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Laurent Senta

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Distributed Systems Developer

Lyon, France
Toptal Member Since
July 27, 2018

Laurent is a full-stack developer specializing in distributed systems and skilled in front-end technologies like TypeScript, React, and React Native. For over seven years, he's worked on back-end software with Python, Java, and various big data and decentralized systems. Laurent's projects generally involve software architecture for complex businesses, rapid development for MVPs, quality tooling with testing, and continuous integration.


Marketing, Prototyping, Decentralized Systems, Blockchain
Python, Flask, React, Google Cloud
JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Next.js, GraphQL...




Preferred Environment

GitHub, Git, IntelliJ, MacOS, Unix

The most amazing... I've done is fixing an error in HAProxy (used by Airbnb and Twitter) after going through the full stack—from the Java HBase code down to the TCP packets.

Work Experience

Owner | Consultant

2017 - PRESENT
  • Served as a consultant for decentralized and distributed systems technologies.
  • Provided research and development, market research, prototyping, content marketing, writing, and additional services relating to the design, build, and deployment of blockchains.
  • Built applications using Electron, React, React Create App, and Next.js.
Technologies: Marketing, Prototyping, Decentralized Systems, Blockchain

Senior Full-stack Engineer and Architect

2021 - 2021
  • Planned, designed, and released new features as a full-stack engineer using React and Flask.
  • Developed a workflow to help the team document and integrate 10+ different APIs by generalizing our internal specs.
  • Served on architecture and software design to help the team implement the new generalized framework using mob programming, peer programming, and more.
Technologies: Python, Flask, React, Google Cloud

Senior Full-stack Engineer

2020 - 2020
  • Developed and maintained a React and Next.js application dealing with multiple countries and languages.
  • Architected and owned the DynamoDB and Functions back end. Implemented data models adapted for large-scale meeting scheduling, CRM-like data models, and more.
  • Provided TypeScript coaching for the rest of the team, code generation, and data models mapping with our CMS.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Next.js, GraphQL, Amazon DynamoDB

Senior Architect

2019 - 2020
  • Trained junior developers to work with Angular, Firebase, and decentralization.
  • Acted as an interim CTO for software design and architecture of the app.
  • Implemented front end components in Angular and AngularFirestore.
  • Maintained the CircleCI and Jenkins systems that check PRs and auto-deployed code.
  • Implemented and supported the QA and release process.
  • Contributed to data storage facilities, backup, data migrations, and more.
Technologies: Cloud Firestore, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Firebase, Decentralization

Decentralized System Architect

2019 - 2019
  • Designed and coded for a pinning service for IPFS/ORBITDB using AWS, Typescript, and JavaScript.
  • Implemented an encryption workflow for a Decentralized ID system.
  • Contributed to the architecture and design for the decentralized data storage platform.
Technologies: OrbitDB, IPFS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Blockchain, Decentralization

Data Engineer

2018 - 2018
  • Built a decentralized product with heavy cost and latency constraints.
  • Collaborated with product, design, and development teams around a data model description.
  • Designed and built a distributed service to keep decentralized OrbitDB stores always online.
  • Created the DAPP data back-end using OrbitDB and React.
Technologies: IPFS, OrbitDB, Redis, React, Decentralized Systems, Blockchain


2017 - 2018
Starfish Blockchain
  • Helped customers understand their IT infrastructure and GDPR alerts.
  • Spearheaded market research and business development.
  • Designed and developed a cartography system for the IT infrastructure.
  • Provided static and runtime analysis for GDPR compliance.
Technologies: Python, Static Analysis, CouchDB, Hyperledger, Blockchain

Data Storage Platform Owner

2015 - 2017
  • Founded the Storage Platform.
  • Transitioned to Docker and added CI systems.
  • Designed and released distributed synchronization algorithms.
  • Maintained the Storage API and Platform, bug fixes, and new features.
  • Discovered and resolved an issue in HAProxy relating to an RFC-implementation mistake on retries policies and REST APIS.
  • Designed and released a testing framework for microServices and Kafka systems.
Technologies: REST APIs, Java, Python, Apache Kafka, HBase, Apache ZooKeeper, Docker

Data Engineer

2013 - 2014
Turn Inc
  • Replaced a large part of the codebase (15+K LOC) by a DSL and custom compiler.
  • Optimized a large-scale database (PETABYTES).
  • Completed the feedback loop from a workload analysis to optimize execution.
  • Adapted state-of-the-art vertical partitioning algorithms to nested databases.
Technologies: Metaheuristics, Big Data, Java, Hadoop Easy to Use Timezones
This is a timezone viewer and sharing product. It makes it easy to see WHEN are the people in my remote team.

It's built with Next.js, React, MobX, and a library I built to design "orbital data."

Clepsydra: Focused Chrome Extension
This is another project part of my "full-stack for real" personal target. This one is a Chrome Extension that lets a user see their "life in blocks." I've found this is a fantastic piece of Software because it triggers a lot of various feelings and discussions from people seeing it or installing it.

It's a Chrome Extension built with React and CRA.


Tickingfocus: Focus Desktop App
A product to help my coworkers with focus. It is a minimalist Pomodoro. To my knowledge, this is the only timer that always stays on the screen (following the method's creator recommendation). I designed it to be minimal and easy to use.

It's part of my own "full-stack" training; I used this project to build and release my first Electron application. It's heavy, but this is MVP y-grade software: It took less than three days to create, release, and prove the concept.

Built with React, MobX, and Electron.


This patch is a fix I contributed to the HAProxy Open Source project. It's live on Twitter, Airbnb, ScrapingHub, and more.

My company provides a specialized storage API. Some requests would fail randomly with a cryptic Python exception. Nobody had any idea why. It happened for years, clients would complain but nobody found the source of the bug.

In the first week on the job, I went from analyzing the upper layer of our stack (Java, Jython, HBase) down to the network TCP frames.

I discovered a complex combination of:
• special HAProxy case,
• most HTTP client (WGet, Ruby, etc.) behaving dangerously and against the RFC on retrying POST requests,
• Python behaving actually correctly but our application was not ready for it.

I specialize in Python/Java, but if I have to go down TCP frames and C code, I'll do it.

The best? The patch REMOVES code.

Blockchain Learning
I write about blockchain design and development as a way to share knowledge and do content marketing.


TypeScript, JavaScript, ECMAScript (ES6), Python 3, Python, Common Lisp (CL), Java 8, Clojure, Java, GraphQL


Test-driven Development (TDD), Functional Programming


HBase, HDFS, Distributed Databases, Redis, CouchDB, Cloud Firestore, Amazon DynamoDB, Google Cloud


Decentralized Systems, IPFS, Distributed Systems, Prototyping, OrbitDB, Big Data, Metaheuristics, Static Analysis, Decentralization, Development


Next.js, Hadoop, React Native, Angular, ClojureScript, Flask


React, REST APIs


Apache ZooKeeper, IntelliJ, Git, GitHub, Sketch


Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain, Firebase, Unix, MacOS, Docker, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Apache Kafka, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Industry Expertise


2008 - 2013

Master's Degree in Scientific Computation and Image Processing

EPITA - Paris, France