Luka Onikadze, Full-stack Developer in Tbilisi, Georgia
Luka Onikadze

Full-stack Developer in Tbilisi, Georgia

Member since February 20, 2020
Luka began his career as a developer in 2013, focusing first on back-end development in C# and later merging into the world of JavasScript on the front end. With solid full-stack experience, Luka is currently working as a front-end team lead and developer, specializing in Node.js, Angular, and JavaScript.
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  • RemediumSystem
    Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, D3.js, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript...
    Angular, Node.js, Redis, JavaScript, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript...
    AngularJS, Angular, Node.js, C#, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript...



Tbilisi, Georgia



Preferred Environment

Windows, Git, Visual Studio Code

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was a sport betting app that outpaces the top betting apps in the world with its novel software architecture and functionalities.


  • Front-end Team Lead

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Created highly customizable data visualization models for electronic health records, using D3.js.
    • Developed a UI library in Angular, which is used in all company applications.
    • Mentored back-end developers to become front-end developers.
    Technologies: Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, D3.js, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Web UI, Team Leadership, Web UX, Express.js, NgRx, NestJS, API Integration
  • Front-end Team Lead

    2018 - 2020
    • Played a key role in creating a gambling company from the beginning. It is currently a top-five company in the Georgia gambling industry.
    • Started managing two people and added eight more to the team after the first year. Increased the number of projects that my team was responsible for from two to ten.
    • Integrated multiple projects that were dependent on each other into the mono repository, which boosted the productivity of the development process.
    • Created the framework over the PixiJS library, which helped us develop highly sophisticated game applications.
    Technologies: Angular, Node.js, Redis, JavaScript, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Web UI, Team Leadership, Web UX, Express.js, NgRx, NestJS, API Integration
  • Senior Full-stack Developer

    2016 - 2018
    • Decoupled a monolithic application into a service-oriented architecture.
    • Created highly sophisticated and scalable communication channels between different parts of the application.
    • Rewrote an MVC C# application into a Node.js web app.
    • Reprogrammed a web application from AngularJS into Angular, which boosted the performance.
    • Built a highly optimized web app for rendering large datasets.
    Technologies: AngularJS, Angular, Node.js, C#, Angular Material, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Web UI, Web UX, Express.js, NgRx, NestJS, API Integration
  • Senior Back-end Developer

    2015 - 2016
    • Integrated P2P games with the P2P engine called PhotonEngine.
    • Implemented a highly scalable and multithreaded domain model for P2P games.
    • Rewrote the P2P games admin from Ext JS to AngularJS.
    Technologies: AngularJS, Ext JS, C#, SQL, Photon, CSS, Web UI, Express.js, API Integration
  • Desktop Developer

    2013 - 2015
    Ministry of Defence of Georgia
    • Built a mission-critical application for tracking PTSD recovery for Georgian soldiers. That project won the "Best IT Software of the Year" award in the region.
    • Developed an application for highly sensitive data, which collected and aggregated warehouse information about the Georgian military.
    • Developed a NATO-collaborative application that was used for competitions against other teams.
    Technologies: C#, Windows Forms
  • IT Assistant

    2013 - 2013
    • Assembled a wide variety of computer hardware from internal parts.
    • Diagnosed and fixed technical problems in the Windows operating system.
    • Gained deep knowledge about client-server infrastructure and TCP/IP and HTTP network protocols.
    Technologies: Information Technology


  • Sport Betting

    A monolithic application, written on C# and AngularJS, that had huge performance and scalability issues. The management team had zero confidence that it was possible to launch it in one year. I took over the project one year before its release.

    During that period, my team and I rewrote and decoupled the monolithic architecture into the service-oriented one. We added a Node.js web server between the front end and the microservices, integrated technologies like Redis and Elastic for caching and Elasticsearch, dropped the whole project on AngularJS, and rewrote it on Angular because AngularJS lacked documentation and stability. This company is now in the top five in Georgia's sampling industry.

  • Sport Betting for Mobile

    To meet its business demands, this app required a lot of lazy loading for dynamic rendering compression and web caching. It had to load tons of data and renew itself every few seconds.

    I wrote this myself, using Angular lazy loading for dynamic routing. I also wrote a caching mechanism, using IndexDB; integrated a service worker for PWA and used this technology for assets caching; created a dynamic rendering mechanism, which rendered chunks of data without static height; integrated Socket.IO; and created a request-response pattern, using observable streams.

  • Provably Fair Betting Game: Adrenaline

    A fast betting app that my team and I built on PixiJS. It was a whole new world for me in web development because I had no prior experience in canvas-based applications. After studying the canvas world, I decided to use the PixiJS framework to deliver the business demands.

    The lobby itself is written on Angular, and the rendering engine is on PixiJS. After releasing a few games like this, we created a dedicated library on PixiJS. The library was generally purposed and had all the functionalities for rendering and adding assets and managing game logic for any new betting application.

  • A Deep Dive Into NgRx Advantages and Features (Publication)
    NgRx is a popular Angular state management library, but to unlock its full potential developers may require a few new skills. In this article, Toptal Full-stack Developer Luka Onikadze explains why he became an NgRx admirer after starting off as a skeptic.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, C#, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Angular, Angular Material, AngularJS, Express.js, Bootstrap, Ext JS, Photon, PixiJS
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Sockets, NgRx, React, Windows Forms, D3.js
  • Other

    API Integration, Mathematics, Information Technology, WebSockets, NestJS, Team Leadership, Web UI, Web UX, Computer Science, Data Visualization
  • Tools

  • Paradigms

    Azure DevOps
  • Platforms

    Windows, Visual Studio Code
  • Storage

    Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


  • Master's Degree in Information Technology Security
    2014 - 2017
    Georgian Technical University - Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
    2010 - 2014
    Tbilisi State University - Tbilisi, Georgia

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