Majan Paul, DevOps Developer in Los Angeles, CA, United States
Majan Paul

DevOps Developer in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Member since December 27, 2020
Majan excels with migrations to Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, and AWS Infrastructure as Code with Terraform. Notable companies include Playstation and The Walt Disney Company, where he served as a DevOps specialist. He migrated hundreds of applications to Kubernetes, simultaneously automating the deployment and build system. Majan thrives on reusable code and efficiency while testing technologies to determine the top benefits for each job.
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  • Playstation
    Akamai, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Datadog, Docker, CI/CD Pipelines...
  • Dolby Laboratories
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitLab CI/CD, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Docker
  • The Walt Disney Company
    Jenkins, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Helm, Amazon EKS, Kubernetes



Los Angeles, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, Kubernetes, Docker, Slack, Unix

The most amazing...

...over the past 5-years, I have moved hundreds of applications to EKS. Migrating different apps to Kubernetes has helped me understand different aspects of apps.


  • DevOps

    2019 - 2022
    • Maintained and configured Akamai CDN properties and storage systems.
    • Created a Jenkins set up that could easily be reproduced with SAML and LDAP authentication and infrastructure as code with CloudFormation. Packer and Ansible were used to fully automate the deployment process.
    • Migrated several applications to Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Created dynamic and temporary environments to deploy the application using Spinnaker.
    • Collaborated with a team that developed engineering tools for developers to work seamlessly with the Kubernetes clusters. Produced generic and reusable Terraform modules to be used across the globe for several departments and logical organizations.
    Technologies: Akamai, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Datadog, Docker, CI/CD Pipelines, Amazon EKS, DevOps
  • AWS Expert

    2021 - 2021
    Dolby Laboratories
    • Re-architected the Amazon VPC and redo the IPs and the subnetting.
    • Ensured the GitLab runners and the CI/CD pipelines were functioning properly at all times.
    • Worked on applications and deployed them on Kubernetes, specifically Keycloak.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitLab CI/CD, Terraform, Helm, Kubernetes, Docker
  • DevOps

    2018 - 2020
    The Walt Disney Company
    • Migrated about 130 services to EKS to use Kubernetes as the orchestration system.
    • Developed the CI/CD systems to build and deploy the applications to EKS.
    • Assisted with render farms with a custom orchestration application to allow rendering in AWS.
    • Managed a large-scale migration of applications from one VPC to another as part of the Direct Connect vendor change.
    • Managed Kubernetes RBAC and AWS IAM permissions for several clusters and accounts.
    • Oversaw internal audit compliance on AWS accounts.
    • Managed vendors to create a mini data center and ensure research scientists had proper access and knowledge to operate the machinery.
    Technologies: Jenkins, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Docker, Helm, Amazon EKS, Kubernetes
  • Developer/DevOps

    2017 - 2018
    Dun & Bradstreet
    • Developed new features and maintained the old for the main API connecting to the database in PHP.
    • Migrated the application from a single PHP server to an AMI-based autoscaling group with load balancing in AWS.
    • Upgraded the AMIs from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.6 with patched DbLib for compatibility.
    • Set up an API gateway with Golang Lambda and DynamoDB to redirect traffic from a legacy domain with SEO rankings to a new one, using terraform and troposphere/boto3.
    • Migrated the CDN system from Edgecast to CloudFront with readOnly and fullAccess IAM group configurations through Troposphere.
    • Dockerized different applications for easy replication between developer machines.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Go, Jenkins, Jenkins Job DSL, Docker, PHP
  • Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Montrose Travel, Inc./CTM North America
    • Gathered business requirements and created technical requirements.
    • Created the Doctrine ORM relationships and the Entities for the front-end Laravel application.
    • Created functional tests to test the complex application functionality.
    • Introduced front-end package management using NPM and Webpack.
    • Coded with Bash and Bash scripts on a day-to-day bases.
    • Created a fully automated database updater that downloads zip files from a remote server, parses them to a MySQL database, and runs a series of checks to validate the integrity of the data without downtime.
    • Designed and developed a payment page in React, using dynamic currency converters. Users can use "Miles" or "Points" to purchase travel packages.
    Technologies: React, Git, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux, PHP
  • Developer/Designer

    2013 - 2016
    Apartment Owners Association
    • Created the website using the full-stack Symphony 2.8. Users can create an account with a very simple UI to enter the vacant units available to tenants and upload pictures of the units.
    • Developed a system where seminar registrations could be completed through a mobile-friendly form. The administrator creates the seminar events and the system displays them to the user to sign up.
    • Developed the Contractors and Vendors Directory using WordPress.
    • Delivered a forms order app with integration to Quickbooks and Shipstation.
    • Cloned the main membership application, which is a very old Perl app and resides on multiple servers, into a local development environment for testing and patching.
    • Assisted in securing applications to pass the PCI DSS and EI3PA compliance audits.
    Technologies: Perl, MySQL, WordPress, JavaScript, Graphic Design, PHP


  • Theatrical Booking

    This is a booking application for a large entertainment enterprise. This application needed to be migrated from EC2s to Kubernetes. It had several microservices as well.

    I migrated the application to Kubernetes, set up monitoring and alerting, and deployed all the CI/CD pipelines for developers to promote the code through the environments.

  • Container Pipeline

    I created a Docker container CI pipeline, which allows for the hierarchical build of dependent containers on a Git push event or a schedule. This allows for the "latest" containers to always be up-to-date and pass the vulnerability audits.


  • Tools

    Jenkins, Helm, Terraform, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, Slack, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Amazon EKS, GitLab, GitHub, Amazon ECR (Amazon Elastic Container Registry)
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unix, WordPress
  • Storage

    Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Datadog, MySQL
  • Other

    CI/CD Pipelines, SOC Compliance, Computer Networking, AWS CodePipeline, PCI Compliance, Filebeat, Akamai, Graphic Design
  • Languages

    Python, PHP, Go, JavaScript, Perl
  • Libraries/APIs

    Jenkins Job DSL, React

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