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Matthew Keasling

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Salesforce Developer

Porto, Portugal
Toptal Member Since
August 12, 2021

Matthew is a professional developer with 15 years of hands-on experience; he's been working primarily on the Salesforce platform since 2014. He's consulted with clients of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries, including retail, energy, finance, nonprofit, government, and healthcare. Matthew is passionate about building high-quality solutions that meet today's requirements and are ready to grow and scale for tomorrow's.


APEX Code, Lightning Components, Salesforce, Salesforce DX, API Integration...
Salesforce, APEX Code, Visualforce, Salesforce Service Cloud...
APEX Code, Visualforce, Node.js, JavaScript, Salesforce, Salesforce AppExchange...




Preferred Environment

Salesforce, APEX Code, Lightning Components, JavaScript, Salesforce DX, Git

The most amazing...

...I've done was lead a blended team of consultants and client developers to create a set of highly configurable components that powered the dynamic reports.

Work Experience


2015 - PRESENT
  • Served as a lead developer and technical architect on projects for enterprise clients in a range of industries, including B2B retail, B2C retail, education, financial services, manufacturing, and government.
  • Worked with many diverse parts of the Salesforce ecosystem, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities Cloud, and Heroku.
  • Designed and built integrations with many external systems (both in-house and third-party); also built integrations that handled hundreds of thousands of transactions per day.
  • Worked in a variety of technologies, mostly focusing on the Salesforce platform but also including PHP and Node.js.
  • Developed patterns, libraries, and best practices for Apex, Aura, Lightning Web Components, and Salesforce DevOps.
  • Mentored more junior resources, performed code reviews, hosted “brown bag” informational workshops, and helped lead our Salesforce Academy.
Technologies: APEX Code, Lightning Components, Salesforce, Salesforce DX, API Integration, Databases, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Mentorship & Coaching, Code Review, Apex Classes, Batch Apex, Apex Triggers, Apex, Salesforce Apex, Queueable Apex, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning, Lightning Communities, Node.js, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Salesforce API, Salesforce SOAP API, Salesforce REST API, Salesforce System Administration, Administration, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce AppExchange, Apex Scheduler, Salesforce Development Community (SFDC), Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, APIs, JSON


2014 - 2015
  • Worked as lead developer on a number of projects, including Fortune 500 clients in the banking, security, medical, and education industries.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of complex integration and user interface requirements.
  • Mentored junior developers which included regularly reviewing code and giving assistance with debugging and development tasks.
Technologies: Salesforce, APEX Code, Visualforce, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Development Community (SFDC), Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, JavaScript, APIs, JSON

Lead Salesforce Engineer

2013 - 2014
  • Built a Salesforce AppExchange app that delivers sales enablement and performance support content to Salesforce users.
  • Developed an Apex-based business rules engine so that users can easily define, manage, deploy, and run custom business rules on any type of Salesforce data.
  • Constructed a Node.js-based web service to deliver real-time support information to users on a variety of platforms.
  • Worked closely with the API team to develop secure, scalable APIs to host and serve content.
  • Trained other developers in Salesforce and Node.js development.
Technologies: APEX Code, Visualforce, Node.js, JavaScript, Salesforce, Salesforce AppExchange, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, APIs, JSON


2012 - 2013
  • Created a system for users to define custom data loaders from a variety of sources without the need for any additional development.
  • Developed a multi-step, Ajax-based form using background data transmission—this allowed users on very limited data connections to have a fast and responsive experience.
  • Refactored a legacy appointment scheduler which reduced the query count by 95% and the memory size by 65%.
  • Developed a system to drag-n-drop file uploads onto the Box .NET API with transparent SF attachment replacements—allowing users to store files outside of Salesforce but retain all the benefits of object association, universal search, and so on.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained a GitLab server which allowed CodeScience developers to access unlimited Git repositories for their many clients.
  • Implemented automatic versioning and history tracking of all changes visible through the Metadata API by developing a metadata backup tool using PHP, the Zend Framework, and Ant.
Technologies: APEX Code, Visualforce, Git, Salesforce Development Community (SFDC), Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, JavaScript, APIs, JSON

AppExchange App for Delivering Real-time Learning Content to Salesforce Users

This app combined an Apex-based business-rules engine with a custom homepage component (before Lightning Experience) and the Streaming API so that admins could configure the delivery of relevant training articles according to the activities the users were performing.

As users performed record actions or even just navigated to different pages within the Salesforce UI, event notifications were sent in real-time to a custom-built Node.js service, which interacted with the company's learning management system and analytics APIs. The Node.js service then could publish real-time alerts to the user's browser to display the relevant content.

Lightning Component Framework

I led a blended team of consultant and client developers to create an (Aura) Lightning Component framework, which allowed for the quick and easy creation of a wide variety of UI components. Using this framework, admins could declaratively build new components that performed real-time calls to many of the company's UIs and dynamically display and act on the data—both in bulk and on individual records.

Additionally, for more custom component needs, developers (even those unfamiliar with Salesforce) could easily add functionality by attaching JavaScript static resources which could define custom hooks, publish custom events, and provide dynamic properties and validations. Using this framework, the average time for the development of a new UI component went down from 4-to-6 weeks to 1-to-2 days.

Community-powered Used Equipment Sales

A large equipment manufacturer wanted to manage their used equipment processes, which involved buying used equipment, contracting with a repair yard to refurbish and certify it, and then reselling the used equipment to new owners.

This project involved multiple parts:
• Adding a partner community for the repair yard users to manage equipment inspections, repairs, and certifications.
• Building a public site to allow potential buyers to find and request quotes on available equipment.
• Revamping the sales processes to allow for quotes, opportunities, and contracts to work with any combination of both new and used equipment.
2000 - 2005

Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems

Tennessee Technological University - Cookeville, TN, United States


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II



Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I



Salesforce REST API, Salesforce API, Node.js, Salesforce SOAP API


Salesforce Sales Cloud, Batch Apex, Salesforce DX, Git, Visualforce Pages, Lightning Communities, GitHub, GitLab


Lightning Components, Visualforce


APEX Code, JavaScript, Apex, HTML5, CSS


Salesforce, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL


JSON, Databases


API Integration, Code Review, Salesforce Apex, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Queueable Apex, Salesforce Lightning, APIs, Software Development, Mentorship & Coaching, Apex Scheduler, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Development Community (SFDC), Salesforce AppExchange, Administration, Salesforce System Administration, Salesforce Community

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