Minica Ionut Cristian, Full-stack Web Developer in Palermo, Province of Palermo, Italy
Minica Ionut Cristian

Full-stack Web Developer in Palermo, Province of Palermo, Italy

Member since June 8, 2020
Cristian is a full-stack web developer with several years of experience building beautiful, performant mobile and web applications that meet or exceed industry standards. Thanks to his enthusiasm for tech, Cristian also has several side projects in a range of areas, including machine learning. Working with Cristian, you’ll soon see that his innate curiosity and willingness to ask hard questions quickly is an asset to any project.
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Palermo, Province of Palermo, Italy



Preferred Environment

Linux, MacOS, Windows, Google Docs, Slack, Firefox, Postman, Terminal, VS Code

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was porting a 3D game engine to Windows Phone 8 that powered the AAA mobile game, Assassin's Creed: Pirates.


  • Freelance Senior Chrome Extension Developer

    2021 - PRESENT
    US Services Company (via Toptal)
    • Created the UI/UX for an extension popup and in-page presentation.
    • Integrated for a client a custom search engine in a Chrome extension.
    • Set up a packaging system for deployment in the Chrome Web Store.
    Technologies: Chrome Extensions, Web Extensions, CSS, JavaScript, REST, WordPress, PostgreSQL, ECMAScript (ES6), Front-end Architecture
  • Freelance Senior Full-stack Developer (React, Node.js)

    2020 - 2021
    Global Fertilizer Company (via Toptal)
    • Developed the front-end features with React and GraphQL for a SaaS app that helps farmers manage, monitor via satellites, and make better decisions about their crops.
    • Worked on GraphQL and Nest.js microservices backed by PostgreSQL database.
    • Handled billing, subscription, and payments via Zuora.
    Technologies: YARN, Responsive UI, Responsive Design, Slack, VS Code, RESTful Microservices, Authentication, JSON, HTML, API Gateways, Jest, TypeScript, Git, NPM, Express.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Full-stack, Microservices, Zuora, Design Systems, UX Design, NestJS, GraphQL, React, REST, ECMAScript (ES6), Front-end Architecture
  • Full-stack Developer (Node.js, Vue.js, MongoDB)

    2019 - 2021
    • Set up servers in Node.js and MongoDB on DigitalOcean.
    • Created a RESTful API in Node.js with proper JWT authentication mechanism.
    • Created a Vue.js single-page application with Bootstrap.
    Technologies: VS Code, JSON, HTML, Responsive UI, Responsive Design, Responsive Layout, Git, PWA, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Vue, Full-stack, CSS, Mongoose, Ubuntu, Vue 2, NPM, Express.js, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, REST, ECMAScript (ES6), Front-end Architecture
  • Technical Lead (AWS, MongoDB, Node.js, Vue.js)

    2015 - 2021
    • Developed an onboarding service from scratch called Bytes Route. It has two parts: a single-page web application and a Chrome extension.
    • Led a project that involved the UI revamp of on XML and XSLT).
    • Contributed, oversaw launch processes, and managed production services for multiple user-facing and admin web applications, including
    • Oversaw the creation, training, management, and mentoring of a team of web developers.
    • Provided technical know-how about web development to interested parties inside the company.
    • Setup a processing pipeline with three MongoDB clusters and one RabbitMQ cluster that can handle billions of data points.
    Technologies: Microservices, Slack, VS Code, JSON, HTML, Responsive UI, Responsive Design, Responsive Layout, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), PWA, Web Scraping, Data Scraping, React, Data Processing, RabbitMQ, Chai, Jest, Mocha, CSS, Mongoose, RESTful Microservices, PHP, Ubuntu, Vue 2, NPM, Express.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, API Gateways, Full-stack, AngularJS, Email Authentication, Authentication, MongoDB, Chrome Extensions, XSLT, Ant, Vue, Bootstrap, Node.js, REST, TensorFlow, ECMAScript (ES6), Puppeteer, Front-end Architecture
  • Freelance Senior Chrome Extension Developer (React, MongoDB, Node.js, AWS)

    2020 - 2020
    US Global Analytics Company (via Toptal)
    • Developed a complex Chrome extension that helped people create a profile and share data from various sources like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify and get paid for it.
    • Built scrapers for multiple data sources including Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix history.
    • Constructed a beautiful interface using React and Bulma.
    • Created and managed AWS servers with self-hosted MongoDB and Node.js/Express.js.
    Technologies: VS Code, JSON, HTML, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, Web Scraping, Data Scraping, CSS, Mongoose, Ubuntu, NPM, Express.js, JavaScript, Full-stack, Email Authentication, Authentication, SCSS, Bulma, Node.js, MongoDB, React, Chrome Extensions, REST, ECMAScript (ES6), Front-end Architecture
  • Game Engine Developer

    2013 - 2014
    • Ported a 3D game engine written in C++ for the Modern Windows platform.
    • Created a packaging and signing server application in Django (Python) to simplify the building and testing of the game.
    • Oversaw the launch process in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 application stores.
    Technologies: VS Code, JSON, HTML, Git, Full-stack, CSS, Django, Python, C++


  • Bytes Route

    Bytes Route is a service that improves user onboarding. I was in charge of the technical part as well as building, training, and managing the team. The value proposition is to create user onboarding tours without writing any code.

  • Advanced Installer Website

    The presentation and documentation website for Advanced Installer. It has millions of users, and I was in charge of the UI revampment and modernization of the old website. I had strict requirements to maintain the old codebase, performance, and SEO. I also had to make the website responsive and apply new layouts and styles. We ended up using a new build system.

  • Installer Analytics

    A SaaS analytics service for Windows installers. I worked on new report generation, analytics, presentation, and UI improvements for the front end along with DevOps, database administration, and RESTful microservices on the back-end side.

  • Padopto

    A mobile app for checklists. It allows the user to generate reusable checklist templates, upload or download checklist templates from the gallery, view analytics, and embed a checklist widget in a web page.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, C++, PHP, C#, Java, Swift, XSLT, SCSS
  • Frameworks

    Bootstrap, Express.js, AngularJS, Jest, NestJS, Laravel, Angular, Django, Bulma, YARN
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, Vue, React, Vue 2, jQuery, Chai, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, TensorFlow, Puppeteer, Windows API, Keras, PyTorch, REST APIs
  • Tools

    NPM, Git, Mongoose, Mocha, RabbitMQ, VS Code, Terminal, Postman, Slack, Google Docs, Robomongo
  • Paradigms

    Responsive Layout, REST, Test-driven Development (TDD), UX Design, Microservices, RESTful Development
  • Storage

    JSON, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Chrome Extensions, APIs, Full-stack, API Gateways, Data Scraping, Data Processing, Responsive Design, Responsive UI, Front-end Architecture, RESTful Microservices, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), UiPath, Authentication, Email Authentication, PWA, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Web Scraping, Screen Scraping, Scraping, Machine Learning, Ant, Design Systems, Zuora, Web Extensions, Web Security, Web App Security, RESTful Services
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, iOS, Firefox, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, WordPress
  • Industry Expertise



  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering
    2014 - 2016
    University of Craiova—Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics - Craiova, Romania
  • Bachelor's Degree in Automation and Applied Information Technology
    2010 - 2014
    University of Craiova—Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics - Craiova, Romania


  • PyTorch Essential Training: Deep Learning
  • Building RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express.js
    JUNE 2020 - PRESENT
  • Programming Foundations: Web Security
    JUNE 2020 - PRESENT
  • UiPath RPA Developer
  • Machine Learning
    MARCH 2018 - PRESENT
    Stanford Online University

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