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Michael Herold

Michael Herold

San Francisco, CA, United States
Member since February 2, 2016
Mike is a talented software engineer with an expertise in web applications. He is fluent in Javascript, Ruby, and Python, and takes pride in writing clean, maintainable code. Mike is based in San Francisco with 4 years of experience in the start-up scene. Mike has focused on both client and server architecture. His strengths include relational and non-relational databases and REST APIs.
Michael is now available for hire
  • BookClicker (via Toptal)
    Ruby on Rails, MySQL, ES6, React.js, Webpack, Redis, Nginx, AWS, Stripe API
  • BuildZoom
    Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Cinvestav
    Atomic Force Microscopy, Solid-State Nuclear Track Detectors
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 5 years
  • PostgreSQL, 4 years
  • Linux, 3 years
  • Elasticsearch, 2 years
  • AngularJS, 2 years
  • Python, 2 years
  • React, 1 year
  • Nginx, 1 year
San Francisco, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
Mac or Linux, Emacs, Git, Chrome
The most amazing...
...thing I've built is a database architecture to ingest and maintain accurate, accessible data for millions of building contractors.
  • Software Developer
    2017 - 2017
    BookClicker (via Toptal)
    • Created an online marketplace for Amazon authors to buy and sell email promotions. 2 weeks after its launch the platform had already seen over $10,000 in gross volume of payments.
    • Developed, configured, and deployed a Rails 5 application.
    • Integrated various external APIs such as Stripe, MailChimp, AWeber, and Amazon's Product Advertising API. This API work included OAuth and OAuth 2 specifications.
    • Handled all the DevOps work; configured a Passenger and Nginx server on an AWS Linux Ubuntu box. Redis and Sidekiq were used to manage background jobs. Assets were served through Amazon's CDN CloudFront and site performance was considered heavily.
    • Securely stored and encrypted sensitive user data. Followed best practices for web and data security.
    • Developed the front-end using JavaScript (ES6) and React.js. The JavaScript code was bundled with Webpack and dependencies were managed with the Node Package Manager (NPM).
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, ES6, React.js, Webpack, Redis, Nginx, AWS, Stripe API
  • Software Developer
    2014 - 2017
    • Developed with Ruby on Rails, following best practices to write readable, maintainable code.
    • Managed MySQL and PostgreSQL databases—building out a data ingestion framework, data modeling, and developing a query optimization to increase the performance of our web application.
    • Built APIs for our single-page applications as well as APIs to power our data partnerships.
    • Built user interfaces which allowed BuildZoom contractors to manage their current projects, communicate with clients, visualize project histories, and manage photo galleries (with AngularJS and jQuery).
    • Developed a matching algorithm involving data normalization, stemming, Levenshtein distances, and stop word filtering which has been at the heart of nearly all of our data partnerships with 3rd parties.
    • Wrote performant data-processing scripts in Ruby and Python.
    • Configured and debugged Elasticsearch (a full-text search engine) indices to improve user search on the site.
    • Implemented Google's machine learning Python module (Scikit-learn) to train a classifier and classify building permit data.
    Technologies: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Physics Research Assistant
    2013 - 2014
    • Used nuclear-track detectors to measure indoor radon exposure in Mexico City homes and offices.
    • Studied different lattice systems of materials using Atomic force microscopy.
    • Attended seminars and colloquiums discussing research in solid-state Physics research.
    • Conducted independent studies in theoretical solid-state physics.
    Technologies: Atomic Force Microscopy, Solid-State Nuclear Track Detectors
  • Physics Teacher
    2012 - 2013
    Green Dot Public Schools
    • Helped young minds to gain an intuition for the physics of the world around them through lab activities and hands-on learning.
    Technologies: Teaching
  • Physics Teaching Assistant
    2010 - 2012
    Auburn University
    • Gave physics instruction to undergraduate engineering students.
    • Assisted students with laboratory assignments.
    • Taught as an assistant for 4 different physics courses.
    Technologies: Fortran, MATLAB
  • BookClicker (Development)

    An online marketplace for Amazon authors to buy and sell email promotions. This is a Ruby on Rails web application that leverages Stripe Connect to allow peer-to-peer payments. Authors integrate with their mailing platform API of choice (MailChimp, AWeber, MailerLite, or ConverKit) to validate and share their mailing list information. The site saw great user traction and a healthy volume of payments within the first couple weeks.

  • Chess Program (Development)

    This is an object-oriented Rails app that understands and enforces the rules of chess. You can see it in action at

  • Languages
    Ruby, JavaScript, Python
  • Frameworks
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS, Flask
  • Paradigms
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Other
  • Libraries/APIs
    Resque, Sidekiq, Gmail API, Stripe API, React, Node.js
  • Tools
  • Platforms
  • Master's degree in Physics
    2010 - 2012
    Auburn University - Auburn, AL, USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
    2004 - 2008
    University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA, USA
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