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Max Burnside

Max Burnside

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Member since April 29, 2015
Max is an experienced designer, illustrator, animator, and front-end web developer with experience in startups and B2B companies. His clients include Facebook, Nike, RocNation, and John Frieda. He is a skilled developer and a capable communicator, and prides himself on employing his high standards for quality in design to bring his clients' visions to life.
Max is now available for hire
  • Audio mixing, 5 years
  • Adobe Photoshop, 5 years
  • Adobe Illustrator, 5 years
  • Keynote, 3 years
  • SVG, 3 years
  • Icon Design, 2 years
  • Data Visualization, 2 years
  • Adobe CC, 2 years
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
Adobe Illustrator
The most amazing...
...thing I've designed and created is a custom icon font library.
  • Founder
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Designed branding for AnchorPint.
    • Created video tutorials.
    • Created design resources.
    • Implemented an eCommerce solution.
    • Developed a responsive site using SASS.
    Technologies: Kirby CMS, HAML, Sass, SVG
  • Interaction Designer/Front-End Developer
    2013 - PRESENT
    • Created a custom animation series for a community library.
    • Created a brand for a music website that is part of Hype Machine.
    • Taught an online course on the topics of icon creation, illustration, and animation.
    • Created a promotional video for a Costa Rican resort.
    • Illustrated mechanical timepieces for an independent watch company.
    • Created marketing materials for Nike Sports camps.
    Technologies: Design, Video, Web
  • Lead Interaction Designer
    2015 - 2016
    • Designed and developed the front-end for a web app for lawyer billing company Aleter.
    • Redesigned brand identity.
    • Created custom illustrations for the marketing site.
    • Optimized page load speed and compression of assets.
    • Assisted company leaders during acquisition process in providing brand materials for future iteration of the company.
    Technologies: HTML/HAML, Sass/CSS, SVG, Adobe CC
  • Interaction Designer
    2014 - 2015
    • Helped re-brand the company with a new color palette, logo, font-face, and style guide.
    • Wrote, directed, narrated, and edited a promotional video for a global financial institution.
    • Designed a mobile application for a world-renowned fashion brand.
    • Converted the company to using SVG for all websites' visual assets to ensure speed and scalability for mobile viewers.
    • Created a suite of vector illustrations, infographics, one-pagers, and press materials.
    Technologies: UI/UX Design, Illustration, Infographics, HTML, CSS
  • Animations (Development)

    A collection of animations I've created for various clients/projects.

  • AnchorPint (Other amazing things)

    AnchorPint is an ongoing project of mine where I showcase design tutorials, videos and resources. I both designed and developed the entire site as well as provided all content on the site.

  • Tools
    Microsoft Word, Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, TextMate, TextWrangler, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Sketch, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Other
    User Interface (UI), Audio mixing, Illustration, Typography, Icon Design, SVG, Writing, Design, Data Visualization, Animation, Video, Audio mastering, Video Editing
  • Languages
    CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Frameworks
    Bootstrap 3
  • Paradigms
    Web Design, Motion Design, Visual Design, UX Design
  • Libraries/APIs
  • Bachelor's degree in Technical Writing
    2010 - 2013
    Miami University - Ohio
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