Kiarash Asar, Software Developer in Palo Alto, United States
Kiarash Asar

Software Developer in Palo Alto, United States

Member since August 21, 2015
With many years of industry experience, Kia is a well-rounded full-stack engineer with a focus on mobile development. As a passionate freelance consultant, he finds it extremely rewarding to work with different industries and technologies, where he aspires to forge deep and long-lasting relationships with his clients.
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  • Freelance - Kia Labs, LLC
    Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, User Experience (UX), Animation...
  • Google, Inc.
    CSS, HTML, Google Closure, JavaScript, Protobuf, C++, C, Java, APIs...
  • Google, Inc.
    CSS, HTML, Google Closure, JavaScript, Python, Protobuf, C++, C...



Palo Alto, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Vim Text Editor, Xcode, Linux, MacOS, iOS

The most amazing... I've worked on enables an autonomous airplane to fly by collecting real-time sensory data while dynamically optimizing its flight path.


  • iOS Engineer

    2014 - PRESENT
    Freelance - Kia Labs, LLC
    • Developed a wide range of iOS applications.
    • Designed and developed APIs and frameworks for a sophisticated system.
    • Consulted and implemented application UI and UX.
    • Led and managed medium-sized engineering teams.
    • Helped clients interview and hire engineering talent.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, User Experience (UX), Animation, User Interface (UI), UIKit, Apple, App Store, APIs, Core ML, SDKs, Software Development, Reporting, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Figma, Video Livestreaming, LiveStream, A/B Testing, iOS SDK, Firebase, iOS Native Libraries, Mobile, Near-field Communication (NFC), ARKit, Augmented Reality (AR), LiDAR, Back-end Architecture, Apple Design, AR Interfaces, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT), Raspberry Pi, Firebase Authentication, Jira, Slack
  • Software Engineer

    2014 - 2014
    Google, Inc.
    • Created an internal masking tool for Google Maps imagery pipeline.
    • Developed on the full stack from the back-end of the app all the way to the front-end, moving data through Google Map Imagery's entire processing pipeline.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Google Closure, JavaScript, Protobuf, C++, C, Java, APIs, Software Development, Back-end Architecture, Computer Vision
  • Software Engineer

    2013 - 2013
    Google, Inc.
    • Created a system that uses 3D spatial data and facial detection technologies to do gaze-tracking, enabling the computer system to tell if a person is actually paying attention to it or not and behave accordingly, very much like how human beings interact.
    • Performed advanced image processing in the back-end (C/C++) and passed it in JSON format to the JavaScript SDK I developed.
    • Maintained the web application's back-end in Python.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Google Closure, JavaScript, Python, Protobuf, C++, C, Parallel Programming, Image Processing, APIs, Software Development


  • Latch - Smart Access System

    Latch is the first smart access system that eliminates keys and automates access for everything that needs to happen in a modern building. Open your door with a Doorcode or an app that instantly provides access to all of your favorite people and services through smart Doorcodes. It also records everything that happens while you're away.

    (Latch Manager:

  • Baby Monitoring System

    This system monitors video, audio, and breathing from a Miku device.

    Miku is the baby monitor that tracks breathing, sleep patterns, and nursery conditions without wires or wearables. Miku's proprietary SensorFusion technology works with your smartphone in real-time to alert you when it matters most.

  • The Cloud Life – Digitize and Organize Memories

    As sole iOS app engineer, I was responsible for designing the app's architecture and meticulously implementing the design specs of the app. Through constant collaboration with designers, back-end engineers, and the co-founders of the company, I made sure we're making best decision to implement a competitive app in the cloud storage marketplace.

    The app was done entirely in Swift, utilizing Apple in-app subscriptions and cutting-edge UI paradigms to implement a fast and secure iOS app for The Cloud Life platform.

  • NimbleRx

    NimbleRx is a free same-day delivery pharmacy in your palm. NimbleRx takes all the hassle out of going to the pharmacy and picking up prescriptions by dispensing medications from our own pharmacy and providing same-day delivery with our private drivers.

    • Designed and developed app fundamentals with advanced security, smooth animations, and robust networking as top priorities.
    • Fully developed in Swift, fully utilizing protocol-oriented programming concepts, and developed in a highly modular and reusable fashion with custom controls.
    • Worked closely with the design team to deliver a pixel-perfect implementation of design stories and branding specifications.
    • Collaborated with the back-end engineering and Android teams to deliver familiar UX across all mobile platforms, all the way to animation details.

  • Arrow – Interactive Map

    As the lead iOS engineer of the Arrow, I was responsible for the app's architecture from the ground up, collaborating with designers and back-end engineers, delegating tasks to other iOS engineers as well as participating in our brainstorming and daily standup meetings.

    The iOS app was done entirely in Swift, utilizing technologies such as Google and Apple Maps, Firebase, and advanced UI techniques, among others.

  • LoveTapp™ – Love, Support, Motivation

    LoveTapp is a completely anonymous and simple emotional network, designed to do one thing and one thing only: provide support for those who are struggling, when they need it most.

    • Animation-heavy iOS app, done entirely in Swift.
    • Sole iOS engineer of the project, completed in ~2 months.
    • Collaborated with the design and QA team, translating every design and animation conceptualized by my client into a smooth iOS app.
    • Responsible for the app's entire front and back-end stack
    • Completed the project entirely in Swift.
    • Implemented Firebase (database) and Amazon AWS SNS (push notifications).

  • Orson & Co – Immersive Exclusive eBook Reader

    I joined Orson's co-founder to work on an existing codebase with some critical issues to be fixed, ranging from a custom text render engine to advanced audio and imagery syncing as the user progressed through immersive eBook titles. I also worked on the C# back-end of the app, integrated Apple in-app purchases, optimized its MS Azure cloud components, and more.

    During this project, I used a breadth of technologies from the iOS Objective-C app to its .NET back-end stack.

  • Cruise Port Navigator

    An iOS app designed to help Japanese cruise ship travelers create itineraries of attractions to visit using AI, based on their interests and according to their availability.

  • STAND – A Fundraising Community

    STAND is a conscious community where you can easily browse, discover and STAND with the people, causes, nonprofits and charities you care about, and even collect donations.

    • Sole iOS engineer: Helped launch and release biweekly updates for more than four months.
    • Architected fundamentals of the app and developed features and technologies into the app.
    • Collaborated with back-end engineers, UX, and management teams throughout dev cycles.
    • Did the project entirely in Swift.
    • Followed a strict two-week development cycle, including brainstorming, design, and development of new features in each cycle.

  • Men's Clothing Mobile Marketplace

    Implemented an end-to-end mobile shopping solution.

    • UI/UX and graphics
    • Front-end in Swift
    • Back-end in Python on Heroku and Parse
    • Integrated with SalesForce SDK

  • End-to-End Encrypted Secure Messaging Platform

    An intuitive and easy to use end-to-end fully encrypted iOS messaging application.

    • UI/UX design of the app.
    • Native iOS app developed in Objective-C.
    • Back-end implemented using Google Go.

  • Contactless Bitcoin Payment System

    In short, it's the equivalent of Apple Pay for Bitcoin and a cash register, letting sellers accept contactless payments.

    • Native iOS app developed in Objective-C.
    • Developed iBeacon-like robust Bluetooth technology for contactless interactions.


  • Languages

    Swift, C, Objective-C, SQL, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, JavaScript, Assembly
  • Frameworks

    ARKit, CloudKit, PushKit, iOS SDK, UIKit, WatchKit, SwiftUI, Core ML
  • Libraries/APIs

    Google Maps, iOS Native Libraries, Protobuf, SciPy, OpenGL
  • Tools

    Zeplin, Bitbucket, Jira, GitHub, Xcode, Apple Push Notifications, Slack, Adobe Illustrator, SwiftLint, Sketch, Figma, Firebase Authentication, Vim Text Editor, Git, MATLAB
  • Paradigms

    UI Design, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Concurrent Programming, Back-end Architecture, Parallel Programming
  • Platforms

    Firebase, iOS, Apple, Mobile, MacOS, Linux, tvOS, WatchOS, Raspberry Pi
  • Other

    Bluetooth, User Experience (UX), API Design, User Interface (UI), UX Architecture, Mobile UX, In-app Purchases, App Store Acceptance Process, Push Notifications, Animation, APIs, Front-end Development, App Store, SDKs, Software Development, Apple Design, Image Processing, Functional Design, Cryptocurrency Payments, Reporting, A/B Testing, Near-field Communication (NFC), Augmented Reality (AR), LiDAR, AR Interfaces, Direct to Consumer (D2C), Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT), Video Livestreaming, LiveStream, HomeKit
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science
    2013 - 2015
    University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign - Urbana, Illinois

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