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Mikki Freeman

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PSD to HTML Developer

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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September 21, 2017

Mikki is a Los Angeles based Front-end Web Developer with over ten years of experience. He's programmed and designed an assortment of sites, from simple micro-sites to large sites with complex functionality for end-clients such as Rockstar Energy Drink, Ole Smoky, Popchips, Guayaki, Lexus, Champs, and Sab Miller.


Build Automation, Laravel, Node.js, LAMP, React, jQuery, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS...
Sitecore, Build Automation, ECMAScript (ES6), jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5
Microsoft/Rockstar Energy Drink
Build Automation, LAMP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5




Preferred Environment

Git, Sublime Text

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is an online ad serving platform I co-founded, designed, and programmed as a front-end developer and chief designer.

Work Experience

Senior Front-end Engineer

2017 - 2018
  • Developed and maintained multiple healthcare websites.
  • Contributed to proprietary checkout system built with ES6 and Node Server.
  • Cleaned up and refactored code for various websites.
  • Collaborated with team members to identify areas of improvement and optimization.
  • Developed a web application using React, Redux, Reselect, Saga, and Recompose.
  • Worked on a mobile application using React Native.
Technologies: Build Automation, Laravel, Node.js, LAMP, React, jQuery, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, HTML, HTML5

Front-end/Javascript Developer

2016 - 2017
  • Collaborated with other developers to launch multiple websites as a front-end developer.
  • Utilized ES6 to create various modules and jQuery plugins.
  • Created responsive web pages using a custom CSS framework.
Technologies: Sitecore, Build Automation, ECMAScript (ES6), jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Web Developer

2016 - 2017
Microsoft/Rockstar Energy Drink
  • Developed a sweepstakes a collaborative microsite for Microsoft and Gears of War 4, enabling users to redeem Rockstar can codes for Gears of War downloadable content packs.
  • Involved from day-one in project planning and execution.
  • Handled all front-end development from start to finish.
  • Responsible for user exeprience, including the creation of wireframes and origional UI designs.
  • Made creative decisions as the designer and front-end developer that resulted in minimal design revisions, and eliminated costly back-and-forth with the client, resulting in the completion of complex project that was delivered on time, on spec, and and on budget.
Technologies: Build Automation, LAMP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Lead Front-end Developer

2013 - 2016
Rockstar Energy Drink
  • Responsible for the front-end development and maintenance of rockstarenergy.com.
  • Developed mobile version of rockstarenergy.com, including its complete design.
  • Designed and implemented theme for a Magento-powered web store.
  • Responsible for the design and front-end programming of an enterprise-level sales portal with AMD architecture utilizing Foundation, Require and Backbone.
  • Designed and developed a custom CMS used to manage site content.
  • Created an online document storage system allowing users to upload, download, and share documents.
Technologies: Build Automation, LAMP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML5

Front-end Web Developer

2015 - 2015
Sab Miller
  • Developed an Online Print Portal web app that allowed users to browse and customize pre-built templates for things such as banners, tent cards, and posters.
  • Created an online editing tool that allowed users to customize print templates by adding custom copy and pictures, and changing the size, positing, and styling of text and images. After saving customized templates, users could place orders, which would be sent to a print-shop for printing and shipping.
Technologies: Build Automation, LAMP, ZURB Foundation, Backbone.js, jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Front-end Web Developer

2014 - 2015
Ole Smoky
  • Handled all front-end development for a complete site overhaul project as the primary front-end developer.
  • Created a responsive version of site based on its desktop design.
  • Managed additional site updates, including creation of new pages and functionality updates.
  • Integrated website into a custom-built CMS.
Technologies: Build Automation, LAMP, Backbone.js, jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Co-founder | UX Developer

2013 - 2015
  • Co-founded a mobile-centric ad serving platform.
  • Oversaw everything front-end related, including interface design and programming site functionality.
  • Created a Javascript framework from the ground-up containing custom tools and modules.
  • Developed an online ad builder allowing users to create and serve ads using custom images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Technologies: LAMP, Backbone.js, jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Web Developer

2011 - 2013
Team One
  • Implemented designs, refactored code, and created new pages and functionality for Lexus.com.
  • Contributed to a variety of additional front-end projects, including email templates and micro sites.
  • Utilized object-oriented, non-framework Javascript for functionality, as required.
  • Created an extensive online asset management system using C# and SQL Server.
Technologies: .NET, C#, HP TeamSite, jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Web Developer

2010 - 2011
Icon Mobile
  • Developed pixel-perfect websites for a wide variety of mobile phones, including Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and over a dozen blackberry devices (back when Blackberry was still a thing).
  • Created techniques that allowed for compatibility across a wide range of devices using a single CSS code base, replacing the need for hacks and various phone-specific stylesheets.
  • Used object-oriented native Javascript to add dynamic functionality to pages, including custom-built gesture functionality.
Technologies: LAMP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML5

Web Developer

2009 - 2010
  • Contributed to implementation of a complete site redesign.
  • Converted designs into pixel-perfect HTML templates.
  • Integrated templates into a Java-powered back-end.
  • Created new functionality and pages.
  • Enhanced and optimized existing pages.
Technologies: Java, jQuery, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Web Developer

2008 - 2009
  • Created pixel-perfect cross-browser compatible microsites and landing pages on a daily basis for clients such as Autodesk, HSBC, Intuit, Intel, and Citrix.
  • Built sites using development techniques that required little or no cross-browser tweaks.
  • Worked on LAMP-powered backend used to serve microsites and track user activity.
Technologies: LAMP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Web Developer

2007 - 2008
  • Oversaw site functionality programming.
  • Designed and implemented a site redesign.
  • Contributed to product branding.
Technologies: .NET, CSS, HTML, HTML5

Rockstar/Microsoft Gears of War 4 Sweepstakes

The Rockstar + Gears of War 4 Sweepstakes was a micro site where people could enter can tab codes and gain access to official Gears of War 4 downloadable content, and become eligible for a chance to win daily and weekly Gears of War 4 prize packs.

My responsibilities included creating wireframes, UX, site design, and front-end development as well as participating in the initial and ongoing planning of the project.

Bijou Van Ness

Bijou Vanness is a boutique shop specializing in creating uniquely designed hats in a wide range of styles.

As the designer and front-end developer on this project, I was responsible for creating the site's design, converting it to HTML, and integrating it into Wordpress and WooCommerce.

V+CO Media

V+CO Media is a digital agency focused on helping companies develop their brand online. As a partner, many of my freelance projects have been through V+CO Media as the lead frontend developer and, occasionally, website designer.

For V+CO Media, I was responsible for the design and development of the website and its integration into a custom CMS.


CSS, Sass, HTML, JavaScript, HTML5, ECMAScript (ES6), Java, C#, PHP


ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap, Laravel, .NET


jQuery, React, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Node.js


Trello, Subversion (SVN), Atlassian Suite, Gulp, Sublime Text, Grunt, Git


PSD to HTML, Software Development, Front-end Development, WordPress Themes, Build Automation, Sitecore, HP TeamSite, UI Development


Agile Software Development, Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Industry Expertise

Web Design