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Bill Barksdale

Bill Barksdale

Chicago, IL, United States
Member since June 10, 2018
Bill has a wide variety of skills with a heavy specialty in back-end technologies. A very strong database design background gives him the capability to architect a solution that truly fits the needs of the business. He has a good sense of business and can suggest ways to improve processes as well as make the tech more efficient for a company. Bill enjoys finding a solution that fits for the long-term and is easily maintained.
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  • Database Design, 20 years
  • Multithreaded Development, 20 years
  • SQL Server DBA, 20 years
  • C++, 20 years
  • Automation, 20 years
  • C#, 10 years
  • WCF Web Services, 6 years
  • Azure, 4 years
Chicago, IL, United States
Preferred Environment
Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server
The most amazing...
...thing I’ve built was an audio-&-web conferencing product; with a C++ back-end for the audio, an SQL Server DB, and a custom web server (C#) for web conferences.
  • Director of Engineering | Software Developer/Architect
    2014 - PRESENT
    • Designed and built an automated system for calculating the "least-cost" provider. The system would analyze the raw data from our telecom providers and determine the lowest price carrier. Automated changes to the routing would be performed, and then the software would analyze the changes and continue to refine the routing. This was a C# application, SQL Server database utilizing back-end web services to implement the changes.
    • Built, from the ground-up, a billing system to invoice services from one of our vendors. This C#/SQL Server application had an ASP.NET front-end website with some nice JavaScript-based reporting that was available to customers. The system would download data from our supplier and interface with their APIs to provide a complete picture for our customers.
    • Acted as an SQL Server DBA; created and managed the SQL database servers behind many of the applications. This server was initially an on-prem system, and I am currently migrating it to an Azure-hosted system.
    • Created billing automation tools to smooth and streamline processes. These tools utilize C#/SQL Server and have a Windows application front-end as well as a Windows service back-end. With the services, I dynamically create PDF files and send them to customers, provide an interface for the billing team to manage the process, and perform checks to ensure that the billing is being performed accurately. With the automation, we significantly reduced the number of billing errors as well as reduced the number of staff needed to process our invoicing.
    • Maintained, modified, and supported migration tools (PowerShell packages that use SSIS to migrate data from one IS to another); also added new migration systems as needed.
    Technologies: C#, SQL Server, Web Services, Oracle, MongoDB, Azure, AWS
  • Co-founder | CTO | Software Architect
    2002 - 2014
    AccuConference | Accu-Rate Communications
    • Co-founded a company that provided audio and web conferencing services.
    • Created a custom audio conferencing bridge that used a C++ library to access proprietary hardware. My first version was a LAMP solution, and eventually, it was rewritten in C#/SQL Server/Windows. The entire solution had 6,000 telephone lines and was capable of hosting audio conferences of up to 1,000 people at a time.
    • Built a fully automated billing process for the conferencing system. This solution was an automated C#/SQL Server application that interfaced with PayPal's credit card processing system. Each day, the programs would automatically create invoices for customers in PDF format, email them, and automatically charge the credit card of the customer. If the card declined, the system would automatically retry the card for seven days, after which, it would automatically disable the customer's account and send an email asking them to update their payment information. With this process, collections were fully automated, and completely eliminated the staff required in the accounting team.
    Technologies: C#, C++, SQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, PHP, Windows Services
  • Languages
    SQL, C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C, Java
  • Tools
    Visual Studio
  • Paradigms
    Database Design, Automation
  • Storage
    SQL Server DBA, SQL Server 2016, Database Security, MongoDB
  • Other
    WCF Web Services, Multithreaded Development
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries/APIs
    PayPal API, REST API
  • Platforms
    Azure, Oracle
  • Master of Science degree in Information Systems
    2013 - 2014
    Kaplan University (now Purdue University Global) - Chicago, IL, USA
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering
    1994 - 1998
    University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX, USA
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