Kristian Whittick, Solution Architect and Developer in South West, United Kingdom
Kristian Whittick

Solution Architect and Developer in South West, United Kingdom

Member since April 19, 2020
Kristian is a solution architect who excels at building elegant, pragmatic solutions for business challenges—whether it be technical, operational, or within a team. With 30 years of IT experience, Kristian's amassed a wealth of expertise and skills, including leading and mentoring architecture/dev teams and technically leading projects (1 to 4 years in length). He's skilled in major patterns, platforms, languages (Java, C++, JS), libraries (TIBCO, Node.js), and paradigms (SOA, microservices).
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  • Leadership 20 years
  • Technical Leadership 20 years
  • Integration 20 years
  • Solution Architecture 20 years
  • Team Leadership 20 years
  • Microservices 10 years
  • AWS 6 years
  • CTO 2 years


South West, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Object-oriented Design (OOD), Containers, Agile, AWS, Pascal, Python, SQL, Node.js, Unix Shell Scripting, C++, C, Nginx, Kong, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), TIBCO, DevOps, Lean, JMS, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservices, APIs

The most amazing...

...project was rearchitecting JustEat from a single server, multi-layered, microservices, and database to a serverless/scalable entity which saved costs/ops time.


  • Interim Lead Enterprise Architect | Solution Architect

    2019 - 2019
    C&J Clarks International
    • Designed a globally scalable AWS pattern for the digital transformation program and eCommerce platform in 12+ countries.
    • Led the architecture team and promoted the architecture by creating a guild and chairing meetings.
    • Defined the multi-cloud strategy and integration strategy.
    • Chose and established the stack for the cloud data-lake technologies and data feeds.
    • Reestablished governance for application catalogs and integration catalogs.
    • Owned the entire IT estate discovery and created essential diagrams and assessments.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP Hybris, AWS
  • Enterprise Architect | AWS Cloud Architect

    2018 - 2018
    JustEat (via Beyond Consultancy)
    • Introduced and promoted architecture at JustEat by creating a guild and chairing architecture meetings.
    • Decoupled and scaled components by using AWS serverless technologies.
    • Adopted microservices and event-driven architecture.
    • Reviewed the entire AWS billing, analyzed the usage, and then implemented a program of cost savings which resulted in $1 million saving for AWS hosting.
    • Created the architecture VMOST strategy for architecture and aligned with the 3-year business goals.
    • Oversaw the entire IT estate discovery by creating essential diagrams and assessments.
    • Reorganized and owned the discovery and team's components.
    • Introducted Kong as the API gateway, including reusable patterns and best practices.
    • Defined the strategy for Android devices in restaurants.
    • JustEat is an eCommerce Platform for 14+ countries for takeaway meal sales and delivery.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, AWS
  • Solution Architect | SOA Architect | AWS Architect

    2015 - 2018
    Hitachi Capital (UK)
    • Introduced and promoted the AWS Cloud to Hitachi by creating best practices, obtaining consensus on new service processes, and promoting cloud benefits to initially reluctant teams.
    • Implemented serverless architecture for big data analytics to solve business requirements for vehicle telematics.
    • Generated and implemented the solution architecture for a stack replacement program for the Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions's leasing system and website.
    • Built a B2C eCommerce platform.
    • Promoted and coached the IT architecture team and enterprise architecture at the group level for Hitachi Capital UK PLC.
    • Introduced collaboration tools which improved cross-team interactions and productivity.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft SQL Server, Angular, Spring Boot, Java, Windows, Linux, AWS
  • Systems Architect

    2012 - 2015
    HP Enterprise Services
    • Served as the chief technologist for Vodafone Integration Domain and led the architect and design team of one of the biggest telco companies in Europe and the biggest TIBCO implementation in Europe.
    • Led the architecture, design governance, SOA governance, customer relations, process authority, technical authority, agile methodology, coding standards, development practices, and release management improvements.
    • Led and mentored a team of architects and designers across two continents to continue delivering SOA into Vodafone.
    • Led the HP team of 180 people which consisted of 6% UK based and 94% India based for a project.
    • Worked within an environment where Vodafone has 600+ SOA services live in production and achieved a 52% re-usage of services.
    • Contributed to a transformation project for file transfers by architecting and designing a full mission-critical managed file transfer solution with geo-resilience with Ireland and Germany. B2B.
    Technologies: Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Linux, TIBCO
  • Solution Architect | Integration Architect | TIBCO Specialist

    2008 - 2012
    Virgin Media
    • Served as a solution designer for the micro-SIM project across seven teams and led the middleware team in the design and development—which allowed Virgin to sell and provision micro SIMs expanding the potential customer base to iPhone/iPad users.
    • Designed solutions for the MINT project which allowed Virgin to benefit from the T-Mobile and Orange merger, thus improving network coverage.
    • Acted as a solution designer for the Blackberry Project, which automatically provisioned/de-provisioned Blackberry services when a customer purchased or ended a Blackberry mobile contract.
    • Successfully completed a data center move, where all key systems were migrated from an outsourced data center to an in-house data center. Automated the installations for the latest TIBCO software and configuration via BMC BladeLogic.
    • Created, as the integration architect lead, integration solution designs, high-level design, and low-level design documentation.
    • Worked on multiple business projects in parallel and ensured compatibility and timely delivery.
    • Worked within a 3-month release delivery cycle overlapping three releases.
    Technologies: Java, Linux, TIBCO
  • TIBCO Specialist

    2007 - 2008
    GFI Group (Global Brokerage)
    • Architected, designed, and built trading feeds for back-end financial systems including confirmations, finance, and MIS.
    • Architected, designed, developed, deployed, and supported a global SOA platform for a broker-trading system.
    • Designed, developed, and reviewed “low latency” TIBCO BusinessWorks™ processes.
    • Mentored and developed build-and-deployment scripts and automation tools along with implementing process enrichment, quality control, and version control.
    • Developed TIBCO BusinessEvents rules and integrated them with TIBCO BusinessWorks processes.
    Technologies: Linux, Java, TIBCO
  • TIBCO Technical Lead

    2007 - 2007
    Carphone Warehouse
    • Served as the technical lead of the CRIM (configuration release integration management) team.
    • Standardized and streamlined deployments by enforcing version control on the previously haphazard deployment configuration.
    • Performed environment deployment regression testing and oversaw the detailed design for environment integration testing.
    • Managed nine environments and delivered five full releases a week from two separate TIBCO development streams.
    Technologies: Linux, Java, TIBCO
  • Senior Consultant

    2006 - 2007
    • Led, as the technical integration architect, in the design and development of an SOA framework for integration for the Ministry of Defence. The reusable framework integrated cross-department systems while complying with high-security requirements.
    • Engaged with multiple teams, across multiple projects to deliver separate-but-uniform TIBCO integration solutions.
    • Gathered requirements for architecture documentation, designed the solutions, and took a leading and active role in development.
    Technologies: Java, Windows, Linux, TIBCO
  • Lead EAI Technical Architect

    2000 - 2005
    Infogain (UK)
    • Met the technology needs of a wide variety of business contracts through this co-owned company.
    • Cultivated a professional working relationship with Virgin Mobile over a period of over four years.
    • Directly responsible for winning the initial consulting work (Virgin Mobile) and continued to drive strategic projects including five major projects spanning six months or more and many small projects of one to two months in duration.
    • Worked as a technical architect and troubleshooter on the associated Mediabase for The Mail, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, and Evening Standard.
    • Served as a technical architect and senior analyst programmer for a project for ASDA Home Shopping.
    • Contributed my skill as a senior analyst programmer and database administrator for Lloyds TSB "Success for Business."
    • Served as a project manager and senior analyst programmer for a project involved in the arenas and fairgrounds.
    • Multiple B2B and B2C projects where many integrations where design, developed and supported.
    Technologies: Java, Windows, Linux, TIBCO
  • Technical Architect | Development Manager | Software Engineer

    1992 - 2000
    Honeywood Software Solutions
    • Developed 3D CAD software for conservatories, including design, plotting, rendering, and cutting lists.
    • Built websites for customers, including infrastructure setup and support.
    • Constructed software for manufacturing companies. Include order management, costing lists, and CAD/presentation software.
    Technologies: Linux, Windows, C++, C, Pascal, BASIC


  • Serverless Telematics on AWS

    It has been my privilege to work on the project for Hitachi Capital UK PLC that uses the AWS Cloud as a platform. During the project, I introduced AWS best practices, implemented security, evolved the company cloud policies, improved the team culture, and implemented a serverless architecture.

    Serverless architecture is one where the components are chosen which are offered as a service. This means that the service provider takes care of the underlying infrastructure, and the consumer is responsible for how the component is used. It allows a consumer to focus on business functionality without regard for the commodity compute resources that support the component.

    See the link for the full article.


  • Languages

    Java, C++, JavaScript, JavaScript 6, C, Pascal, BASIC, Python 3, SQL, Python, Ruby
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, API Development, Node.js, JMS
  • Tools

    Amazon SQS, Kong, Nginx
  • Paradigms

    Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservices, REST, Event-driven Architecture, Web Architecture, API Architecture, Microservices Architecture, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), B2B, B2C, Serverless Architecture, RESTful Development, Agile, DevOps
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Linux, AWS Kinesis, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift
  • Storage

    AWS DynamoDB, NoSQL, MySQL, AWS S3, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    TIBCO, AWS, Team Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, Stakeholder Management, Governance, IT Governance, RESTful APIs, RESTful Services, RESTful Microservices, APIs, Software Architecture, Solution Architecture, Integration, Messaging, Lambda Functions, Leadership, Technical Leadership, Cloud Services, Coding, Back-end, Problem Solving, Code Architecture, Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), eCommerce, Serverless, System Architecture, System Architecture Design, API Integration, Message Queues, Cloud Architecture, Software Development, Mentorship & Coaching, CTO, Cloud, SaaS, Streaming Data, Unix Shell Scripting, Containers, Enterprise Architecture, Lean
  • Frameworks

    .NET, Spring Boot, Angular


  • AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate
    MARCH 2020 - MARCH 2023
    Amazon Web Services
  • Java
    Sun Microsystems

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