Python and JavaScript.
  • Designed, implemented, and improved the serverless applications written in Python and JavaScript with a MongoDB database that, combined with front-end apps, helped create a functional and seamless experience for the end user.
  • Demonstrated the ability to produce secure, scalable, and reliable solutions for high-availability systems and services.
  • Compiled and analyzed data, processes, and code to troubleshoot, scale, mature and improve current back-end applications and processes.
  • Provided clear and documented interfaces that are easy to consume for front-end developers.
  • Collaborated with developers and other team members to establish objectives and design a more functional, cohesive code and platform.
  • Developed ideas for new programs, products, or features by monitoring industry developments and trends.
  • Participated in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices in a regulated industry, learn new programming languages, and better assist other team members.
  • Participated in hiring and mentoring junior engineers.
  • Oversaw complex scope and scale. Led a cross-functional team in developing connectors for multiple pharmaceutical systems.
Technologies: MongoDB, JavaScript, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Node.js, API Integration, Technical Leadership, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Automation

Software Engineer

2021 - 2022
  • Investigated the migration to microservices from a monolithic service by leveraging Confluent Kafka.
  • Evaluated tradeoffs between change data capture and event sourcing, given the timeline to migrate these services.
  • Created local development infrastructure with Docker-compose to demonstrate the capabilities of different approaches.
  • Demonstrated the use of Kafka Streams and Confluent ksqlDB to create powerful consumers and producers for event data with the merging of streams.
Technologies: Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, Node.js, Docker, Docker Compose, JavaScript, Express.js, Redux

Software Engineer II

2018 - 2021
An Online Freelance Agency
  • Architected and built an integrations platform built on AWS Lambda written in Python and JavaScript with an event-driven architecture to export candidate data to multiple Application Tracking Systems (IBM Brassring, Workday, etc.).
  • Revamped the Rails side integration of CodePair exports to a Python-based Django server, allowing recruiters to filter candidates in the UI and export to CSV. Reduced the average export time from over five minutes to <10 seconds.
  • Migrated multiple databases into a Redshift data warehouse. This involves building ETL pipelines with Airflow written in Python to backfill data and have daily incremental replication.
  • Expanded on a site-wide candidate search to allow recruiters to search for candidates and their last activity across company products.
  • Loaded Google Analytics data from BigQuery to Aurora DB for License Utilization (incremental and backfill) and created a Looker dashboard. This enabled our sales and customer success team to understand how customers within use our product.
  • Expanded on the "subscribe-now" flow to allow users to quickly signup and subscribe using Stripe to new products. Implemented integrations to push data using Demandbase, Marketo, and Salesforce.
  • Developed an intuitive, in-product user experience to help customers maximize their understanding of the company's Work product on signup. Built an extensible experimentation module to deploy and test new features quickly.
  • Architected the user-facing test health dashboard to give customers a data-driven approach to improve the candidate experience and assessment quality of their tests.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Python 3, Django, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Redshift, Apache Airflow, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Aurora, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Google BigQuery, Looker, Ruby, Ruby on Rails 4, Python, SQL, Express.js, Redux, Terraform, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), API Integration

Software Developer

2017 - 2017
Rook Security
  • Built a cloud security event processing and alerting platform that analyzes millions of log data attributes from a client's computer network looking for security-related events.
  • Developed a web app to onboard new clients and manage their respective firewall architectures and correlation rules.
  • Leveraged AWS Lambda, Elasticsearch, and DynamoDB to create a robust, highly scalable, highly available correlation engine to detect and notify when alerts and rules are triggered.
Technologies: JavaScript, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Elasticsearch, Amazon DynamoDB, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Express.js, Redux

Embedded Looker Dashboards for an Online Freelance Agency

The Insights tab on the company's home page provides statistical dashboards from your business's utilization of their account by your recruiting and technical staff. As a company administrator, you can access the Insights page to gain analytical knowledge of how your hiring teams are using the company to promote your organization to hire the best talents while saving revenues. These data visualization tools and dashboards give you the flexibility to drill down into your data while maintaining a secure, birds-eye view of operations.

FirstAm Title Insurance Evaluation Application

A Node.js application deployed on AWS Lambda. As a back-end developer, I was responsible for creating and updating endpoints to support the web UI application and introducing a migration framework to support safe and repeatable updates to the database. I collaborated with the data team, who populated certain tables and updated the database schema and ORM models, and created views for the front end to consume.


JavaScript, Python 3, Ruby, TypeScript, Python, SQL, HTML, HTML5


Ruby on Rails 4, Express.js, Redux, NestJS, Next.js, Django


Node.js, React


Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Looker, Docker Compose, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Kafka Streams, Terraform, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Apache Airflow, AWS Glue


Visual Studio Code (VS Code), AWS Lambda, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Kafka


Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon Aurora, Elasticsearch, Redshift, MongoDB


Amazon API Gateway, API Integration, Amazon Kinesis, TypeORM, Technical Leadership, Google BigQuery, Identity & Access Management (IAM), APIs, Front-end


ETL, Automation

2013 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan, USA