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Krisanna Spinato

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Content Management Systems (CMS) Developer

Atlanta, GA, United States
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April 7, 2023

Krisanna is an experienced CMS developer with an MBA and an MPA. In high school, she obtained a four-year scholar program with Lucent Technologies. She then worked many years in the marketing and brand industry, gaining valuable knowledge and a vast advantage within corporate America. While increasing companies' display and development using best practices, she became knowledgeable in Sitecore, Contentstack, analytics, agile, AEM, and SEO. Krisanna is a great asset as a team player and a leader.


User Experience (UX), Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Workfront...
Hospital for Special Surgery
Contentstack, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, Jira, HTML, CSS
Contentstack, Content Management Systems (CMS), Content, Agile, HTML, Confluence




Preferred Environment

Contentstack, Sitecore, SharePoint, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), SEO Tools, Web Analytics, Content Management Systems (CMS)

The most amazing...

...application I've enjoyed creating is a delivery app for Chick-fil-A.

Work Experience

Content Strategy – Digital Channel

2023 - 2023
  • Contributed to the community workshop materials, strategy documentation, and content best practices.
  • Leveraged my knowledge in Adobe AEM and aided the global publishing team in building and editing website content within a network-wide application.
  • Led departmental responsibilities and expectations with a proven track record and increased positive analytics and statistics.
  • Received positive feedback regarding increased sustainability in the user experience by using new and current content strategy best practices.
  • Assisted with the input for iteration demos as part of's global migration project, Plinko. I also helped with tasks during the AEM migration, including QA, front-end architectural assignments, UAT, and redirect testing and advisement.
  • Played a key role within's personalization initiative for a global brand digital experience within the content strategy.
  • Handled the SEO strategy and implementation using Google Trends and BrightEdge.
  • Prepared the "Explore Your Fit" corporate brief for an upcoming revamp to the user experience and the "Alliances" and "Storytelling" briefs for the study of best practices and directional guidance during's Plinko.
Technologies: User Experience (UX), Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Workfront, Agile, Google Analytics, HTML, Iteration Management, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), BrightEdge, Google Trends

Contentstack Subject-matter Expert

2022 - 2023
Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Participated in all SDLC levels of testing to provide SME validation and recommendations for corrections or improvement.
  • Provided guidance to the director regarding optional CMS systems for future migration and a cost-effective outlook.
  • Created a content provider community within our HSS My Care Guide app using Epic's MyChart in iOS and Android and provided ongoing builds, updates, and education for clients per stakeholder to ensure effective participation.
  • Managed the baseline configuration for all project-related work and content migration from ViiMed to Contentstack.
  • Used best practices and standards, answered client inquiries, oversaw the development of technical solutions, reviewed technical documentation, liaised with stakeholders, and performed product demonstrations.
  • Collaborated closely with the head of digital and the digital channel team to develop, execute, refine, and measure the digital strategy.
Technologies: Contentstack, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, Jira, HTML, CSS

Contentstack Architect

2021 - 2022
  • Handled content migration, creating pages and components within the organization's web content management system, Contentstack, and editing metadata, page versioning, and workflows.
  • Performed project management tasks using Confluence as a ticketing flow system.
  • Conducted daily HTML coding within Contentstack's headless CMS.
Technologies: Contentstack, Content Management Systems (CMS), Content, Agile, HTML, Confluence

CMS Architect and Analyst – Digital Channel

2021 - 2021
Hilton Grand Vacations
  • Owned the CMS, Sitecore, within the corporate structure and guidelines of Hilton Grand Vacations.
  • Administered the web CMS, including web page template management, page and metadata editing, SEO management, page versioning, site search, page access, rule-based publishing and workflow, multi-domain deployment, and internationalization.
  • Assisted business stakeholders with marketing technology execution, configuring campaigns, personalization, testing, experience automation, and email and social marketing tactics that leveraged available user data.
Technologies: Sitecore, Content Management Systems (CMS), SEO Tools, Workfront, Agile, Content, HTML, CSS

Digital Channel Subject-matter Expert

2020 - 2021
Merck & Co.
  • Advised senior and executive-level stakeholders on digital strategies and opportunities.
  • Assisted in developing a strategic plan for driving digital growth for Merck Connect HCP content across all accessible regions, including major social platforms and doctor offices.
  • Employed a distinctive strategic and entrepreneurial mindset and a solutions-oriented approach, prioritizing and delegating many tasks with varying workloads and importance.
  • Presented research and case studies of market trends and measurement data against competitors for new opportunities and learning purposes.
  • Led a team, creating development needs, content strategies, and designs.
  • Acted as the product owner of Contentsquare to direct brand and stakeholder decisions within corporate relationships and content innovation.
Technologies: Contentsquare, Content, Agile, Jira, Agile Sprints

Digital Strategist

2019 - 2020
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Handled website creation and content updates, performing daily maintenance and development tasks, including uploads to all the bank sites within the Sitecore platform.
  • Performed CMS adjustments to the bank's website and handled new designs, missing H1 tags using JavaScript, missing content, 302 redirects, 301 internal redirects, browser caching, missing title tags, mobile usage errors, etc.
  • Acted as an SEO strategy lead and participated in the 2019 audit restructuring, hosting meetings for POA to create a steady flow increase and an optimization success plan.
  • Focused on the SEO strategy, producing two buckets of work using a technical/data layer and a content/metadata/canonical model.
  • Accounted for a structured plan upon merging into Sitecore 9.1 to increase personalization to the consumer, generating engagement and value scale. I set up, measured, and implemented rules.
  • Conducted SEO data gathering, used top search results for productivity increases, and analyzed top SEO audit results needing edits. I prepared reports summarizing findings and suggesting alternative improvements to increase consumer awareness.
  • Drove the strategy for migrating from Performance to GitHub, including branching, merging, and tagging.
Technologies: SEO Tools, Sitecore, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, Google Analytics, HTML, Java

.com Content Support Manager – Marketing Technology

2019 - 2019
  • Assisted with the Sitecore migration from version 8.2 to 9.1, taking into account our vested interest in Amazon S3 data.
  • Managed the Amazon cloud environment's day-to-day activity and supported development teams with their requirements.
  • Directed the SEO strategy, including the productional use of two buckets within the technical/data layer and content/metadata/schema updates. I set up, measured, and implemented rules and increased personalization, engagement, and value scale.
  • Worked within the SEO restructure to reach the top three in Google search results, updating metadata descriptions and canonical tags, creating solid pipelines, and using Screaming Frog to achieve top results.
  • Collaborated with the UI/UX team to evaluate wireframes, templates, and visual design to determine the needs from a brand standpoint. This led to a better user experience for the online user.
  • Owned the Chick-fil-A Canada project. I created, A/B-tested, and launched CFA Delivery while also building and launching the scholarship, employment, and gift card tools.
  • Presented stakeholder findings weekly at adjoining meetings to demonstrate ideas to increase UE, personalization, and SEO and intertwine results for consumer progress, as Sitecore pages and personalization are integrative.
Technologies: Sitecore, Web Analytics, Google Analytics, SEO Tools, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Jira, Screaming Frog, Content, User Experience (UX), Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, HTML, Agile Sprints, CSS

SharePoint Application Developer

2018 - 2018
Jetaire Aerospace Technologies
  • Administered SharePoint and handled out-of-the-box creation of team sites, departmental pages and sub-pages, document libraries, Outlook calendars with groups associated with departments, etc.
  • Scheduled meetings with finance, legal, engineering, and shipping departmental leads and gathered department information, important file names, and required pages to create employee access for corporate events, sponsored charities, and scholarships.
  • Conducted training on the company's direct ordering software, Quantum Computing. I created, edited, and oversaw the creation of a training manual for the company.
  • Performed internal site SEO optimization and handled Agile tasks, including requirement analysis, high-level program technical specifications, designs, development, testing, implementation, documentation, troubleshooting, and test-driven development.
Technologies: Training, SharePoint, Quantum Computing, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS)

Senior Lead Consultant

2017 - 2018
  • Led a team of 13 overseas developers and one on-site developer using Sitecore.
  • Handled content creation, editing, and final approval of the internal and external global intranet, managing an overseas staff of 15+ and an internal staff of 10+.
  • Performed multiple coding to produce a higher-efficiency TAT for the client, using specific code generation for site building, intranet merging of website CMSs, Apache Lucene, pipeline engineering, etc.
  • Maintained adaptability for remote work, completing all daily and ongoing job functions while leading a team nationally and working directly with international department heads.
  • Conducted company divisions to provide customers with accurate reporting, streamlined operations, tracking accuracy, minimum waste, and no tedious paper processes.
  • Performed internal site SEO optimization and handled agile tasks, including requirement analysis, high-level program technical specifications, designs, development, testing, implementation, documentation, troubleshooting, and test-driven development.
Technologies: Sitecore, Development, Training, Content, User Experience (UX), Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, Jira, Agile Sprints, Apache Lucene

Communications Specialist 3

2015 - 2017
  • Acted as the SharePoint and Sitecore consultant and specialist.
  • Led the intranet for Siemens US, Germany, and England.
  • Handled content creation, editing, and final approval of the internal and external global intranet, enforcing compliance with strict company design guidelines and best practices.
  • Supported US divisional sites and communication and marketing divisions, maintaining solid and cohesive internal and external partnerships.
  • Developed on-site body content, meta descriptions, and page titles in support of SEO strategies. I also stayed updated on evolving SEO trends, practices, and guidelines.
  • Supervised all CMS platform transfers, requests, and site remodeling tasks while working directly for the communication and government affairs department, occasionally helping with marketing.
  • Oversaw internal and external Siemens redirect creation and management while closely partnering with relevant technical teams to support infrastructure builds, application development, and testing when needed.
  • Provided support for multiple online site collection migrations while aligning businesses with the actual internal operating structure to drive technical excellence and implementation of engineering practices.
Technologies: Jira, SharePoint, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Agile, HTML

My Care Guide App

A user-friendly patient app powered through Epic's MyChart and backed by the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). It was created using Contentstack, a headless CMS. This app is powered specifically for each patient assigned for a procedure to a specialty doctor of HSS, allowing them to access important pre- and post-op tasks.

The app is available for download through iOS, and the help section has a chat box with limited AI capabilities, which will route a message to the assigned provider based on patient responses.

Chick-fil-A Delivery App
I handled both the site and application creation, A/B testing, and subsequent launch. I mostly used Sitecore CMS. Additionally, concerning delivery, I used digital asset management and Adobe Photoshop as applicable.




Google Analytics, Jira, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Screaming Frog, Confluence, Adobe Photoshop




iOS, SharePoint


Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


Sitecore, Content, Content Management Systems (CMS), Contentstack, SEO Tools, Web Analytics, User Experience (UX), Workfront, Training, Agile Sprints, Iteration Management, Contentsquare, Quantum Computing, Development, BrightEdge, Google Trends


Apache Lucene

2012 - 2014

Dual Master's Degree in Public Administration (MPA) and Business Administration (MBA)

Ashford University - Council Bluff, Iowa, USA

2010 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Ashford University - Council Bluff, Iowa, USA