Michael Salim, Full-stack Developer in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Michael Salim

Full-stack Developer in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Member since February 11, 2020
Michael is a full-stack developer with six years of professional experience and a sweeping range of technology skills. He has built a wide variety of web and mobile applications such as manufacturing simulators, eCommerce, HR systems, games, and religious study tools. Michael loves to create and innovate software solutions, he welcomes challenges, and he views imagination as the only limit.
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  • Cimlogic
    Windows Server, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML...
  • MI Promotional Sourcing
    SQL, MySQL, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Laravel, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress
  • My Place Newcastle
    Serverless, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Aurelia



Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

React, Node.js, TypeScript, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an internal management system that is fully integrated with fingerprint detection units.


  • Software Developer

    2019 - 2020
    • Created a production line simulator, allowing tests to be easily created to find bugs before they reached the production floor.
    • Developed various tooling which sped up a business process by 80% and guaranteed correctness.
    • Identified a risk and acted upon it, saving the client several days of investigation in the manufacturing site.
    Technologies: Windows Server, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, C#
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2019
    MI Promotional Sourcing
    • Identified, fixed, and retrieved lost financial assets worth thousands of pounds that would have otherwise never been found.
    • Reduced website loading time by more than 70%, improved the user experience, and significantly reduced development time.
    • Integrated modern technologies and frameworks into the official website, massively decreasing the development time and cost to extend the website.
    • Redesigned sections of the website, reducing user confusion and support tickets.
    • Fixed most of the design problems and took the initiative to implement new features based on feedback from users.
    Technologies: SQL, MySQL, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Laravel, PHP, WooCommerce, WordPress
  • Full-stack Developer

    2017 - 2017
    My Place Newcastle
    • Delivered a website running serverless in the cloud. Managed deployment to minimize the amount of maintenance required.
    • Fulfilled the hosting requirement and set up the website at no cost until a reasonable scale was reached.
    • Created full admin access to the CMS operations for the client.
    Technologies: Serverless, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Aurelia
  • App Developer

    2017 - 2017
    Hippo Powerbank
    • Consulted on and budgeted project plans for applications and internal systems, ensuring that all plans were achievable and profitable.
    • Developed proprietary systems and tools that were integrated into the production pipeline for a hardware product. This included a cross-platform mobile application that was fully connected to the back end.
    • Participated in designing, storyboarding, and specification testing to match client requests.
    Technologies: REST APIs, React Native
  • Full-stack Developer

    2014 - 2016
    • Developed and maintained a responsive C# windows application, using WinForms and a WPF GUI library.
    • Established a software update pipeline including the distribution method for .NET applications.
    • Built an automated attendance system connected to custom hardware such as a fingerprint sensor.
    • Performed validation and testing of a finished application, thereby achieving the client's objective. Documented notes and guides for further development and use.
    • Designed and developed responsive web applications, web scraping for a variety of functions, and interactive websites.
    Technologies: Node.js, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), WinForms, Visual Basic, C#


  • MiTunes: Gift Code eCommerce

    A WooCommerce-based website for selling gift codes. As a full-stack developer of this site, my work included phone and video verification to reduce the number of illegal transactions. I also developed and implemented a gift code eligibility process for automated gift code redemption, which I developed later.

  • Web and Mobile App for Product Tracking

    A pair of React and React Native apps for tracking sold phones. A product code and barcode are generated for each phone sold. These codes are tied to a tiered promotion system, incentivizing users and vendors to scan them in order to gain rewards. I was the sole developer of this project, collaborating with other departments as needed.

  • eCommerce App for a Coffee Chain

    A React Native-based app for ordering coffee. I was the front-end developer of this app that accepts pickup orders and integrates them with another system, allowing each store to receive orders as necessary.

  • Timesheet Browser Extension for ConnectWise

    A React-based web extension used to automate the timesheet entry process. I was the sole developer of the extension. Later, I worked with an engineer to integrate this with a gyroscope-based toy. This extension saved a few hours every week, allowing developers to spend more time on things that matter.

  • Internal Payroll System

    A React and Node.js-based system integrated with a fingerprint detection unit. I was the full-stack developer for this system that automatically retrieves data from a fingerprint detection unit, allowing employees to see their expected salaries.

  • Beyond Stars: A Novel and Puzzle Mobile Game (Android)

    An innovative Unity3D game that combines the visual novel and puzzle genres. I collaborated with a talented artist to bring exciting new gameplay to life. In addition to managing the project, I developed everything other than the graphics, including the sound.

  • The Last: A Survival Game Made in 48 Hours

    A React-based game—including graphics, sound, and gameplay—I built during Ludum Dare 39, an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. The project includes a robust tile rendering engine powered with CSS Grid to show the power of the feature.

  • SourceMod with Discord Integration

    A SourceMod with full integration to Discord bots. I was the full-stack developer for this project, in charge of creating custom commands and hooks between the two systems. This mod allows custom objects and skins to be used within the game.

  • Sunday Service Streaming Automation

    A repository of packages helps automate the process of producing a weekly video for Sunday services. The project was born when COVID-19 forced churches to stream their Sunday services online. I am the sole developer, collaborating with many volunteers who help with editing the videos.

  • MyWorshipList: A Website for Managing Worship Songs

    A PHP-based website that allows users to easily refer to worship songs for personal or congregational needs. I was the front-end developer working with another back-end developer on this project. I also worked on data collection and storage to make sure all the lyrics are accurate.

  • Open-source Note-taking Website for the Bible

    A React-based website that helps users read and study the bible. I was the sole developer of this project including design, implementation, and maintenance. It's a side project that I developed in my free time.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, C#, SQL, CSS, HTML5, Markdown, HTML, TypeScript, PHP, Java, PL/pgSQL, GraphQL, Python, Visual Basic
  • Frameworks

    React Native, Express.js, Laravel, Lumen, Next.js, Bootstrap, Unity3D, Flutter, Cypress.io, Redux, .NET, Aurelia, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, jQuery, Antd, SendGrid API, Twilio API, Three.js, react-spring, PostGREST, React Redux, REST APIs, WinForms
  • Tools

    Git, Adminer, Create React App, Webpack
  • Paradigms

    REST, Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile, DevOps, Azure DevOps
  • Platforms

    Docker, Linux, Visual Studio Code, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, WordPress, Windows Server, WooCommerce
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, JSON, MySQL, Backblaze B2, AWS S3, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Problem Solving, Web Scraping, Data Processing, Axios, Single-page Applications (SPA), Time Management, Data Collection, Game Design, SaaS, OEE, Data Visualization, Serverless
  • Industry Expertise

    Project Management

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