Lev Litvak, Developer in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
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Lev Litvak

Verified Expert  in Engineering

iOS Developer

Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Toptal Member Since
June 2, 2022

Lev is an iOS developer with 3+ years of experience who solely handled highly appreciated 5-star lifestyle apps in the App Store. His overall 14+ years of IT background helps him develop better iOS apps with a modular architecture, quality code, and good test coverage. Lev loves learning, so he is already proficient with SwiftUI and Combine. He led a team that developed products for 150+ heat and water supply organizations—Lev knows how to deliver challenging projects with serious clients.


iOS, SwiftUI, UIKit, CloudKit, StoreKit, Amplitude, Localization, Swift...
1C:Enterprise, ITIL, Product Development, Business Process Automation...
1C:Enterprise, Product Development, Business Process Automation...




Preferred Environment

Xcode, iOS, Git

The most amazing...

...product I've managed and contributed to is the system for automating calculations and billing processes for a vast electricity transportation organization.

Work Experience

iOS Developer

2019 - PRESENT
  • Developed three iOS apps and published them on the App Store.
  • Created an investment iOS and watchOS app for personal use.
  • Implemented the TDD approach in developing two apps, allowing the test code coverage of more than 80% for both.
  • Integrated with various types of back ends using RESTful APIs. Integrated with CloudKit and Firebase as well.
  • Used StoreKit and StoreKit2 to implement in-app purchases and subscriptions.
  • Localized the app to five languages to increase the number of downloads.
Technologies: iOS, SwiftUI, UIKit, CloudKit, StoreKit, Amplitude, Localization, Swift, Product Development, TestFlight, App Store Acceptance Process, Mobile App Development, Unit Testing, Subscriptions, Monetization, Firebase, Firebase iOS SDK, Realm, Core Data, iCloud, iCloud API, Xcode, Git, GitHub, REST, JSON, HTTP Request Methods, Combine, Reactive Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, UI Animation, REST APIs, Software, APIs, Sketch, Figma, In-app Purchases, Trello, iOS Native Libraries, iOS SDK

Team Lead

2016 - 2022
  • Led a 6-person engineering team responsible for creating new and maintaining existing products for resource-supply organizations. The team created four desktop 1C apps, two mobile 1C apps, and a website used by more than 150 organizations.
  • Designed and automated the tech support processes according to ITIL and product development processes. Developed the back end with a REST API for a website that provides tech support to clients with an automation system.
  • Automated the procedure of building new releases of our products, reducing the cost of building new releases by three times.
  • Created and implemented a system for auto-testing our main product using our client's databases. It reduced the number of bugs in new releases by two times, and I built it single-handedly.
  • Developed the code guidelines for developers and reviewed code accordingly.
  • Built and automated the system for measuring the quality of our product, which helped to improve the product quality by 30%.
  • Developed the back end with a REST API for our product customers' website, one of the company's major products.
Technologies: 1C:Enterprise, ITIL, Product Development, Business Process Automation, Test Automation, Jenkins, Code Review, GitLab, REST, Back-end, Test Scenarios, API Development, Software, Mobile Development, Unit Testing, XML, Web Services, Architecture

Project Manager

2013 - 2016
  • Managed a team of five developers to build a product for automating calculation and billing processes. This served an electricity transportation organization with 4+ million people in the region and 300+ product business users in several cities.
  • Spearheaded a team of three developers creating a product for automating a heat supply organization with over 1.2 million people in the region and more than 180+ product business users, saving much of the client's time on calculations and reports.
  • Designed and then managed a team of three developers building a back end and a website for customers of an electricity transportation organization. This made the process more convenient and time-efficient for the client and customers.
Technologies: 1C:Enterprise, Product Development, Business Process Automation, Microsoft Project, Project Planning, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Negotiation, Contract Negotiation, Software


2010 - 2013
  • Developed an integration between the call center equipment and a business automation system for a heat supply organization. I also automated the flow of working with the debtor's business processes to reduce the amount of total debt by 25%.
  • Automated the business processes of billing and managing resources in a heat supply organization. It allowed the client to automatically control the flow, form complex reports to monitor the whole process and make correct managing decisions.
  • Built an integration between heat energy metering devices and a business automation system for a heat supply organization, reducing the meter's reading time handling by five times.
Technologies: 1C:Enterprise, Product Development, Business Process Automation, Business Process Analysis, API Integration, Software, DLL, C++


2008 - 2010
  • Finalized and implemented a program for a manufacturing business that enables automated and operational accounting, allowing the company to quickly calculate the production cost and save time and money on reports.
  • Contributed to developing a product for elevator companies' automation that has 10+ elevator companies in the region using it.
  • Completed and implemented a program for automating accounting in a grocery store, allowing the client to save time and money on accounting reports.
Technologies: 1C:Enterprise, Product Development, Business Process Automation

Wordowl Game

A Swift-based game where a user should guess the word. It's similar to Wordle but includes unique features like playing versus a computer, adding a time limit, and specifying almost every game parameter.

I implemented a TDD approach as the sole developer working on this app. As a result, the test coverage was more than 85%.

The central part of the app is the Composition Root. I built the UI with the SwiftUI framework and used Core Data for local storage and CloudKit for storing some data in a cloud database. The game contains plenty of custom views and UI animations.

• https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/словец-угадай-слово/id1665873273?platform=iphone

Investment App

A Swift-based iOS and watchOS app that allows investors to monitor their profits. I used a TDD approach (write test, write code, and refactor) and modular architecture principles with dependency injection and a composition root. Combine helped me maintain subscriptions between different app states and to replace possible adapters and decorators with Combine publishers and operators.

I implemented an MVVM UI design pattern. The UI is built with SwiftUI and tested with a third-party view inspector library. For the local storage, I used Core Data. I used Finnhub REST API for loading current stock prices and Firebase Realtime Database with REST API to store transactions. The app is not yet published in the App Store. For now, it only serves personal usage, but I'll publish it once its functionality is enhanced.

Mr Label

A Swift-based app that helps users take proper care of their clothes. It stores users' clothes items and gives laundry recommendations according to care symbols on clothes labels.

As the sole developer working on this app, I used an MVVM architecture, SwiftUI, Core Data, and the new StoreKit 2 to implement subscriptions. The app is published in the App Store and available in five languages.

Users consider the app valuable in their reviews, rating it five stars in the Russian and German App Store.


A Swift chat emulation app that allows users to receive messages from who they want to feel the emotions they need.

I solely developed the app with UIkit using an MVC design pattern. I used Realm as local storage and CloudKit as cloud storage. There are in-app purchases in the app maintained with StoreKit. I also integrated it with the Amplitude product analytics service and published the app in the App Store.

Users highly appreciate the app in their reviews, awarding it with an almost 5-star rating in the Russian App Store.
2003 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Informatics and Applied Mathematics

Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) - Ufa, Russia


iOS Lead Essentials

Essential Developer Academy


AlgoExpert Certification



Swift Developer



Zen-style Negotiations



Stress Management and Conflictology

Institute of Public Speaking and Conflictology


System Thinking | via Coursera

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


iOS Native Libraries, REST APIs, API Development, Firebase iOS SDK, iCloud API, Alamofire


Xcode, Git, GitLab, TestFlight, GitHub, Microsoft Project, Jenkins, Sketch, Figma, Trello


SwiftUI, iOS SDK, UIKit, Core Data, CloudKit, StoreKit, Combine


Swift, Swift 5, C, C++, XML, SQL


Model View ViewModel (MVVM), Mobile Development, REST, Unit Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD), Dependency Injection, Modular Design, ITIL, MVC Design, Test Automation, Reactive Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, Model View Presenter (MVP), Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment


iOS, Firebase, iCloud, WatchOS


Realm, JSON, Firebase Realtime Database


1C:Enterprise, Product Development, Business Process Automation, Mobile App Development, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Negotiation, Algorithms, Code Review, Project Planning, Contract Negotiation, UI Animation, Software, Integration Testing, Architecture, Separation of Concerns (SoC), Amplitude, Localization, Systems Thinking, StoreKit 2, Back-end, Test Scenarios, App Store Acceptance Process, Subscriptions, Monetization, HTTP Request Methods, API Integration, APIs, DLL, MVP Design, Subscription Processing, Web Services, In-app Purchases, UI Testing, GitHub Actions

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