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Miguel Angel Orenes Fernandez

Miguel Angel Orenes Fernandez

Murcia, Spain
Member since April 11, 2014
Miguel is a back-end, cross-platform, C++ developer for iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. He has extensive experience in Qt and Linux environments, developing continuously running systems and unit testing. He also is skilled with MySQL and Node.js.
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  • DisplayNote
    C++, Haxe/nme, Node.js, MySQL, Cross Platform, HTTP, WebSocket
  • Infomicro
    C++, Linux, Wireshark, SIP, TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, SCCP
  • SAES
    C++, Qt, CORBA, iLog, Linux, multi-thread, distributed systems
  • Multithreading, 7 years
  • UML, 7 years
  • C++, 7 years
  • Qt, 4 years
  • MySQL, 3 years
  • Scrum, 2 years
  • Node.js, 1 year
Murcia, Spain
Preferred Environment
Linux, Windows
The most amazing...
...thing I've been involved in is the development of a cross-platform media environment connected via the Cloud.
  • Back-end Team Lead
    2012 - PRESENT
    • Created multi-platform applications (Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android), using Scrum as a software development framework and JIRA for project management.
    • Integrated severals open source libraries (FFmpeg, POCO C++, SDL, and more) to create cross-platform applications.
    • Developed a scalable Cloud system based on Node.js.
    • Developed a solid product capable of working on an undefined network environment. Used a useful log mechanism to get the best feedback on issues.
    • Developed a technical support layer.
    • Created quick and functional prototypes in order to get a viability study and schedule new projects.
    • Helped my colleagues on their development tasks.
    Technologies: C++, Haxe/nme, Node.js, MySQL, Cross Platform, HTTP, WebSocket
  • Freelance Developer
    2010 - 2012
    • Created a C++ VoIP recorder on a CISCO environment.
    • Used Wireshark extensively to understand how a Cisco Call Manager works with SIP.
    • Studied network protocols in depth, including: SIP, TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, and SCCP.
    • Used several libraries such as LIBPCAP, sndfile, and Boost.
    • Integrated and used audio codecs including G711, G722, G729, and ILBC.
    Technologies: C++, Linux, Wireshark, SIP, TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, SCCP
  • Software Engineer
    2009 - 2012
    • Developed sonar HMI with a Qt/C++ system on a distributed environment based on CORBA. Ensured very high tolerance, no memory leaks, a good profile, and the ability to run at all times.
    • Changed all our core design by changing from mono-threaded to multi-threaded design in order to avoid a networking collapse by buffer overflow.
    • Performed UML design and code generation with Rhapsody.
    • Helped placement students and junior developers to join the team and quickly get up to speed.
    • Worked on a varying working environment with system engineers, experts on signal processing, and remote workers.
    • Created tools to analyze and render an acoustic underwater signal with iLog/C++.
    Technologies: C++, Qt, CORBA, iLog, Linux, multi-thread, distributed systems
  • Developer
    2007 - 2009
    Universidad de Murcia
    • Created a C++ acoustic underwater (sonobuoys) simulator on a distributed system based on CORBA, ensuring high tolerance, no memory leaks, and acceptable performance standards.
    • Created a Qt3.3 HMI capable of defining, generating, and reproducing underwater acoustics.
    • Developed a Qt4.2 tool capable of recording all user events (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and reproducing them in order to automate system tests.
    • Created a Qt/C++ sonar simulator on a distributed system based on CORBA, ensuring high tolerance, no memory leaks and acceptable performance.
    • Built a C++ sonar tool able to stimulate an acoustic processing system.
    • Worked on a small, exigent team with 2 other developers.
    Technologies: C++, Qt, CORBA, Linux
  • Open HMI Tester (Development)

    We developed an application to automate HMI testing. It was capable of recording and playing all keyboard and mouse events on a Qt4.x over a Linux application. Technologies used include C++, Qt, and XML (

  • SDL-AS (Development)

    As part of the HMI Software Development team, I defined and designed the software architecture in order to be able to communicate all our software components. I also developed several tools to analyze and render an acoustic signal and weather radar and to control the full system. Technologies used include C++, Qt, iLog, CORBA, Linux, GDB, Valgrind, and gprof.

  • Cross Recorder (Development)

    I developed the application core capable of recording all calls managed for a CUCM on a CISCO environment. I included some filter rules in order to record only some specific phone lines and time ranges at run time. Technologies used include C++, Wireshark, SIP, TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, and SCCP.

  • DisplayNote (Development)

    DisplayNote transforms presentations for presenters and participants. Use it to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android and mirror your screen to every participant’s device. Attendees can view and capture your slides on their device and collaborate with each other in real-time. I designed and developed all our communication components to run on local and Cloud environments. Technologies used include C++, Haxe/nme, MySQL, and Node.js.

  • Languages
    C++, UML, HaXe
  • Frameworks
    Qt, LIVE555, GStreamer
  • Libraries/APIs
    POCO C++, FFmpeg, libpcap, Node.js, WebRTC
  • Platforms
    Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac
  • Tools
    cURL Command Line Tool, Mercurial, Gcov, Valgrind, Gprof, GDB, Subversion (SVN), CVS, Sublime Text, Android NDK, Wireshark, Visual Studio
  • Paradigms
    Scrum, Concurrent Programming, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Kanban, Rapid Prototyping, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Storage
    MySQL, SQLite
  • Other
    NME, CORBA, Multithreading
  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering
    2002 - 2007
    Universidad de Murcia - Murcia, Spain
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