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Kibrom Kidane

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Mobile App Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Toptal Member Since
March 11, 2021

Kibrom is a versatile mobile app developer with expertise in native Android, React Native, and Flutter. With over five years of experience, he excels in writing clean Kotlin code, integrating back-end frameworks like Firebase, Google Cloud APIs, and AWS, and leveraging large language models like GPT for AI-driven solutions. Kibrom's diverse skillset makes him an invaluable asset to any mobile app development project.


Freelance Client
Python 3, OpenAI GPT-4 API, Fine-tuning, Synthetic Data Generation
Personal Project
Python 3, JavaScript, OpenAI GPT-4 API, ChatGPT, Chatbots, Node.js...
Personal Project
C++, MQL5, MQL4




Preferred Environment

Android Studio, JetBrains, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Postman, MacOS, MetaTrader 5, C

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is the HelloFresh Android app: it transforms the way millions of users experience meal planning and preparation through a seamless app.

Work Experience

ML Engineer

2024 - 2024
Freelance Client
  • Collected and cleaned seed data collected from open source datasets and websites.
  • Formatted and generated synthetic datasets for training using the GPT-4 API.
  • Fine-tuned the Llama 2 model with synthetic data and researched the results.
Technologies: Python 3, OpenAI GPT-4 API, Fine-tuning, Synthetic Data Generation

LLM Engineer

2023 - 2023
Personal Project
  • Developed a text analysis and action-generating system that uses GPT-4 API to synthesize text and respond to desired actions.
  • Deployed a function that uses GPT-4 to Azure Functions and made a service.
  • Integrated the service into a content-creating site.
Technologies: Python 3, JavaScript, OpenAI GPT-4 API, ChatGPT, Chatbots, Node.js, Azure Functions, Serverless

Trading Bot/EA Developer

2023 - 2023
Personal Project
  • Wrote the EA to manage some trading behavior and to tick a check before trading.
  • Backtested the EA on MetaTrader 5 and made some improvements.
  • Compiled and exported the EA for final use in MetaTrader 5.
Technologies: C++, MQL5, MQL4

Android Engineer

2022 - 2022
Foodsby, Inc.
  • Worked on improving the app architecture and refactoring.
  • Added new features and fixed bugs as a sole developer.
  • Tracked app analytics to improve the overall stability of the app.
Technologies: Android, Java, Kotlin, Gradle, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Android Development, Android Jetpack, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, Firebase, Azure, Jetpack Compose, Dagger, OkHttp, Retrofit, Unit Testing, Clean Code, Localization, Geolocation, Agile

Android Kotlin Developer

2021 - 2022
Influence Mobile, Inc
  • Helped rewrite an app in Kotlin from a React Native codebase base.
  • Worked on adding new features and making the app scalable.
  • Improved the overall test coverage and robustness of the app.
Technologies: Android, Kotlin, Android Development, Android Jetpack, React, React Native, Node.js, JavaScript, Firebase, Mobile App Development, Jetpack Compose, Dagger, OkHttp, Retrofit, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Clean Code, User Interface (UI), Agile, Google Play Store

Senior Flutter Developer

2021 - 2021
  • Defined a suitable architecture and refactored code.
  • Improved the codebase with unit tests and made the code testable.
  • Improved the overall architecture by using reactive programming and dependency injection.
Technologies: Flutter, Architecture, iOS, Dart, Clean Architecture, Mobile App Development, Dagger, Unit Testing, Clean Code, Agile, Google Play Store

Android Developer | Security Knowledge and Experience

2021 - 2021
One Item, Inc.
  • Helped encrypt user information before storing it in the cloud.
  • Worked on adding new features and fixed tracked issues.
  • Helped with Identifying and mitigating security concerns of the Android app.
Technologies: Android, Java, Mobile App Development, Azure, Dagger, OkHttp, Retrofit, Clean Code, Agile, Application Security

Android Developer | Kotlin

2021 - 2021
  • Helped fix issues and implemented new features as part of a team.
  • Created Jira tickets and investigated prioritized spikes and issues.
  • Reviewed PRs and helped with test coverage and code optimization.
Technologies: Android Jetpack, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Model View Intent (MVI), Clean Architecture, Test-driven Development (TDD), Code Review, Android Development, Jetpack Compose, Dagger, OkHttp, Retrofit, Unit Testing, UI Testing, Clean Code, Xcode, Agile

Flutter and Firebase Developer

2021 - 2021
Synodic, Inc
  • Proposed and implemented a better project structure and app architecture.
  • Developed design patterns and helped refactor the whole project.
  • Developed Firebase functions and helped restructure the data model for best performance and reduced database costs.
  • Mentored other developers and gave development and UX-related suggestions.
Technologies: Flutter, Firebase, Databases, Audio, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Clean Architecture, Audio Streaming, Dart, Node.js, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, Dagger, Unit Testing, Clean Code, Agile

Android DevOps Developer

2019 - 2021
Dine Delivery
  • Developed the main Android app and the driver and order handler apps.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs proactively and reactively as the primary go-to person.
  • Designed the database structure and overall architecture of the system.
  • Managed and helped other developers to develop supplementary systems.
  • Oversaw the overall development, testing, and deployment process.
Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Firebase, Android SDK, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Android Jetpack, Kotlin, Android, CTO, Code Review, Technical Hiring, Interviewing, Dagger, Retrofit, Clean Code, Xcode, Swift, iOS, Geolocation, Agile

Android Developer

2017 - 2019
Dine Delivery
  • Developed order tracking and management apps using Java.
  • Designed the overall architecture and database structures.
  • Designed order assigning and priority management algorithms.
Technologies: Android, Java, Android SDK, REST, Retrofit 2, Firebase, Code Review, Dagger, Clean Code, Agile

Social Network App for Professionals
Written in Kotlin, Mahder was a project for a social networking app. I was an Android developer and implemented all the requirements a social networking app must have. It used Firebase as a back end and was open-sourced in early 2019.

Food Delivery App
Driven by a complex algorithm in the back end, Dine is a simple-to-use food delivery app I developed for a startup company in Addis Ababa. It features location-based filtered restaurants and a complete food ordering and tracking system.

Audio Streaming App

Flutter-based audio streaming and podcast app used by thousands of users. I was a Flutter developer primarily focused on the project's back end and bloc-related parts. I collaborated with other developers to implement and improve the code's data model, data flow, and efficiency.


Java, Kotlin, C++, C, JavaScript, Dart, Swift, MQL5, MQL4, Python 3


Android SDK, Dagger, React Native, Flutter


Retrofit, RxJava 2, Retrofit 2, Node.js, LiveData, Proguard, React


Android Studio, Android Jetpack, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Git, Flow, Gradle, Xcode


Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Unit Testing, Clean Code, Agile, Requirements Analysis, Human-computer Interaction (HCI), Testing, Model View ViewModel (MVVM), MVC Design, Clean Architecture, REST, Model View Intent (MVI), Test-driven Development (TDD), Management, Mobile Development, Synthetic Data Generation


Firebase, Android, MetaTrader 5, MacOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, Azure, Azure Functions


Data Structures, Algorithms, Software Design, Psychology, Creativity, Android Development, Code Review, Technical Hiring, Jetpack Compose, OkHttp, User Interface (UI), Application Security, Google Play Store, Software Architecture, Software Project Management, Information Security, Encryption, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Requirements & Specifications, Simulations, Research, Philosophy, IT Governance, Risk Management, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Talent Management, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, User Permissions, Firebase Cloud Functions, CTO, Interviewing, Geolocation, Machine Learning, Web Services, Graphics, Discrete Mathematics, Incident Management, Project Leadership, Physics, Incident Response, Organizational Structure, Research Methods, Deployment, Computer Vision, Coroutines, Data Compression, Audio, Audio Streaming, DNS, CI/CD Pipelines, Architecture, Mobile App Development, UI Testing, Localization, OpenAI GPT-4 API, ChatGPT, Chatbots, Serverless, Fine-tuning


NoSQL, Databases

Industry Expertise

Marketing, Cybersecurity, Project Management

2019 - 2021

Master's Degree in Cyber Security Management

Mekele Institution of Technology (MIT) - Mekele, Ethiopia

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

Jigjiga Univarsity - Jigjiga, Ethiopia

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