Mario Dujmovic, Developer in Fargo, ND, United States
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Mario Dujmovic

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Fargo, ND, United States
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October 28, 2022

Mario is an experienced software engineer with an interest and background in network engineering and networking hardware. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and has since obtained two MikroTik certifications. Mario feels most comfortable working in frameworks like Lumen and CodeIgniter.


MySQL, PHP, RouterOS, MikroTik, JavaScript, Ubuntu, Lumen, CodeIgniter
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PHP, JavaScript, Slim, SQL, Docker, CodeIgniter, PhpStorm
PHP, SQL, RouterOS, MikroTik, Docker, JavaScript




Preferred Environment

PhpStorm, MySQL Workbench, Windows, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a router auto-provisioning system that enables internet service providers to preconfigure routers, saving time on in-home installation.

Work Experience


2022 - PRESENT
  • Led a software engineering team in building centralized network automation and orchestrating a platform for MikroTik routers using the RouterOS API and PHP.
  • Developed an autoconfiguring service for routers using PHP and Lumen to help internet service providers save time on in-home installations.
  • Built a speed testing feature by implementing an algorithm specific for MikroTik routers using PHP and JavaScript.
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, RouterOS, MikroTik, JavaScript, Ubuntu, Lumen, CodeIgniter

Software Developer

2020 - 2022
All Digital Rewards
  • Developed parts of the administrator-facing content management platform used to build rewards program websites.
  • Implemented the language selection on multiple repositories using gettext and a metadata system into a software development kit to handle reward vouchers from different vendors.
  • Wrote migrations for projects to support new features.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Slim, SQL, Docker, CodeIgniter, PhpStorm

Software Engineer

2019 - 2020
  • Implemented and wrote a MikroTik-specific algorithm to run speed tests on Ookla servers in JavaScript.
  • Wrote a script to migrate thousands of routers from the old management platform to the new one.
  • Updated the login process for MikroTik's RouterOS and the PHP API client to support the latest MikroTik firmware.
  • Performed MikroTik's Cloud Hosted Router firmware upgrades during maintenance.
Technologies: PHP, SQL, RouterOS, MikroTik, Docker, JavaScript

Software Engineer

2016 - 2019
MCP Networks
  • Developed features for the managed router solution dashboard, including wireless interface updates, port forwarding, router listing, and billing system API integration.
  • Contributed to the team writing the router system that provisioned a router to preset a configuration for when it comes online.
  • Built a device fingerprinting script based on MAC addresses, user agents, pixel density, and similar parameters.
  • Collaborated with other developers in a 3-person team, leading the company to an acquisition.
  • Wrote and implemented an algorithm for reporting the online status of thousands of routers with a delay of less than a minute.
  • Obtained two MikroTik certifications, one in traffic control engineering and the other in networks.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, SQL, MikroTik, RouterOS, CodeIgniter, MongoDB

Built a network automation and orchestration system for MikroTik routers that makes monotonous tasks easier. It included working on automated firmware upgrades, mass configuration router pushes, speed tests, network health checks, historical and live data, user management for the whole network, and centralized auto-provisioning.

I worked on this project from its beginning at Thaea, where I am a CTO and one of the company founders. Initially, this was a platform for secure remote access to MikroTik routers. I was involved in various tasks, including designing and implementing the auto-provisioning system and using MikroTik's bandwidth testing protocol to write a MikroTik-specific speed test algorithm. Also, I handled an alerting system for the whole network, built a scalable router online status feature, and started leading a team of full-time developers almost a year ago.


PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Bash


CodeIgniter, Lumen, Slim


Windows, Ubuntu, RouterOS, Docker, Linux


PhpStorm, MySQL Workbench


MikroTik, Networks



2014 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Minot State University - Minot, ND, USA

JUNE 2018 - JUNE 2020

MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer


JUNE 2018 - JUNE 2020

MikroTik Certified Network Associate