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Maxim Fedchyshyn

Maxim Fedchyshyn

San Francisco, CA, United States
Member since July 6, 2016
Over the years, Maxim has managed the infrastructure of different levels, from a two-person startup to a multi thousand-strong corporation. Upon starting a new project, he pushes to adopt industry best practices while following the motto, "Move fast, think big." Both an individual contributor and a team player, he favors quality, failover, and reliability. He is passionate about containers and the infrastructure-as-a-code paradigm.
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  • MySQL/MariaDB, 7 years
  • HAProxy, 6 years
  • MongoDB, 5 years
  • Ansible, 2 years
  • Docker, 2 years
  • Chef, 1 year
  • Terraform, 1 year
San Francisco, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
MacOS or Ubuntu
The most amazing...
...thing I've built is a distributed backup system for a twenty-node sharded MongoDB cluster before a reliable official online backup solution existed.
  • Infrastructure Architect and Adviser
    Motorola Solutions
    2017 - PRESENT
    • Reviewed existing infrastructure and prepared recommendations to optimize cost efficiency without reducing functionality. After implementing it, the company managed to save over USD $150,000 for the first year on the pilot chunk of infrastructure.
    Technologies: AWS Stack
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
    2016 - 2017
    • Migrated the whole infrastructure for one of Zillow departments from RightScale to Terraform+Packer, thus implementing the infrastructure-as-a-code paradigm.
    • Introduced to developers and implemented Vault + Consul technologies to store server credentials securely.
    Technologies: AWS, Terraform, Packer, Chef, Shell, Python
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer
    2015 - 2016
    • Grew the infrastructure out of one physical datacenter.
    • Configured direct physical connections between the physical datacenter and AWS through DirectLink.
    • Initiated full infrastructure orchestration and wrote 88k lines of Ansible playbooks.
    • Got 21 developers involved in contributing to the repo within a year after finishing the initial Ansible provisioning.
    • Built a Docker testing environment for Ansible playbooks.
    Technologies: Linux, NewRelic, DatadogHQ, Neptune, MySQL, AWS, Docker, CircleCI, Jenkins, uWSGI, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, Ansible, ElasticSearch, HAProxy, Nginx, Twemproxy, Supervisord
  • Senior Systems Engineer
    2009 - 2015
    • Designed and implemented the core infrastructure that runs on up to 80 hardware CentOS servers and on-demand AWS resources with up to 500 instances.
    • Provided system administration for the database, which was over 7TB in size with total caching of 2TB+. MongoDB's team claimed that we were the biggest client for their online backup solution.
    • Developed the system to be fault-tolerant. During a major datacenter failure (40% of all servers offline), the website stayed online through incoming traffic topping 1000 Mbps. It has since scaled up to 40 million monthly visitors, with 25k connections/second during peak load.
    Technologies: Linux, AWS EC2, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, SES, S3, Route53, IAM, RightScale, Ansible, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, HAProxy, Keepalived, PHP-FPM
  • Systems Engineer
    Remote consulting []
    2009 - 2011
    • Completed over 50 projects.
    • Logged 6,000 total working hours with an overall feedback rating of 4.91 of 5 stars.
    • Ranked number one Unix administrator, number one Amazon programmer, and number four Linux developer.
    • Built a high-load site for the Indian Premier League (IPL).
    • Worked with the core team of ModX CMS.
    • Analyzed partners' server templates and approving their qualification to join RightScale's server template library.
    Technologies: AWS Stack
  • Terraform+Packer migration (Other amazing things)

    Migrated two major projects to Terraform and Packer.

  • 88k Ansible Playbook Lines (Other amazing things)

    Wrote 88k lines of Ansible's playbook, covering 37 server roles. Within a year, brought 21 developers to contribute to the repository.

  • Sharded MongoDB Backup Solution (Other amazing things)

    Migrated to MongoDB and brought the system to a twenty-node sharded cluster, building the backup solution for the sharded environment on my own since Mongo did not provide one. Discovered several non-critical and a few critical bugs to be fixed in MongoDB's next release.

  • RightScale (Development)

    While working remotely with various projects built on top of AWS, I encouraged my clients to use as a management platform for their autoscaling features.

    After some time, RightScale contacted me and requested that I help them analyze partners' server templates and make a decision on their qualification to join RightScale's server template library.

  • Vault and Consul integration (Development)

    Introduced and integrated Vault and Consul clusters to build a secured storage for server credentials.

  • Frameworks
    AWS HA, AWS EMR, Hadoop
  • Tools
    AWS ELB, Slack, php-fpm, Ansible, Keepalived, Terraform, Packer, Celery, Supervisord, AWS SQS, AWS SES, Amazon VPC, Zabbix, RabbitMQ, Munin, uWSGI, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, Ansible Tower, Trello, Nginx, Amazon CloudFront CDN, AWS IAM, AWS VPC, Docker Hub, Travis CI, CircleCI, AWS ECR, Vault, Chef, VaultPress, Jenkins, Nagios, HashiCorp, AWS ECS
  • Paradigms
    DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Platforms
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Docker, New Relic, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Docker Datacenter
  • Storage
    Datadog, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, AWS S3, MySQL/MariaDB, AWS RDS, Docker Cloud
  • Misc
    Integration, Network Monitoring, HAProxy, Twemproxy, Infrastructure monitoring, WebServices, Integrations, Elasticsearch, Loggly, Consul, Container Orchestration, Containers, Consulting
  • Languages
    Bash Script, Python
  • Master's degree in Information Security
    Nakhimov Naval Academy - Ukraine
    2003 - 2008
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