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Kristina Cannon Fratus

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Microsoft 365 Developer

Dallas, TX, United States
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June 18, 2020

Kristina spent nearly ten years as a management consultant working on a wide range of projects, mostly dealing with large data sets. She spent two years working at a startup building out the platform. Kristina can't wait to get started on her next freelance projects during her time off as a university professor.


Ubuntu, GitHub, PHP, SQL
Microsoft 365, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), VB.NET...




Preferred Environment

GitHub, SQL

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was calculating damages for over charging of payment protection insurance for millions of claimants.

Work Experience

Director of Operations & Development

2015 - 2016
  • Oversaw daily operations and platform development.
  • Designed and implemented architecture of platform.
  • Maintained production and development servers.
  • Reviewed data quality for inconsistencies and found areas needing improvement.
  • Performed daily code reviews and mergers and weekly production code pushes.
Technologies: Ubuntu, GitHub, PHP, SQL


2006 - 2016
  • Managed and allocated resources for a team of 20 with highly diverse skill sets covering communications, data entry, advanced data modelling, accounting and finance.
  • Solved highly-analytic and quantitative problems for large, multinational corporations utilizing a disciplined, data-driven approach for the Information Management Services practice area.
  • Analyzed company's financial and sales information to perform cost allocations, cost reductions, and logistics sourcing.
  • Led automation of data feeds to and from the client, initiated required changes to stored procedures and SSIS packages, ensured constant communication within our team and with the client IT counterparts.
  • Saved the client over $270 million by eliminating the need for millions of man hours by fully automating over 3,000 claims per week.
Technologies: Microsoft 365, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), VB.NET, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SQL

Payment Protection Insurance Claims Automation

• Developed, maintained and executed a system to automate the calculation of the redress that is due to the customers that purchased PPI
• Managed a team of 10 batch operators that were performing the day to day tasks of running the Automation tool
• Recruited, on-boarded, and allocated team resources to sub projects utilizing overall skill sets
• Worked directly with the internal development team to ensure implementations met business rules, batching team was trained and ensured delivery deadlines met
• Liaised with IT group to ensure that the data feeds were accurate and on time
• Led automation of data feeds to and from the client, initiated required changes to stored procedures and SSIS packages, ensured constant communication within our team and with the client IT counterparts
• Troubleshot all issues that arose within Automation including Automation errors in with code sitting in VB, VBA, SQL or SSIS, data validation failures, and invalid results as identified by the QC team at the client

Mortgage Backed Security Litigation

• Received, maintained and produced loan documents in order to calculate the client’s losses for mortgage backed securities
• Determined the logic for calculating losses during direct communication with counsel
• Implemented processes for performing the loss calculations using SQL and Microsoft Access
• Updated millions of transactions on a quarterly basis to ensure completeness and accuracy via reconciliation
• Provided ad hoc analysis as requested by counsel
• Produced stored procedures to standardized document directory information

Pharmacy Ad Sales Reporting and Analysis

• Reduce costs and improve efficiencies across the board for the advertising department at a large national Pharmacy
• Collect historic sales figures and determine the sales lift associated with each weekly advertisement and identify winning products and layouts
• Design reports in their proprietary reporting system to make the lift analysis a long term useable solution for the management team

Publishing Company Bankruptcy

• Keep the company financially viable during the bankruptcy process while reporting mandated financial figures to the court
• Engaged with IT to identify and receive regular data extracts from all accounting and sales systems
• Generated a daily report in Excel of the company’s cash position that day that used VBA to automatically import the data from more than ten data feeds
• Automated the production of the Sofas and Schedules (Assets and Liabilities) using Microsoft Access and VBA for the 50 plus legal entities
• Prepared one central database containing the contact information for all potential claimants to the company

Oil Spill Cleanup

• Assist management in determining the length of time and the cost for decontaminating all the vessels used to stop the spill and clean up the spill once Operations has released the vessel
• Interviewed operations personnel to determine the number of vessels, their approximate dimensions, and the constraints that would affect the total time to clean each vessel
• Collected information regarding the available decontamination sites, including capacity and work flow constraints
• Developed a model in Excel to factor in the information gathered to provide estimated timelines, and costs
• Provided daily and weekly reports from the model to management based on the ever changing dynamic of the decontamination operations

Food Manufacturer Cost Allocation

• Allocate fixed and variable costs for the company to each product they manufactured such that products were identified that were not making the company money and could be either discontinued or revamped to become profitable
• Engaged with IT to receive data extracts from ERP system
• Worked directly with accounting, sales and manufacturing departments to determine the cost inputs and proper allocation methodologies
• Created a complex allocation model using queries in Access and VBA
• Presented results and recommendations directly to the management team
• Refreshed and updated the model on a quarterly basis to understand the impact of the changes that had been made based on the previous quarter’s recommendations

Request for Proposal Website Development

• Create a reusable website to assist in collecting and analyzing results from Requests for Proposals for various clients across multiple industries
• Worked with the client to determine the need for an online bidding tool and gathered the design requirements
• Oversaw the development, managed the team to set timelines and communicated project status with the client
• Performed the initial functionality testing based on my understanding of the project’s needs
• Arrange for end user acceptance testing and articulated the changes needed back to the development team


SQL, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), C++, VB.NET, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), R, PHP


Jira, Asana, Vagrant, GitHub




Microsoft 365, Software Development, Data Engineering




PostgreSQL, Phinx, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server 2008, MongoDB



2005 - 2006

Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management

Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX

2001 - 2005

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering

Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX