Max Loginov, Software Developer in Moscow, Russia
Max Loginov

Software Developer in Moscow, Russia

Member since February 23, 2016
Max is a seasoned engineer with a scientific background and 19 years in development, QA, and management in IT. He has worked for a number of world-recognized companies and has proven himself to be a polymathic problem solver who always delivers high-quality solutions that thoroughly address customer needs. Max's experience with various tech gives him the ability to quickly integrate into any project and work out the best solution possible.
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Moscow, Russia



Preferred Environment

OS X, Linux, Windows, IDEA, WebStorm, Eclipse, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is the document workflow solution for ZapSib-2—now, my software powers up the construction process of the largest plant ever built by SIBUR.


  • CTO

    2017 - 2019
    • Architected the application and developed the back end hands-on.
    Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, React
  • Front-end Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Mail.Ru Group, MailBlog
    • Refactored and modernized Mailblog.Mail.Ru (the official blog for mail, calendar, and cloud products by Mail.Ru).
    • Added new features and did performance optimizations to the blog.
    Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Node.js
  • System Architect | Lead Developer | Analyst | PM

    2014 - 2016
    SIBUR Holding
    • Implemented from scratch business critical complex software to automate construction documentation prepare and review workflows for "ZapSib-2" (SIBUR's largest construction project of the new petrochemical plant in Tyumen region, Russia) – fit within tight time schedule, in a continuous deployment environment.
    • Reviewed and optimized business essential workflows for the construction documents turnover in "ZapSib-2".
    • Implemented automated interaction between the remote document management systems of engineering centers (Linde Group, Technip, ThyssenKrupp) and "ZapSib-2" project team.
    • Organized and supervised third-line support for the system implemented.
    • Did the paperwork for the system’s approval with the Corporate Centre and Economic Security Service of SIBUR for its integration into SIBUR’s IT ecosystem.
    • Prepared documents to handle system's administration and support over to SIBUR's IT Service Desk.
    • Assumed effective responsibility for the system as a whole and performed staff recruitment and training.
    Technologies: Java, PL/SQL, Oracle Database, Oracle WebCenter Content, OCFS, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Idoc Script, VBScript for Microsoft Office
  • QA Director | PM

    2012 - 2014
    Home Credit and Finance Bank
    • Organized the quality assurance for the bank's automated banking system (ABS).
    • Developed automated tools to configure test environments and prepare test data.
    • Initiated and supervised auto-testing framework development project for the bank's ABS: formulated detailed requirements for the project, administered the development process, and implemented extensive full-coverage regression tests library with the framework developed.
    • Automated most of the common QA engineers' work routines, improved overall efficiency and quality of the QA process, and reduced the dependence on the human factor.
    • Organized and supervised the regression testing for the migration of the bank's ABS to Oracle Database 11g.
    • Was responsible for the QA and general performance of the bank's business critical software.
    Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle Database, TestComplete, JavaScript
  • Senior Developer | Analyst

    2012 - 2012
    Perm Scientific Instrument Making Company PNPPK
    • Created software for industrial monitoring and control system with Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) technology.
    • Developed precision calibration and processing algorithms to interpret raw data received from FBG hardware sensors of different types (temperature, pressure, tension, and vibration sensors).
    • Implemented highly efficient code library for the system’s data processing core.
    • Created front-end monitoring application with touchscreen UI to run on the terminal monitoring device.
    • Implemented test-driven development process for the project with extensive unit-test coverage.
    Technologies: C++ Builder, Win32/COM, x86 Assembly Language
  • ActionScript Developer

    2011 - 2012
    Rostelecom, WebDJ project
    • Worked extensively on the front-end part of WebDJ project by Rostelecom (application to compose music on the web) to deliver the project to its beta stage.
    • Implemented a skin-switching feature with extended CSS properties support for MXML for better styling.
    • Implemented user interface to manage music projects (create, open, save, copy, render, and share projects).
    • Implemented customer billing and customer service interfaces.
    • Performed testing and bug fixing, implemented several general UX improvements, assisted the team on the back-end to optimize and improve server API.
    Technologies: Adobe Flex, Cairngorm 3
  • Lead Developer | Analyst | PM

    2009 - 2012
    "УРА!" Advertising and Production Company
    • Created, developed, and supported corporate orders management and CRM system used for centralized tracking of orders throughout the production process in the company, for time and resource planning, orders' cost calculations and for customer relationship management and quality control.
    • Implemented fail-proof mechanism for the system's backend with several independently working database servers synchronized in real time.
    • Implemented test-driven development process with extensive unit-test coverage.
    • Administered servers, repositories, and test environments for the project.
    • Was responsible for the project as a whole, performed recruiting and training of new staff.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Apache
  • Lead Developer | Analyst | PM

    2007 - 2009
    Freelance Work
    • Put together a small web development team, performed recruiting and training of new staff.
    • Coordinated activities for projects: created and executed plans and budgets, identified resources, and assigned individual responsibilities.
    • Participated as a developer in all projects (both front- and back-end): commercial real estate service, online games, number of web sites, multimedia presentations, and educational software.
    • Implemented the full-cycle software development process (analysis, development, QA, support, change management, and documenting).
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Adobe Flash/Flex, WordPress, TYPO3, MODx, Apache, NGINX, IIS
  • Developer

    2006 - 2007
    Ural Finance House
    • Planned and successfully implemented the bank's ABS transition to the new card processing solution.
    • Implemented an SMS information service for transactions made and integrated this solution into the bank's ABS.
    • Provided technical analysis and created detailed technical specifications for several complex bank products (e.g., specific credit lines, a credit card with a grace period), supervised solution development and delivery with the vendor.
    • Created user manuals and provided user training.
    • Handled third-line support for the bank's ABS.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder, Win32/COM
  • Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science

    2003 - 2005
    Perm State University
    • Taught several computer science disciplines for programmers: "Programming Languages", "Relational Databases", "Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning", and "Computer Virology".
    • Researched, participated in conferences, and supervised student research activities.
    • Participated in training PSU's team for programming contests (was a member of the coaches' team). In 2004, our team took fourth place and gold medal at the ACM ICPC world contest.
    Technologies: Java, C/C++, x86 Assembly language, MATLAB
  • Lead Developer

    2001 - 2003
    Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information FAPSI
    • Created an application to automate digitizing of printed documents, based on the technology developed in my Master's thesis. FAPSI became interested in this tech, so, they proposed a contract to the University.
    • Implemented my own OCR library with embedded dictionaries to improve text recognition accuracy.
    • Implemented a configurable automatic documents' metadata detection and extraction module.
    • Created an algorithm for automatic keywords suggestion, based on a word frequency/value analysis.
    • Implemented structured storage on the filesystem and search engine with a metadata index on the database.
    Technologies: C++, MS Visual FoxPro


  • Document Workflow Solution for "ZapSib-2" (Development)

    The system—developed and implemented by me—handles and categorizes up to approximately 1,000 incoming new revisions of construction documents daily, coordinates work of about 800 people (specialists from "ZapSib-2" engineering team and remote engineering centers, constructors on-site, team leaders, custodians, and directors), and automatically generates all essential reports and registers needed for KPI evaluation and planning. It is now one of the most essential software tools used by SIBUR to automate document workflow for "ZapSib-2."

  • Software for the Monitoring Complex with FBG Sensors (Development)

    I used pure x86 Assembly Language to implement a highly-efficient code library for the processing of spectral responses from Fiber Bragg Grating sensors connected to the monitoring complex to transform their spectral fluctuations into measured and weighted values.

    The terminal application was designed to collect and plot that data in real-time and also had several additional features, like alerting, keeping history tracks, transforming data with arbitrary formulas, etc.


  • Languages

    GraphQL, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, C, Bash Script, XML/XSLT, MXML, Visual FoxPro, ActionScript, Java, PHP, Assembler x86, Solidity, Delphi, Lisp, Prolog, UML, C#
  • Frameworks

    Express.js, Hapi.js,, Adobe Flex, Bootstrap 3+, Redux, React Native, Prototype Framework, Kohana, Cairngorm, Swing, TYPO3, ActiveX
  • Libraries/APIs

    Apache POI, Node.js, React, JDBC, MobX, Antd, Office API, jQuery, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC)
  • Tools

    Apache, Oracle WebCenter Content, Sequelize, Kue, Webpack, Webpack 4, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Maven, Nginx, Oracle RIDC, MATLAB, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, Flash
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Parallel & Distributed Computing, Responsive Web Design (RWD), MVC Design, Unit Testing, Test Automation, Load Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD), Design Patterns, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Agile, Real-time Systems
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, Heroku, Blockchain, Rackspace Cloud, Raspberry Pi, WordPress, AWS EC2, MODx
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, JSON, Databases, Oracle PL/SQL, AWS S3, SQLite, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Regular Expressions, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, Applied Mathematics, Probability Theory, Statistics, Math (Geometry/Trigonometry), Genetic Algorithms, Network Protocols, QA Automation, Software QA, WebDAV, System Administration, System Architecture, Graph Theory, Optimization, User Interface (UI), Cryptography, LDAP, Digital Signature, SSL, SSH, 3D Rendering, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Digital Signal Processing
  • Industry Expertise

    Project Management


  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    2001 - 2003
    Perm State University - Perm, Russia
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    1996 - 2001
    Perm State University - Perm, Russia

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