Lukas Labryszewski, Software Developer in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Lukas Labryszewski

Software Developer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Member since May 8, 2014
Lukas is an experienced PHP software engineer with proven ability to develop efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant server solutions for complex problems. He has been programming for the internet since 1998 and has vast experience working individually, as part of a team, and as a development lead.
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  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP) 16 years
  • PHP 14 years
  • MySQL 14 years
  • JavaScript 12 years
  • Design Patterns 8 years
  • XML 8 years
  • Zend Framework 4 years
  • Doctrine 2 2 years


Chiang Mai, Thailand



Preferred Environment

OS X, Linux, Windows, Git, PhpStorm

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is my own CMS and eCommerce platforms as well as an MVC framework, all used by numerous websites on the internet.


  • President, Project Manager and Senior Software Architect

    1998 - PRESENT
    Ackley Media
    • Created a CMS and eCommerce Platform.
    • Created an MVC Framework for PHP4, later ported to PHP5.
    • Developed PHP-, MySQL-, JavaScript- and HTML-based dynamic Internet web sites.
    • Built API adapters for PayPal, UPS, FedEx, Moneris, PSiGate, TechData, and Authorize.Net.
    • Collaborated with clients and provided ideas and solutions based on their requirements.
    • Managed company employees and accounting duties.
    Technologies: PHP4, PHP5, MySQL, HTML5, Zend Framework
  • Senior Back-end Engineer

    2014 - 2016
    • Supported the team with its API platform, Extranet site, and Intranet site.
    • Created many new features into the system and integrated Doctrine ORM.
    • Wrote unit tests and integrated an automated model testing mechanism with fixtures.
    • Created and documented processes for new and current developers to improved code quality and reliability.
    • Served as an advisor for integrating various technologies and software patterns while refactoring existing system.
    • Created extensive system architecture documentation in Confluence.
    Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, Doctrine ORM
  • Senior PHP Software Architect

    2009 - 2011
    Panvista Media
    • Developed a social media mobile content distribution platform based on PHP Zend framework.
    • Refactored and optimized the existing system to be flexible, modularized, and stable.
    • Created XML+JSON APIs for mobile and Flash front-ends. Created a Blackberry compiler web interface.
    • Created a server page caching system, file system manipulation, ImageMagic+GDLib dynamic image cache, and table model base (advanced query optimization) libraries.
    • Optimized and refactored MySQL DB.
    • Created internationalization libraries to enable multilingual interface.
    • Managed automatic site creation with dynamic domain setup.
    • Created HTML5 offline storage, offline caching manifest, and offline databases.
    • Conducted HTML and CSS optimization for iPhone, Blackberry and Android browsers.
    • Created PHPUnit and Selenium tests.
    • Utilized Hudson for deployment to sandbox and staging environments.
    • Created documentation for all APIs and complex processes.
    • Utilized the following APIs: RackSpace cloud CDN, Apache Lucene, Facebook, and Gearman Job Server.
    Technologies: PHP5, Zend Framework, MySQL 5, HTML5, JavaScript, Apache Lucene
  • Website and Software Developer (Cooperative Education)

    1999 - 1999
    Oakville Hydro
    • Created utility programs for the company in Visual Basic.
    • Created websites for the company‚Äôs intranet.
    • Supported and updated the company's main website.
    • Created a Microsoft Access database with Forms for the IT department inventory control.
    • Provided computer support and training for company employees.
    Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic
  • Microsoft C++ Device Driver Developer (Cooperative Education)

    1996 - 1997
    ADCOM Inc. (Acquired by Telus)
    • Created Windows DLL drivers and test interfaces for various video conferencing and room control equipment. Devices were usually controlled through RS232 serial interface.
    • Developed a Microsoft Access documentation knowledge base to keep track of all DLLs and their functional interfaces.
    • Created API documentation for DLLs.
    • Researched equipment and different ways it could be controlled in order to fit it to project needs.
    • Developed front-end graphical test interfaces to test APIs.
    • Created many other utility applications.
    Technologies: Microsoft C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, MS Access Database, Front-end Room Control Software


  • Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals (Development)

    Multilingual website in English, French, and Chinese created for a natural health products manufacturer. Custom modules include Medical Conditions, Seminar Registration, Retailer Listing, and Retailer Search. I created the layout and implemented it over AckleyCMS with many custom modules added.

  • Bongo Wireless (Development)

    Website for a mobile phone retailer. Custom modules such as sophisticated unlocking code system facilitating sale of IMEI, software, and manual unlocking code solutions. Created the layout and implemented it over my own AckleyCart eCommerce platform.

  • (Development)

    Website for a mobile phone and electronics retailer. Created the layout and implemented it over my own AckleyCart eCommerce platform while developing the system and adding customer-requested features.

  • Work Log (Other amazing things)

    Ackley Media work time tracking software facilitating time tracking and creating reports for client billing and permitting live project hours tracking for clients.

  • Pascoe Canada (Development)

    Multilingual website in English and French created for a naturopathic products manufacturer. Custom modules include Medical Conditions, Online Testing and Courses, Seminar Registration, Retailer Listing, and Retailer Search. Created the layout and implemented it over my own AckleyCMS platform.

  • Panvista Analytics Plaform (Development)

    Developed a social media/mobile content distribution platform based on the Zend Framework MVC. I refactored the entire PHP-based system to be more flexible, modularized, optimized, and dependable.


  • Languages

    PHP, SQL, XML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic
  • Frameworks

    Zend Framework, Laravel 5, Lumen, Prototype Framework, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs

    Doctrine 2, Apache Lucene,, Authorize.Net, GD Library, ImageMagick, TechData API, FedEx API, PayPal API, Facebook API, Vue.js 2, jQuery
  • Tools

    PhpStorm, Zend Studio, Eclipse IDE, Apache, Adobe Photoshop, Subversion (SVN), Apache Solr, GitLab, TortoiseSVN, Tortoise Git, Microsoft Office, Git, Visual Studio 2012
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), DRY, Design Patterns, Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    NetBeans, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), cPanel
  • Storage

    MySQL, Memcached, Redis
  • Other

    PHPDoc, XML RPC, Ajax, Project Management, PsiGate


  • Cooperative Education (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) degree in Computer Science and Technology
    1994 - 1998
    Sheridan College - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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