Lautaro Brasseur

Lautaro Brasseur

Rosario, Argentina
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Lautaro Brasseur

Lautaro Brasseur

Rosario, Argentina
Member since March 12, 2013
Lautaro is an architect and developer with wide experience in many platforms and languages. Currently, the languages where he performs best are Java and Objective-C, and he also has experience leading development teams.
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  • AAJ Technologies
    Java, Spring, JavaScript, AngularJS, CofeeScript, Xamarin
  • Globant
    Java, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5
  • Oxen
    Java, Objective-C, iOS, Android
  • Java, 13 years
  • Java EE, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • Google Web Toolkit, 6 years
  • Android, 5 years
  • Objective-C, 5 years
  • iOS, 3 years
  • Google App Engine, 2 years
Rosario, Argentina
Preferred Environment
The most amazing...
...things I've coded is a development tool for Google and Oxen open source libraries (Nibiru, Nibiru Mobile, iPhone Commons, Java Commons and Android Commons).
  • Senior Software Engineer
    AAJ Technologies
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Developed and maintained healthcare software.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, JavaScript, AngularJS, CofeeScript, Xamarin
  • Architect
    2013 - 2015
    • Developed client websites using GWT/Java, GIN, HTML5, custom CSS3, JavaScript, and Google App Engine.
    Technologies: Java, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5
  • Director
    2009 - 2014
    • Developed iOS and Android applications for Leap Factor (USA), CrossMedia (Mexico), Provider-IT (Brazil), and Cytron (Mexico).
    • Contributed to open source development for Nibiru (Java server-side, OSGi based framework), Nibiru Mobile (Android/GWT Mobile framework), and Oxen common libraries for Android, Java, and iOS.
    • Developed and provided consulting on Java-related projects. Developed a POS for System (Argentina), an ERP development tool for NeuralSoft (Argentina), and Nibiru for Silex/Ternium (Argentina).
    • Conducted training on Android courses for Cluster TIC (Argentina), Instituto Belgrano (Argentina) and Nación Servicios (Argentina); Mobile and Hibernate courses for Neoris (Argentina); and Java courses for System and Cámara de Crédito.
    • Certified in ISO.
    • Led the development team.
    • Developed the company blog:
    Technologies: Java, Objective-C, iOS, Android
  • Architecture Manager
    2006 - 2009
    • Developed web tools in Java and Spring and GWT developments for Arcor (Argentina).
    • Developed using Struts for OSDE (Argentina).
    • Conducted training via internal courses covering Java, Hibernate, and OSGi.
    • Migrated data (DB2) for OSDE (Argentina).
    • Supported ISO and CMMi certifications.
    • Developed SOA methodology for Neoris (USA). Created presentations and proposals at Souza Cruz (Brazil), Cemex (Mexico), and Habitat (Chile).
    • Led the team responsible for hiring, coaching, and conducting employee evaluations.
    • Utilized ActiveSuite in Neoris product development using SAP NetWeaver.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, OSGi
  • Team Leader
    Silex IT
    2004 - 2006
    • Developed Java sites for Sony Latin (USA) and maintained Sony Pictures and Sony Electronics sites using a custom platform.
    • Developed PhotoContest 2004 and 2005 for Sony Latin (USA).
    • Created a seminar booking engine for courses and seminars for Sony Latin (USA).
    • Led the team and oversaw hiring.
    • Developed Java-based websites for Miami Marine (USA) using Spring and Hibernate.
    • Developed an OpenCMS knowledge base (KDB) for Sony Latin.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JMS
  • Developer
    2005 - 2005
    • Developed in PowerBuilder for Banco Bisel.
    • Developed Java tools for Banco Bisel.
    Technologies: Java, PowerBuilder
  • Developer
    2004 - 2004
    • Developed in OpenCMS for Halotec Interactive (Holland).
    Technologies: OpenCMS
  • Consultant
    Unisys Sudamericana
    1999 - 2004
    • Developed PowerBuilder desktop features for banks (Bisel and BERSA). Teller system (Finesse) and back-end (SFBPlus and SCBPlus).
    • Trained colleagues in PowerBuilder and Java course dictation.
    • Developed in Linc.
    • Developed web features in Java: SFBBrowser product design and development. Based on Java, XML, XSLT, and Cocoon.
    • Migrated databases (MS SQL server to Sybase).
    • Developed internal tools: Code generators, environment management, and issue tracking.
    • Built base classes and libraries for PowerBuilder.
    • Created a middleware message converter for ATMs (for Banco Bisel).
    • Developed a C driver for check readers.
    • Developed Java web tools for check processing (for Bisel Servicios).
    Technologies: Java
  • Developer
    Centroficina Equipamiento
    1999 - 1999
    • Developed PowerBuilder tools (POS system).
    • Programmed Epson and Hasar fiscal printers.
    Technologies: PowerBuilder
  • Developer
    1998 - 1999
    • Developed in PowerBuilder.
    • Created a query module with abstract syntax processing.
    • Created a C-based license module.
    • Trained colleagues in C++ course dictation.
    Technologies: PowerBuilder, C++, C
  • Developer
    Paraná Soft
    1996 - 1998
    • Developed in PowerBuilder for Instituto del Seguro (Argentina), Bikini Turismo (Argentina), and internal projects.
    • Used C for custom database file migration.
    Technologies: PowerBuilder, C
  • Developer
    Orión Ingeniería
    1995 - 1996
    • Developed in Visual Basic.
    • Created internal tools for Orion Ingenieria.
    • Maintained network connections: Novel Netware setup and modem/cable maintenance for Entre Rios government.
    • Migrated databases using Turbo Pascal.
    Technologies: Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal
  • Nibiru (Development)

    Nibiru is a Java server-side development framework created at Oxen. The framework's objective is to facilitate the building of modular applications.

  • Nibiru Mobile (Development)

    Nibiru Mobile is a framework for developing portable mobile applications created at Oxen. You can use it in order to create a portable HTML-based (GWT) application and/or native Android applications reusing most of the code.

  • Oxen iPhone Commons (Development)

    This project is an incubator for iPhone-related components developed at Oxen Software Studio.

  • Oxen Java Commons (Development)

    This project is an incubator for Java components developed at Oxen Software Studio.

  • Oxen Android Commons (Development)

    This project is an incubator for Android-related components developed at Oxen Software Studio.

  • Glyph Mobile (Development)

    Android version for Glyph Mobile.

  • (Development)

    Android client for platform.

  • Windowmizer (Development)

    WindowMizer is a Mac application that will "roll up" your windows like a window shade.

    WindowMizer is a replacement for window shade on Mac OS X. When you double-click the title bar of a window, WindowMizer minimizes the window to the Dock and leaves a placeholder title bar on the screen. When you want to get back to what you were doing, simply double-click the placeholder title bar and the window will restore from the Dock. No need to navigate to the Dock to find the window you just minimized. It's exactly where you left it!

    WindowMizer also helps you maintain an organized desktop by allowing you to see all opened windows at once and provides easy restoration of minimized windows by double-clicking the title bar placeholder. Perfect for single-monitor systems where space is a commodity. Works on multiple-monitor systems and increases productivity.

  • AppMaker (Development)

    App Maker makes it easy for your team to iterate from prototype to deployed app. Features like built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI editor, and point-and-click data modeling accelerate app development. Support for open standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Google's material design let your developers quickly create beautiful apps, in an environment that's instantly familiar.

  • iPic Theaters (Development)

    Take advantage of everything iPic has to offer with In-Theater Dining. Browse the menu, make your selections, and set up your order before you arrive, or while lounging in your leather recliner before or during the movie.

  • Java Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers (Publication)
    This resource contains a collection of Java best practices and Java tips provided by our Toptal network members.
  • Lautaro is a mentor in the Toptal Global Mentor’s Program. This program is a partnership between Toptal and General Assembly to provide high quality mentorship for students from minority and low income backgrounds who are looking to begin their careers as professional software engineers. Lautaro shows commitment to diversity in tech by mentoring a General Assembly student every week for a year, covering everything from coding tips and tricks to advice on making it in the industry.
  • Languages
    Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, PowerBuilder, C, XPath, Expression Language, CoffeeScript, Groovy, HTML, XML/XSLT, C++, HTML5
  • Libraries/APIs
    JPA, Java Collections, Google Blobstore, JavaMail, SAX, Java Servlets, jQuery Mobile, Apache HttpClient, Google Charts API, Google API, JMS, Java RMI, JSONKit, JSON REST API, JasperReports, Java 2D, JAXB, Smart GWT, JGroups, AWT, OpenGL ES, GSON, Jackson, RoboVM, Google Gson, Google Drive API, GCM, OpenJPA, Apache POI, Apache Lucene, Commons HttpClient, HTTP API, Guava, ODBC, Quartz, Retrofit, JDBC, JNDI, MuPDF, iText, MyBatis, SWT, jQuery
  • Tools
    Eclipse, Maven, SVN, Android Studio, Git, Javadoc, JavaServer Pages, Visual SourceSafe, CVS, MGWT, Jenkins, Gradle, Apache Tomcat, Xcode, JIRA, Mantis, Redmine, Apache Ant, Apache JMeter, Gimp, LibreOffice, Open Office, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Event-driven Programming, Unit Testing, Agile Software Development, Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    Java EE, Android, iOS, Google App Engine, Oracle, Amazon, Xamarin, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Java ME
  • Frameworks
    Cordova, Hibernate, Core Data, Guice, Google Guava, Vaadin, Cocoa, Spring, Google Web Toolkit, Ionic, Ext JS, OSGi, ORMLite, PhoneGap, JUnit, Apache Axis, CXF, Swing, AngularJS, JavaServer Faces
  • Storage
    Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, HSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, JSON, MS SQL, Sybase
  • Misc
    Apache Commons, Cocoon
  • Engineer degree in Computer Engineering
    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina
    1995 - 2001
  • CBC degree in System Analyst
    Universidad de Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
    1994 - 1994
  • High School degree in Computer Technician
    E.N.E.T. Nº 1 General Francisco Ramírez - Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina
    1988 - 1993
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