Matthew Rosendin, Software Developer in Oakland, CA, United States
Matthew Rosendin

Software Developer in Oakland, CA, United States

Member since August 16, 2021
Matthew is a technology professional and entrepreneur with six years of experience in software development. Most recently he's helped banks such as American Express and Bank of America to integrate blockchain technology at Ripple. Prior to that, Matthew's developed applications for Fortune 500 companies at Zendesk. Matthew is currently the founder of a cryptocurrency payments company and previously founded a startup that created a crypto portfolio robo advisor.
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  • Trustline Inc.
    Node.js, React, React Native, AWS, TypeScript, Solidity, XRP Ledger...
  • Ripple Labs
    Node.js, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Global Payments, Currency Exchange...
  • Polyledger
    Node.js, React, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, JavaScript, Linux, AWS, Slack



Oakland, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Slack, MacOS, Visual Studio Code, Node.js, React, TypeScript 3, AWS, Linux, Solidity, React Native

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a blockchain-based stablecoin payments network that is fast, secure, and low-cost.


  • CEO | Co-founder

    2021 - PRESENT
    Trustline Inc.
    • Founded the company and developed the initial stablecoin payments network design in Solidity.
    • Developed the Trustline app, a stablecoin mobile wallet that sends payments and enables trading of XRP and AUR.
    • Engaged with the community and a user base of thousands and answered all support queries.
    • Recruited a technical co-founder and our head of community engagement.
    • Pitched to investors and obtained two grants in cryptocurrencies.
    • Created the first-ever bridge product that connects two blockchains: the XRP Ledger and Flare Network.
    Technologies: Node.js, React, React Native, AWS, TypeScript, Solidity, XRP Ledger, Stablecoins, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, JavaScript, Slack
  • Software Engineer

    2018 - 2020
    Ripple Labs
    • Developed an application that deploys software to our customers using a Kubernetes platform.
    • Worked with banks to help them integrate the RippleNet product.
    • Responsible for rolling out new on-premise software packages to customers.
    Technologies: Node.js, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Global Payments, Currency Exchange, Cryptocurrency, JavaScript, TypeScript, Linux, AWS, React, Slack
  • CEO | Co-founder

    2017 - 2018
    • Created an industry-leading digital currency portfolio allocation engine (backtested over 7,000% ROI in 2017) and management solution for over 1,400 digital assets.
    • Recruited two co-founders and pitched to investors in SV.
    • Created website and portfolio management applications.
    • Participated in the University of California’s LAUNCH accelerator and was a recipient of the Dean’s Seed Fund grant.
    Technologies: Node.js, React, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, JavaScript, Linux, AWS, Slack
  • Application Developer

    2015 - 2017
    • Designed and implemented solutions for customers including Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Comcast, SAP, and T-Mobile.
    • Collaborated with a team to complete the largest client services project with a rollout to 50,000 end-users.
    • Developed an internal data migration automation tool to migrate over 1 million records for Uber.
    • Partnered with Trello to develop a popular third-party integration (with 850 ratings and a 4/5 star rating).
    • Wrote developer documentation, built sample applications, and maintained open-source apps.
    • Revamped the company hackathon portal which at one point, registered 300 participants with engagement from nine global offices.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Vue, Python, Ruby on Rails 4, Slack


  • Trustline Network

    A decentralized, regulatory-compliant, crypto-backed stablecoin payment network. The Trustline App is your gateway to decentralized finance. The Trustline Credit Network via the Trustline app allows you to make payments to anyone. Buy/sell, send/receive, and borrow/repay Aurei stablecoins using a connected fiat bank account. The first of it is type to be available in the United States.

  • Data Manager

    Data Manager allows you to customize data exports of business-critical data (tickets, users, and so on) and metadata (triggers, views, automations, and macros).

    The app offers an interface that is easier to use than native Zendesk functionality for removing data. There are many ways to filter and display your data. It also supports a variety of download formats including CSV, JSON, and XML.

    This is the perfect app for your business's data archival, information retrieval, and reporting needs.

  • Polyledger Connect

    With Polyledger Connect, you can connect over 1,400 cryptoassets into one unified portfolio and view a chart of your portfolio value and view all your assets all in one place. You can also join ten different cryptocurrency exchanges and add various accounts.


  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, Vue
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Blockchain, Kubernetes, Ethereum, Visual Studio Code, Linux
  • Other

    XRP Ledger, Cryptocurrency, Stablecoins, AWS, Currency Exchange, Global Payments, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Economics, Econometrics, Digital Economy
  • Languages

    Solidity, TypeScript, JavaScript, TypeScript 3, Python
  • Frameworks

    React Native, Ruby on Rails 4
  • Tools



  • Master of Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering
    2016 - 2018
    University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, CA, United States
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics
    2011 - 2015
    Santa Clara University - Santa Clara, CA, United States


  • Ethereum Development
    APRIL 2017 - PRESENT
    Blockchain at Berkeley

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