Kirit Dholakiya, Developer in Surat, Gujarat, India
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Kirit Dholakiya

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress and WooCommerce Developer

Surat, Gujarat, India
Toptal Member Since
October 26, 2020

Kirit is a passionate developer who specializes in WordPress, WordPress plugins, and themes. He's an expert in WooCommerce and is the author of the Ninja Beaver Add-on for Beaver Builder Plugins. Kirit prides himself on providing high-quality code, innovative solutions, and a strategic approach to delivering client needs. He has created seamless booking engines, eCommerce options, exciting contest sites, and clever, interactive features designed to captivate and entice users.


CSS, WooCommerce, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Responsive Design
Clayton Lewis
WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Nation One Lab Inc.
WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL




Preferred Environment

Bitbucket, Sublime Text 3, Slack, Windows 10, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...WooCommerce project I delivered was four clothing sites combined into one, each with a different layout and multiple shipping options based on the category.

Work Experience

Freelancer WordPress | WooCommerce Developer

2013 - PRESENT
  • Developed Stripe, Paypal Pro, and Cybersource payment gateways for Events Manager Pro.
  • Built a custom theme with the help of advanced custom fields.
  • Created a specific theme and plugin for the site, including unique post types for the content with different taxonomies and meta boxes.
  • Designed new features for existing plugins and themes.
  • Debugged client sites and provided client support.
  • Customized and added new features in Event Espresso V3 and V4 and the Events Manager Pro plugin.
  • Developed an on-site Adyen payment gateway for WooCommerce.
  • Converted four WooCommerce websites into one site with a different layout for each of the four WooCommerce sites as a category template.
  • Built a Ninja Beaver add-on plugin for Beaver Builder.
  • Developed the Woo/Beaver add-on plugin for Beaver Builder for WooCommerce.
Technologies: CSS, WooCommerce, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, Responsive Design

WooCommerce Expert

2024 - 2024
Clayton Lewis
  • Set up a car marketplace module on the website that gathers all listing data from Gravity Forms, processes payments, and adds submitted listings to the back end with a status set as pending.
  • Optimized the search listing page with an auto-loading feature that loads more car listings as the user scrolls, offering a smooth browsing experience. Additionally, I developed custom fields and taxonomy for car listings to categorize by make.
  • Added a feature where if back-end admin user approves a listing, it appears on the front-end site.
  • Designed a search filter page on the marketplace to refine searches and created a detailed single-car listing page that includes all essential options for users.
Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

WordPress Expert

2024 - 2024
Nation One Lab Inc.
  • Developed a plugin that displays reports on the front end of the WooCommerce order page.
  • Integrated Amazon S3 with the website to store reports on the WooCommerce site and share them with customers who request them.
  • Wrote a custom order status for report orders and displayed available reports and results on the front end of the site based on order status.
Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

WiX Developer

2024 - 2024
Retro Defenders Limited
  • We resolved issues with the mobile and desktop car pages, connecting each page to CMS data on the Wix platform and addressing spacing and container problems.
  • Rebuilt example car pages from scratch to be responsive on mobile and desktop devices and created a guide for managing and creating new and existing pages.
  • Set up the eCommerce platform on Wix, configured tax and shipping rules, and provided guidance on managing the store within the Wix platform.
Technologies: Wix, React

WordPress Developer

2023 - 2023
Waterside Venture Group LLC
  • Checked the vacation rental website for issues with the Hostaway API in various parts.
  • Ensured the site's calendar was connected correctly and received availability data from Hostaway PMS.
  • Fixed layout issues on the checkout, home, and property pages.
  • Added coupon code functionality and made it work with Hostaway API.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Stripe API, HTML, CSS, APIs

WordPress/WooCommerce Developer

2022 - 2023
CR Mrig Company dba Academic Impressions
  • Maintained the website and regularly updated plugins and themes, as well as new features on the website.
  • Developed a job stat plugin that tracks customer visits and shows analytics data to the job post owner and administrator.
  • Developed job API for clients so they can create, update and delete job posts on the website.
  • Extended the functionality of WP Forms to add a customized field and map it with the constant contact list field.
  • Improved job search filter on site. Added enterprise members, professional development, and salary transparency options in the job search filter.
Technologies: WordPress, Constant Contact API, WooCommerce, APIs, WP Job Manager, REST APIs

WooCommerce/Shopify Developer

2017 - 2023
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira and NetSuite as reporting tools.
  • Designed WooCommerce customization for the NetSuite integration.
  • Developed an Adyen payment gateway for WooCommerce for on-site credit card usage.
  • Customized a Cybersource payment gateway to support tokenization in WooCommerce.
  • Created a customer portal plugin for a WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Created a bulk order form and quick order tools in the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Created a pending order email template with an auto-login option in WooCommerce.
  • Created a private Shopify app for wholesale pricing discounts based on user tags.
  • Designed a customized PDF catalog for a WooCommerce product based on the category and other filter options.
  • Created an access control tool based on user roles for WooCommerce.
Technologies: Pantheon, Cloudways, WP Engine, PHP, MySQL, Shopify API, Shopify, NetSuite, WordPress Plugins, WordPress, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, WooCommerce API, WooCommerce

WordPress Expert

2022 - 2022
Michigan Wolves Baseball Inc.
  • Transformed the client's iframe solutions from third-party applications into WordPress standard shortcodes and displayed information properly.
  • Improved the site page design and fixed the site page speed issue.
  • Developed a plugin for the team and profile section and made it work with gravity form. It could store registration information in WordPress and third-party apps using Gravity form Filters and hooks.
  • Fetched data from non-WordPress databases and displayed it on the website using a WordPress plugin.
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

Shopify Developer for Multiple Ongoing Projects

2022 - 2022
  • Managed multiple Shopify projects. Worked on theme and application customization in a Liquid theme and converted a Shopify site to 2.0.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Asana and reported time using the Harvest app. Pushed all changes through GitHub to the Shopify site.
  • Worked on Recharge app customization, custom bundle builder for group products, and also customized a Vue theme. Followed a strict development flow to finish quality work at Riess Group.
Technologies: Shopify, Front-end, Shopify Plus, Shopify Theme, Figma, Liquid, Liquid Template, Shopify API, Responsive Design, App Customizations

Experienced Shopify Developer

2021 - 2022
Eastern Shelves Trading Est.
  • Fixed the problem with multi-language and multi-currency issues on site.
  • Solved the Arabic version's homepage, collection, and single product page design issues.
  • Added gift card options and also fixed the mega menu issue on site.
  • Created new pages on the website and also integrated Calendly for virtual meetings.
Technologies: Shopify, eCommerce, Right-to-Left (RTL) Scripts, Loyalty Programs, Shopify Theme

Senior WordPress Developer

2020 - 2022
NestEgg Ltd
  • Developed Rule set endpoint dashboard interface using DataTable and expression engine API.
  • Created PDF for loan lead data and modified loan lead tabs structured.
  • Manipulated API data are shown in related sections of the finance dashboard for loan leads. Created sign section where users can sign legal documents and sent them for customer signature for loan approval.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, APIs, PDF

WordPress/WooCommerce Developer

2021 - 2021
Wetherbees Unofficial, LLC
  • Fixed the layout issues on the website and also helped the client setup Woocommerce.
  • Integrated courses and a booking system with WooCommerce.
  • Helped the client choose better hosting for her site and migrate the site to Cloudways. Set up the server and integrated all services needed for the site.
Technologies: WordPress, HTML, MemberPress, WooCommerce

Senior WordPress/WooCommerce Developer

2013 - 2015
SEO Web Creative
  • Developed a sliding CAPTCHA plugin for the contact form.
  • Built a WordPress plugin for magazines that creates flipbooks from PDF files.
  • Created a job board plugin for an Australian company.
  • Delivered a Polaroid masonry image gallery plugin with various animations.
  • Managed the maintenance of 50+ WordPress websites and maintained the servers.
  • Developed a custom theme and plugin. Improved WooCommerce sites.
  • Collaborated with the CEO and CTO to develop new features and definitions of the roadmap on most projects.
  • Built a pixel-perfect website using advanced custom fields and custom themes.
Technologies: WordPress Plugins, WordPress, MySQL, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

Web Developer

2011 - 2013
Apex Global Solutions India
  • Developed a digital flipbook diary with PHP and Ajax.
  • Designed a doctor appointment web application and led the project.
  • Led the team and trained new candidates on projects, helping them improve their skills.
  • Created a custom theme and plugin for WordPress while also working on customizing a Joomla theme.
  • Delivered a custom CRM system for CMS websites in PHP.
Technologies: MySQL, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Sundance Quilting Shopify Website
I developed a customized quilting service page where you can select fabric, thread color, and fabric material and patterns. Based on your selection, you get quotes for your quilting and proceed to checkout. I created a private app for custom quote requests using draft order API.

I developed a theme from scratch for the Shopify store for quilting services.

MOH Jewelry Shopify Website
Fixed the following:
• Languages switcher issue.
• Multiple currency problems.
• Layout throughout sites and translate pages correctly for both languages (Eng).
• Single product page layout, tab, and gift card section issue.
• The Account page issue and add the phone field to the registration page.
• Creation of the Gifting Options page, Contact Us page, and Gift Card page.
• Made the website fully responsive for all devices.

Best Living Japan

I helped the clients set up bookings with WooCommerce and I also assisted with the product set up and customized booking options as requested by clients. Furthermore, I configured calendar options with booking products to show available courses on site.

I improved the site's performance and set up Amazon S3 for media files, reduced storage on the server, loaded images quickly from S3 and improved the site's page loading time. Without losing SEO data and content, I migrated the website from the Bluehost server to the WP Engine server. I also redesigned pages of the sites as per the given mockup.

I worked as a front and back-end developer on the courses' filtration and sorting part. I also created a membership cancellation flow on the website and added new and popular badge functionality for the site's courses. Additionally, I added sorting by badges on the site and improved the speed of the homepage and other internal pages. I updated the landing pages of the site.

I migrated blog posts from to WordPress and delivered pixel-perfect designs from Figma to WordPress. I also used advanced custom fields for flexibility to add content and optimized page speed and onsite SEO.


I delivered a customer booking flow for the site's experience and venue booking portions and set up composite products with a WooCommerce booking plugin and I created automated Elementor modules and widgets to enable administrators to add and customize experiences, venues, destinations, and areas. This included a Google Map API to show multiple locations with a custom UI, advanced custom fields, and a front-end dashboard.

Booking Engine Plugin For GetDirect PMS
I developed a WordPress plugin that connects PMS and imports properties with units, rates, and availability. It provides a live search option for properties available between specific times on the front end and a plugin that supports "My favorite property" option. The plugin processes and confirms bookings using API.

I built an email template system and handled all aspects of the development process, including the back end and testing.

Sequoia Life Real Estate Website is a real estate website. The client wanted a luxury design for her website that looked elegant and modern.

I converted Sketch designs into WordPress using Elementor, provided pixel-perfect conversions, and created development, contact, and catalog pop-ups using Elementor Popup. I also built custom Elementor widgets for the Google Maps section and used a Google UI for maps. I showed nearby locations for properties, sped up optimization and caching configuration, and helped the client connect to Google Analytics and Google search engine. Lastly, I explained how the client could use Elementor to edit the pages on the site.

Stripe Payment Gateway for Events Manager Pro
I developed a Stripe checkout/on-site credit card payment gateway for Events Manager Pro. It can be easily configured by setting the Stripe API details in the settings area and everything else managed by the plugin itself. I handled all aspects of the development process and testing and maintained the plugin.

Crowder Services Website

I created a pixel-perfect website using Elementor and was both the front-end and back-end developer. I also created custom post types for the portfolio pages.

Woo Beaver Add-ons for Beaver Builder

I developed a WordPress plugin for Beaver Builder and WooCommerce that allows users to create a single product page template without coding—you can simply drag-and-drop widgets into the Beaver Builder. Users can create a template for any specific category, all product pages, or specific product pages based on location rules. The user is also able to create category page templates.

Ninja Beaver Add-ons for Beaver Builder
I developed add-ons for the Beaver Builder plugin. The plugins give 65+ widgets, 50+ page templates, and 150+ section templates to build websites quickly. I handled major aspects of the development process, including the UI design, front- and back-end development, and testing.

I maintain this plugin and add new features regularly.

Contest Results Plugin

I developed an add-on plugin for a photo contest. It imports photo contest results from CSV files to websites, gives the option to set jury information, and shows a report on the front end. Contest participants can see and download a PDF of their results from the front end. The administrator can send a report to all participants using the back-end tools that run periodically and are set to automatically send reports to participants. It gives a search option in the report card as well.

I handled all aspects of the development process, including UI design, front-end development, back-end development, and testing.

Photo Contest Plugin

I developed a plugin that offers two options:

1) directly upload photos and make a payment, but you can't edit the uploaded photos;
2) register first on the site and then log in and upload photos.

You can change the photo later until the contest closes. The plugin gives the option to add four to six photos in each section. The plugins have validation rules for photos and two payment gateways (PayPal and Skrill). In the back end, users can add participants, send participant reports to users, and download the participant list using CSV format tools. The participant list is automatically generated every hour based on the time set by the administrator. It also has options for colors, font size, registration validation rules, and a custom UI option in the back end for the front-end sections. I handled all aspects of the development process, including UI design, front- and back-end development, and testing.

WordPress Expert for Website Enhancement
Worked as a WordPress expert for I worked on product PDFs that needed to be converted to web pages. A simple section was added to our homepage. I also provided input on turning our long homepage with small product references into separate, more detailed product pages.

Woocommerce Developer
My responsibilities for this project include:

• Migrating the old domain to a new domain while preserving SEO and forwarding all old URLs to the new ones.
• Submitting a domain change request in Google Search Console for the new domain.
• Resolving issues with the product detail pages (PDP).
• Maintaining the website.
2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University - Surat, India


jQuery, WordPress REST API, WordPress API, WooCommerce API, Shopify API, Stripe API, REST APIs, Google Maps API, Stripe, jQuery UI, Google Maps, Liquid, Constant Contact API, React


Skype, Sublime Text 3, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), WPBakery, Slider Revolution, Divi Builder 3, Git, Adyen Payments, GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Analytics, Figma, Shopify Plus, Slack, Asana, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Zeplin, WP Job Manager, Wix


Divi, Laravel


PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Liquid Template, SQL


RESTful Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress Theme Design, Web, Twilio, Pantheon, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), cPanel


MySQL, Databases, WP Engine, Cloudways

Industry Expertise

Web Design


PSD to WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Web Development, Page Speed Optimization, AI to WordPress, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, Sketch to WordPress, Beaver Builder, APIs, Elementor, Booking Systems, CSV Import, Pixel Perfect, WordPress Design, User Roles, Shopify Customizations, WordPress Optimization, API Integration, Front-end, Website Optimization, Web Security, Web UI, Webhooks, Custom Themes, Apps, Shopify Design, Shopify Theme, eCommerce, Content Marketing Platforms, Responsive Design, Windows 10, Material to WordPress, WordPress Multisite, Google Tag Manager, IDX Integration, NetSuite, PDF, SaaS, Event Calendars, Paid Memberships Pro (PMPro), Landing Pages, Customization, Right-to-Left (RTL) Scripts, Loyalty Programs, MemberPress, Google Search Console, Mobile First, App Customizations

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