Maurício André Cinelli, Developer in Campinas, Brazil

Maurício André Cinelli

Software Developer

Campinas, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
January 22, 2021

Mauricio is a professional full-stack web developer with 10 years of experience working for startups and small to medium-sized companies and agencies. He worked on a number of maintenance and support projects, so adapting to a new environment has always been key to him. He specializes in Ruby on Rails applications and javascript frameworks, like React, Ember.js, and Vue.js. Mauricio also has experience in auditing and adapting websites and applications for web accessibility.

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Housecall Pro
Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, React, APIs, Integration
Bit Zesty
User Experience (UX), Accessibility, React, CSS, HTML, JavaScript...
Duo Soluções
Email Campaigns, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Laravel, PHP


JavaScript - 10 yearsHTML - 10 yearsCSS - 10 yearsContinuous Integration (CI) - 7 yearsRuby on Rails (RoR) - 6 yearsTesting - 6 yearsReact - 2 yearsReact Native - 2 years


Campinas, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Accessibility, JavaScript, CSS, Continuous Integration (CI), React, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed was an email delivery scheduler system that delivered millions of newsletter emails per month.

Work Experience

2021 - PRESENT

Senior Full-stack RoR Developer (Part-time)

Housecall Pro
  • Developed an integration with home insurance to generate jobs for service providers.
  • Developed new improvements to public-facing APIs used by many partners.
  • Oversaw product launches and A/B testing with thousands of users using LaunchDarkly.
  • Helped define features and goals for the product over quarters.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), JavaScript, React, APIs, Integration
2014 - 2021

Senior Full-stack Developer

Bit Zesty
  • Maintained a wide array of Ruby on Rails applications using JavaScript frameworks—performing security upgrades, version upgrades, and implementing new features on top of an existing codebase.
  • Created continuous integration pipelines, including testing and deployment to many clients, using different services like CircleCI, GitlabCI, and Github Actions.
  • Audited and adapted websites and applications to pass web accessibility standards and audits by the Gov UK team.
  • Worked alongside designers to launch websites and landing pages for clients in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and sometimes WordPress.
Technologies: User Experience (UX), Accessibility, React, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
2012 - 2014

Senior Full-stack Developer

Duo Soluções
  • Developed websites for companies that bought the company's desktop applications, integrating them via custom APIs to display relevant information on the websites.
  • Implemented a newsletter system, including a Node.js service to handle the delivery of millions of emails per month.
  • Developed an application to manage financial loans and credit for a local company.
  • Configured a continuous integration pipeline for the newsletter system.
Technologies: Email Campaigns, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WordPress, Laravel, PHP


Tax Declaration for UK Residents

An Ember.js-based application to declare and calculate tax returns for UK residents. The logic was all done in the front end, which also calculated the tax return. For security reasons, the calculation was also performed on the back end and cross-checked for validation. In this project, I contributed more to the front end than the back end.

Application to Support People with Neuromuscular Diseases
A web application and a mobile application with information to give support for people who suffer from neuromuscular diseases.

The web application consists of a Ruby on Rails custom CMS and API, with a frontend developed in React.

The mobile application in React Native consumes this API, and the application can be used offline.

Both applications were audited for accessibility and user-tested with blind people to make sure they are usable.

Local Producers Marketplace

I am currently developing a personal project in my free time for my local community—a subscription-based marketplace for local producers to sell their products online only to people nearby and increase awareness and reach. It is a heavily modified Spree project that behaves like a true marketplace. I expect to launch it in 2021 and hope to reach more locations.



CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP


Ruby on Rails (RoR), React Native, Ember.js, Laravel


React, Vue 2, Node.js, Stripe


Continuous Integration (CI), Testing


Accessibility, User Experience (UX), Email Campaigns, Responsive Email Templates, Recurring Payments, APIs, Integration


Linux, WordPress




2011 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Federal University of Fronteira Sul - Chapeco, Brazil