Konstantin Yegupov, Developer in London, United Kingdom

Konstantin Yegupov

Java Developer

London, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
October 8, 2018

Konstantin is a software developer with over a decade of experience and a particular expertise in Linux OS management and Java, Python, and JavaScript development. He enjoys writing back-end code along with implementing complex data processes and solving complex challenges. What Konstantin is looking for in a company is a sense of a mission and a dedication to technological excellence.

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Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Python, Linux, Java
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elasticsearch, MySQL, Node.js, Angular, Java
Dremel, Google Cloud Spanner, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Java


London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've written was a code generator to manage the documents defined by a dynamic schema.

Work Experience

2017 - 2018

Software Engineer

  • Maintained the deployment of a large microservices-based product in customer's on-premises environment with limited access.
  • Maintained a complex data science pipeline.
  • Improved the performance and reliability of a microservice component.
  • Maintained CI and E2E testing setups.
  • Investigated and resolved complex issues.
Technologies: Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Python, Linux, Java
2015 - 2017

Software Developer

  • Codesigned and developed a single-page application with high-quality standards and complex data ingestion back-end.
  • Developed a high-performance caching system.
  • Upgraded an old-and-complex Java application to support new features and a new database back-end.
  • Added features to a PHP application.
  • Managed a cloud (AWS) configuration for a microservices-based application.
  • Conducted tech interviews.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elasticsearch, MySQL, Node.js, Angular, Java
2011 - 2015

Software Developer

  • Developed an ingestion system for a high-performance application.
  • Designed a CRM web application.
  • Codesigned the architecture of a content management system including the code generation for document management.
  • Developed an ingestion engine based on fuzzy logic.
  • Maintained E2E scripts for application development.
  • Conducted tech interviews.
  • Mentored interns.
Technologies: Dremel, Google Cloud Spanner, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Java
2009 - 2011

Software Developer

Quative | Nagra
  • Designed a set-top-box UI using web technologies.
  • Maintained UI front-ends using various technology stacks and backing hardware.
  • Updated the server-side Java code and database queries for a content-delivery system.
Technologies: Embedded Hardware, Oracle, Java, SVG, JavaScript
2008 - 2009

Software Developer

  • Developed the back-end and front-end of a complex web application.
  • Optimized database queries for performance optimization.
  • Integrated the application with billing systems and third-party APIs.
  • Designed a new life cycle for basic system objects.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Ext JS, JavaScript, C#
2005 - 2008

Software Developer | Team Lead

  • Designed and developed a web application in PHP integrated with a phone server and remotely-developed the back-end and payment systems.
  • Developed an application for investment opportunities browsing including the generation of charts and reports.
  • Built a prototype application for searching local venues.
  • Conducted tech interviews.
  • Coached new team members.
Technologies: MySQL, JavaScript, Python, PHP


Easy-to-use Web Dictionary

This was a hobby project that I started because I'm interested in the constructed language, Ido (an improved version of Esperanto), and was annoyed by the lack of an easy-to-use dictionary so I went ahead and developed one myself.

BBC Monitoring

I worked as a co-architect and developer on the BBC Monitoring website.



Python 3, Python 2, SQL, Java 8, TypeScript, TypeScript 3, JavaScript, Java, Go, Python, C#, PHP, Rust, Kotlin


Dropwizard, Angular, Ext JS, Gorm, Django


Linux, Oracle, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Elasticsearch, MySQL, Cassandra, Google Cloud Spanner, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


Node.js, JAX-RS, Django ORM, Preact, jQuery


Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Sublime Text


Agile, Functional Programming


Dremel, SVG, Embedded Hardware, Russian-English Translation, Lambda Functions, Concurrency


2000 - 2006

Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tula State University - Tula, Russia