Luko Gjenero, Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Luko Gjenero

Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since March 1, 2013
Luko is a seasoned developer with contributions to numerous large-scale projects currently in use by Croatian national organizations. He is schooled in electrotechnics, and has published several important research papers on a variety of topics. He enjoys being faced with challenging problems.
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Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

VS Code, Xcode, Mac OS

The most amazing... I've created is a 4D Thermal Imaging System. It helps to replace expensive and invasive medical diagnostics with cheaper and non-invasive alternatives.


  • CTO

    2018 - PRESENT
    More Inc
    • Developed an iOS app for a innovative take on social networking taking it from global to local and from virtual to real life experiences.
    • Developed pipeline for data collection and processing using Firebase and BigQuery.
    • Developed a separate on demand platform for social networking around specific topics not reliant on platforms, operating systems, etc.
    Technologies: BigQuery, Firebase, Flutter, JavaScript, Swift
  • Software developer

    2016 - 2018
    • Developed a drone flight log and registration system for the US market.
    • Developed integration with a system operated by Lockheed-Martin used by the US government to track pilot hobbyists in the US airspace.
    • Optimised rendering areas on the map by developing an efficient search algorithm.
    Technologies: MapKit, Azure, Xamarin Forms
  • Software Developer

    2014 - 2016
    Fatsack Outdoors Inc.
    • Developed iOS and Android app for a fishing niche social network and e-commerce application for the US market.
    • Developed backend services for the mobile apps that included plugins for statistics and custom event setup.
    • Developed bluetooth integration with 3rd party equipment like fishing scales.
    Technologies: Parse, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, Objective-C
  • iOS Developer

    2014 - 2015
    FreeOnTour (via TopTal)
    • Rebuilt the application.
    • Added new functionalities.
    • Updated and optimised UI.
    • Implemented a new app datastore and communication layer.
    • Gave logistical assistance in publishing the app.
    Technologies: iPad, Objective-C, iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Monster Productions (via TopTal)
    • Updated app UI for iOS7.
    • Fixed bugs from the previous version.
    • Setup apple development certificates for enterprise development.
    • Helped the client with device installation procedure.
    Technologies: iOS
  • iOS Developer

    2014 - 2014
    ITU (via TopTal)
    • Created a developer social network app from scratch.
    • Implemented chat functionality using Quickblox API.
    • Added APIs for tracking and crash reporting.
    • Implemented user review functionality.
    • Implemented login using OAuth for twitter and github.
    Technologies: iOS
  • Senior IOS developer

    2013 - 2014
    Paktor (via TopTal)
    • Created a stable iOS client for a highly popular dating app.
    • Implemented unit tests for core app functionality.
    • Managed a small team of developers.
    • Used APIs for performance tracking, crash reporting and A/B testing.
    • Improved app performance by reducing memory usage and thread management.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iOS
  • Software Engineer

    2011 - 2014
    University of Zagreb University Computing Centre,
    • Improved HPC cluster management and deployment by creating configurations using Puppet which reduced maintenance downtimes by 40%.
    • Implemented modules for availability and reliability monitoring system for EU Grid infrastructure in Python.
    • Cowrote a paper on optimisation of HPL benchmark on heterogenous clusters that showed using SLEM to optimise work load balancing you can achieve 200% or more increase in HPC application performance.
    • Maintained HPC cluster resources, specifically GPU resources.
    • Created and maintained applications for the grid and the GPGPU environment.
    Technologies: OpenCL, CUDA, Puppet, Cobbler, BeeGFS, Torque
  • Senior Developer

    2013 - 2013
    The Apps Crew (via TopTal)
    • Singly created iPhone and Android applications and back-end web services for several applications.
    • Developed iPhone and Android app for mining security checks that allows instant incident reporting and supports corporate hierarchy.
    • Developed iPhone app for promotion of health clubs.
    • Developed iPhone and Android app for easier interaction between handymen and perspective clients.
    • Developed iPhone app that allows building blueprints of app ideas.
    • Supported a start-up company with consulting in regard client management and workload distribution.
    Technologies: PHP, Java, Objective-C
  • Software Engineer

    2009 - 2011
    Ruđer Bošković Institute,
    • Developed a proof of concept system using MATLab, C, OpenGL and OpenCL that created 3D thermal maps by combining inputs from thermal cameras and 3D scanners and secured funding for it through EU PoC project funding scheme.
    • Researched and developed new visualization techniques in science.
    • Cowrote a number of papers on the topic of thermal image processing and medical applications.
    Technologies: Microsoft Kinect, OpenCL, OpenGL, C++, C, MATLAB
  • Software Engineer

    2007 - 2008
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing,
    • Worked as a developer on an electronic registration and tracking system for marine vehicles. The project was a part of an "E-governance" pilot program funded by the Croatian government and the EU.
    • Designed and developed software for the Cinterion XT65 GSM/GPS module.
    • Designed and developed a desktop client application.
    Technologies: .NET, Java SE, Java ME
  • Software Engineer

    2005 - 2007
    • Designed and implemented a tunnel safety system in C and C++ by developing a finite state machine and connecting it to existing data streams which reduced the incident reaction time by 70%.
    • Developed a traffic management system for state highways and tunnels. This system was deployed in highway tunnels across the region.
    • Developed and maintained a manufacturing process support system.
    Technologies: C++, Win32, RabbitMQ, C


  • 4D Thermal Imaging System for Medical Applications (Development)

    The system was developed using MATLAB, OpenGL, OpenCL and Kinect.

  • Electronic Registration and Tracking System for Marine Vehicles (Development)

    The system was developed using Java ME, Java SE, .NET and GSM/GPS.

  • fLight (Development)

    This is a fiscalization software for small businesses. It was developed using C#, .NET, WPF, SQLite, and MySQL.

  • QUZE (Development)

    This is a media-sharing iOS client application.

  • ARMS (Development)

    This is an advertising platform pilot project that is based on augmented reality, depth sensing, and 3D visualization. It was developed using C/C++, Kinect, and Ogre3D.

  • iCyBro (Development)

    This is a visualization tool for applications based on a CyBro controller for the iOS platform.

  • CHART (Development)

    This is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS), high performance 2D charting library. It was created using C#, Objective-C, OpenGL, GLSL, XNA, HLSL, and OpenCL.

  • TapDoc (Development)

    Developed a iPhone application primarily designed as an assessment of the neuromotor functionality of the hand (ex. hand motor impairment) as a result of cerebral function status.
    The application is based on scientific research conducted on Ruđer Bošković Institute partially by myself.
    Objective-C, Matlab.

  • DArt, Prologis tehnologije d.o.o. (Development)

    These are various modules for business management systems that I developed, including ERM, ERP, SCM, OMA, and BA solutions.

  • Improving Virtual Team Communication (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications, and Computer Networks (SoftCOM 2006).

  • Detection of Biogas at the Municipal Waste Landfill Using a Thermal Imaging Camera (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of the International Scientific Congress on Energy and the Environment in 2010.

  • Heat Source Parameter Estimation from Scanned 3D Thermal Models (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of the Vol. I. MEET&GVS 34th International Convention MIPRO in 2011.

  • Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Blade System Temperature Monitoring (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of the 53rd International Symposium on Electronics in Marine.

  • Active 3D Scanning Based 3D Thermography System and Medical Applications (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of the Vol. I. MEET&GVS 34th International Convention MIPRO in 2011.

  • Experimental Verification of Heat Source Parameter Estimation from 3D Thermograms (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the Periodicum Biologorum in 2011.

  • 4D Thermal Imaging System for Medical Applications (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the Periodicum Biologorum in 2011.

  • Vital Fitness and Health Telemonitoring of Elderly People (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of Vol. I. MEET&GVS 34th International Convention MIPRO in 2011.

  • Semidefinite optimization of High Performance Linpack on heterogeneous cluster (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of Vol. I. MEET&GVS 36th International Convention MIPRO in 2013.

  • Towards new energy efficiency limits of High Performance Clusters (Other amazing things)

    This was published in the proceedings of ITI 2013, 35th International Conference on INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INTERFACES 2013


  • Languages

    Java, C++, C, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Java SE, PHP, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    OpenCL, Unity3D, Unity, Flutter, .NET, Microsoft Kinect, MapKit
  • Libraries/APIs

    XNA, OpenGL
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Eclipse IDE, MonoDevelop, Xcode, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Redmine, MATLAB, Torque, Puppet, VS Code, Mercurial, RabbitMQ, BigQuery
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    SharePoint, CUDA, iOS, Android, Java ME, Mac OS, Windows 7, Win32, Parse, Azure, Firebase, Oracle
  • Storage

    SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Scientific Computing, Mobile Apps, Xamarin Forms, BeeGFS, Cobbler, iPad


  • Graduate Engineering degree in Electrotechnics
    1999 - 2005
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia

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