Krishna Gadiraju, AWS Developer in Hyderabad, India
Krishna Gadiraju

AWS Developer in Hyderabad, India

Member since October 15, 2021
Krishna has been working at Verizon and has proudly been part of huge programs such as AWS cloud migration, DevSecOps transformation, API-first approach, and contact center automation with Google Cloud. His specialties include multi-cloud architecture, DevSecOps transformation, effective communication, strategic leadership, AWS, and Google Cloud. His accomplishments include 21 GCP builders to follow in 2021, 100,000+ YouTube subscribers, and presenting at AWS re:Invent conference.
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    DevOps, GitOps, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)...
  • Verizon
    Leadership, Cloud Security, API Security, 42Crunch, Prisma, GCP Security...
  • Verizon
    Leadership, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Dialogflow, GitLab CI/CD...



Hyderabad, India



Preferred Environment

Linux, Visual Studio Code, Slack

The most amazing...

...experience I've had is getting the opportunity to present one of my solutions at AWS re:Invent.


  • DevOps Engineer

    2021 - 2022
    • Set up Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) private cluster with access to the authorized network only. Did this for development and staging.
    • Installed and configured Argo CD on one of the GKE cluster. This helped to achieve end-to-end GitOps practice.
    • Created GitHub actions for five microservices to configure auto-deploy on the development using GKE cluster.
    • Created Docker images for five microservices and deployed them on the cluster for end-to-end testing. Set up Terraform automation to create GKE cluster and invoke using GITHUB actions.
    Technologies: DevOps, GitOps, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Argo CD, GitHub, Terraform, GitHub API, GitHub Actions
  • Senior Manager, Cloud Security and Architecture

    2021 - 2021
    • Led the platform security team accountable for the security cloud workloads across AWS, GCP, and Azure.
    • Identified a security vulnerability in GCP and rearchitected the GCP key management process using workload identify federation.
    • Managed the team using Agile Scrum. Established the API security using 42Crunch across Verizon applications.
    Technologies: Leadership, Cloud Security, API Security, 42Crunch, Prisma, GCP Security, Agile, Google Cloud, Secure Containers, Kubernetes, AWS IAM, DevSecOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Azure
  • Senior Manager, Contact Center AI and Cloud Architecture

    2020 - 2021
    • Led the team of engineers to migrate use cases to Contact Center AI, a platform powered by Google Cloud. Set up Google Cloud project automation using GitLab CI.
    • Empowered the team to fully operationalize the CCAI platform, achieving a 40% reduction in the operational hours.
    • Led organizational transformation to establish CI/CD processes for CCAI. Established Agile and DevOps processes within the team to deliver the stories effectively.
    Technologies: Leadership, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Dialogflow, GitLab CI/CD, CI/CD Pipelines, System Design, AWS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), GitLab
  • Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

    2019 - 2020
    • Architected and migrated voice applications from on-prem to AWS. Established CI/CD processes, cost governance, test automation, and test-driven development.
    • Achieved an increase of unit testing from 1% to 15% in two months by introducing sonar checks in the CI pipeline. Adopted cloud-native service architecture and changed the design, which helped achieve 40% cost savings.
    • Architected conversational AI service architecture for chat and voice from GCP to AWS services. Worked with security, governance, and other stakeholders to run architecture reviews. Architected GCP logging using pub-sub to stream logs to AWS.
    • Implemented resilient architecture for applications using AWS API Gateway. Replaced EC2 with Lambda and achieved a 70% reduction in the cost.
    Technologies: Google Cloud ML, Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer, AWS, Cloud Migration, Application Modernization, API-first Approach, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS API Gateway, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitOps, Git
  • Senior Member of Technical Staff

    2017 - 2019
    • Implemented architecture patterns for applications as part of Verizon enterprise shift from data center-centric model to public cloud-first model to drive IT efficiency and modernization.
    • Architected a solution using ServiceNow and AWS Service Catalog to allow developers to provision AWS resources. Presented at AWS re:Invent on the same.
    • Contributed to the AWS Config service to replace current in-house remediation practices and gave feedback to the AWS PM team to improve the service. Coordinated with IT security to implement the best cloud governance IAM permissions and policies.
    • Delivered CloudFormation blueprint templates and ran a cloud share program for enterprise business units to accelerate the cloud journey. This includes creating Terraform templates and a Git pipeline to move the templates.
    • Enabled new AWS services by implementing IAM permissions. Worked with the vendor to implement Google Cloud Platform project creation.
    • Architected post-provisioning software installation using AWS Systems Manager and wrote a blog article on the AWS website.
    Technologies: AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS Certified Solution Architect, AWS DevOps, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Certified SysOps Aministrator, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, System Design, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS IAM, Cloud Security, AWS, Terraform, Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Git, GitOps
  • Tech Manager

    2016 - 2017
    • Led the team to develop an award-winning DevOps dashboard from an open-source tool currently used by 6,000+ people, including managers and directors, to track DevOps progress.
    • Drove the networks system (business unit) AWS cloud migration and digital transformation. Led a team of 11 to lift-and-shift migrate applications from on-prem to AWS. Presented the DevOps dashboard solution at first Verizon TechDay.
    • Ran enterprise-wide DevOps Cup in Verizon India to migrate applications to DevOps tools and used the DevOps dashboard to measure the metrics. Empowered team to adopt DevOps and Agile practices in the team and increased overall velocity by 40%.
    • Received the Verizon GTS SVP certificate of recognition for the DevOps migration program at Verizon India.
    Technologies: DevOps, AWS, CI/CD Pipelines, Ansible, Agile, Leadership, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile DevOps
  • Consultant System Development

    2015 - 2016
    • Held brown bag sessions on helping teams to learn about DevOps and implement CI/CD. Implemented CI/CD pipeline using DevOps tools like Git, Jenkins, and Ansible.
    • Implemented an SSO setup with Apache and templatized all the applications migrating to AWS. Created POCs with Docker containers.
    • Architected and implemented POC of DevOps dashboard using Hygieia. Expanded the scope of the application by implementing an aggregated metrics dashboard and collaborated with the Capital One team.
    Technologies: DevOps, AWS, Linux, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Operations, Agile DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines, Docker, Linux Administration
  • Senior System Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    • Held brown bag sessions on DevOps and CI/CD to the client and set up Jenkins pipeline with Ansible. Wrote Terraform templates along with Linux administration for the clients in the same project.
    • Implemented a high-availability Drupal solution with varnish caching to sustain high traffic (POC).
    • Created and modified Jenkins scripts to deploy applications on OpenShift. Created a POC on OpenShift Origin M4 and analyzed it with the client.
    Technologies: DevOps, Git, Red Hat OpenShift, CI/CD Pipelines, Jenkins, Ansible, Proof of Concept (POC), Linux, High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), Design Systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux Administration, Terraform
  • Software Engineer

    2011 - 2014
    CA Technologies
    • Automated a CA SaaS platform for developers and QA using Ansible playbooks.
    • Created a CA SiteMinder setup and configuration and built an integration using TeamCity.
    • Conducted Ansible deployments on Amazon and manual and automated QA for platform resilience testing. Followed Agile and DevOps practices.
    Technologies: Manual QA, QA Testing, QA Automation, Selenium IDE, Ansible, AWS, OpenShift, TeamCity, Shell Scripting, Rally, Agile Sprints, Scrum, DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Senior Product DBA

    2010 - 2011
    The Pyro Group Companies
    • Upgraded Oracle database from 10g to 11gR2 with minimal downtime of a mission-critical application for one of the largest telecom companies in India, improving the application performance and staying within the stipulated downtime contract.
    • Implemented a cost-effective HA solution for MySQL using DRBD for a customer and received a spotlight award for the same. Managed and supported end-to-end client Linux servers (Linux administration).
    • Provided DB support of mission-critical telecom application, automated DB backups using Shell, coordinated with developers to tune databases, and implemented Oracle Data Guard.
    Technologies: Oracle Database Tuning, Database Administration (DBA), Linux, MySQL DBA, Shell Scripting, Linux Administration, Oracle Database
  • Software Engineer

    2008 - 2010
    • Responded to client mails and fixed Level 1 issues. Supported clients and managed Linux servers. Provided end-to-end Linux administration.
    • Wrote and modified shell scripts to monitor Linux systems and Oracle databases.
    • Conducted web development for based on HTML and PHP.
    Technologies: PHP, Linux, Oracle Database, HTML, Shell Scripting, Linux Administration, Database Administration (DBA)


  • Enhancing Configuration Management at Verizon using AWS Systems Manager

    We needed a solution to implement application deployment as part of the design using ServiceNow and AWS Service Catalog. I worked on the solution to introduce AWS Systems Manager (AWS SSM) and Ansible to help application teams configure their applications.

  • Architecting AWS Service Catalog

    AWS cloud provisioning platform for non-technical persons to provision AWS services. This solution was widely adopted in the company and helped the cloud migration process for application teams. It required working with AWS BA and SAs to use Service Catalog and ServiceNow connector to create the cloud formation templates as products.

  • Vlogging as Cloud Advocate on YouTube

    Content creation on cloud computing and DevSecOps topics. I covered GCP extensively as I felt there was less content than AWS.

    Here are some statistics:
    • subscriber base of 78,900.
    • 98% average likes.


  • Tools

    Ansible, Git, Jenkins, AWS IAM, Terraform, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), AWS Systems Manager, GitLab CI/CD, AWS CloudFormation, Helm, GitHub, Slack, TeamCity, Rally, Dialogflow, Prisma, GitLab
  • Paradigms

    DevOps, DevSecOps, Agile, Scrum
  • Platforms

    Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Visual Studio Code, Kubernetes, Oracle Database, OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift, AWS Lambda, YouTube, Azure
  • Storage

    Google Cloud, Oracle Database Tuning, Database Administration (DBA)
  • Other

    Shell Scripting, AWS, CI/CD Pipelines, AWS Cloud Architecture, AWS DevOps, AWS Certified SysOps Aministrator, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, Leadership, GCP Security, Cloud Infrastructure, System Administration, Linux Administration, System Design, Azure Fundamentals, AWS Service Catalog, Video Editing, GitOps, Argo CD, Networking, Operating Systems, MySQL DBA, Manual QA, QA Testing, QA Automation, Selenium IDE, Agile Sprints, Proof of Concept (POC), High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR), Design Systems, Operations, Agile DevOps, AWS Certified Solution Architect, Google Cloud ML, Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer, Application Modernization, API-first Approach, AWS API Gateway, API Security, 42Crunch, Secure Containers, Presentations, GitHub Actions
  • Languages

    HTML, Java, PHP
  • Libraries/APIs

    GitHub API


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2003 - 2007
    Osmania University - Hyderabad, India


  • Google Cloud Certified – Cloud Digital Leader
    JULY 2021 - JULY 2024
    Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
    JUNE 2018 - DECEMBER 2021
    Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
    JUNE 2017 - DECEMBER 2021
    Amazon Web Services

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