Miroslav Braun, Full-stack Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Miroslav Braun

Full-stack Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since March 24, 2016
Since 2009, Miroslav has been working as a professional full-stack developer—developing web applications with modern technologies. He is a great team player yet no stranger to handling solo projects with ease. Given the broad spectrum of full-stack development, he can handle anything from small styling changes to server administration.
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  • SICK Gmbh
    TypeScript, Three.js, React
  • gebrüderheitz
    Push Notifications, Nginx, Varnish, Redux, React, PostgreSQL, MariaDB...
  • SofaScore
    Nginx, Varnish, WebSockets, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript...



Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

Webpack, YARN, Composer, Git, PhpStorm, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a site for presenting live scores of sports matches.


  • Web Developer

    2019 - 2019
    SICK Gmbh
    • Devised a workaround for rendering images on a plane which are larger than the max texture size of WebGL.
    Technologies: TypeScript, Three.js, React
  • Web Developer

    2016 - 2019
    • Created a database model, protocols, a Node.js server, and web client for a news flash system to display the news on a physical LED board and for the web/mobile devices.
    • Performed server and database administration tasks.
    • Created a scraper for iTunes app reviews.
    • Implemented Oracle Eloqua forms with dynamic field configurations using React.
    • Researched the Appcelerator platform.
    • Created a questionnaire app with React and Redux that uses Oracle Eloqua as storage.
    • Developed a multitenant back-end, API, admin API, and tenant discovery service for a mobile app about giving and receiving feedback from its users (with feedback statistics, repeated surveys and push notifications) using TypeScript, Node.js, and the Nest.js framework.
    • Built the back-end, WebSocket server, API, and front-end for a collaborative Agile board app with a GitHub integration using TypeScript, Node.js, the Nest.js framework, React, and Redux.
    • Created form builder for Oracle Eloqua forms using React, Redux, TypeScript, MongoDB and Symfony 4.
    Technologies: Push Notifications, Nginx, Varnish, Redux, React, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, WebSockets, Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP
  • Web Developer

    2013 - 2016
    • Implemented and maintained the user-facing part of the system using PHP and Symfony 2 for the back-end and a custom made JS framework for the front-end.
    • Created a Node.js notification server and front-end client that uses WebSockets to distribute notifications.
    • Developed a system for automatic HTTP cache invalidation based on model data changes.
    • Created a custom data serializer with property serialization groups, virtual property serialization, and property inclusion/exclusion.
    • Implemented most of the site's back-end for user statistics, affiliate tracking, system, data, user management, and maintenance.
    • Implemented part of the affiliate tracking system and system for sharing league tables on affiliate websites.
    • Implemented a banner-sharing-and-tracking system.
    • Implemented a crawler and automatic page tester for the website using Node.js and Phantom.js.
    • Implemented an API consumed by mobile applications.
    Technologies: Nginx, Varnish, WebSockets, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Node.js, JavaScript, Symfony 2, PHP
  • Web Developer

    2012 - 2013
    • Created a custom CMS in Zend Framework 1.x with support for modules and multiple languages/translations.
    • Developed portals using the custom-built CMS.
    • Designed a project-specific database model.
    Technologies: Zend Framework, CSS, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP
  • Freelance Web Developer

    2009 - 2013
    Freelance Work
    • Developed a custom eCommerce site using Zend Framework 1.x and MySQL. The solution supports orders, multiple product variants, discounts, and PayPal payments.
    • Created WordPress sites.
    • Built an appointment scheduling system for hairdresser studio.
    • Created a portfolio CMS for a personal web page.
    • Developed a custom CMS with static/dynamic pages and a multi-user back-end with access control, dynamic menus, and automatic breadcrumbs.
    Technologies: Zend Framework, WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP


  • Languages

    JavaScript 6, TypeScript, TypeScript 2, TypeScript 3, ES5, ES7, PHP 5, ECMAScript (ES6), HTML, Object-oriented JavaScript (OOJS), PHP, JavaScript, SQL, PHP 7, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Bash, C, C#, Lua
  • Frameworks

    Redux, Jest, Express.js, Symfony 3, Symfony 2, Symfony, Ember.js, NestJS, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), PHPUnit, Symfony 4, YARN, Entity, .NET, Zend Framework, Jasmine
  • Libraries/APIs

    Socket.IO, Doctrine 2, Doctrine, WS, React Redux, Redux Form, React Router, REST APIs, jQuery, React, Node.js, GitHub API, Redux-saga, Normalizr, PhantomJS, Stripe API, jQuery Plugins, jQuery UI, Three.js
  • Tools

    Git, Redux Thunk, JavaScript Testing, PhpStorm, OneSignal, Mocha, Webpack, Nginx, Varnish, Subversion (SVN), Composer, PM2, Behat, Karma, Apache, Supervisor, Adobe Photoshop
  • Paradigms

    Asynchronous Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Database Design, Promise, REST, API Architecture, REST API Architecture, Web Design Patterns, Design Patterns, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), DevOps, Agile Software Development, JavaScript Design Patterns, Gang of Four (GOF) Design Patterns, Distributed Computing, Domain-driven Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Parallel Computing
  • Storage

    MySQL/MariaDB, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Doctrine MongoDB ODM, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    WebSockets, API Design, APIs, Web Development, Full-stack, ES6 Promises, Front-end Development, System Development, System Architecture, System Architecture Design, Architecture, SaaS, Push Notifications, TypeORM, System Design, Annotations, SSH, Code Architecture, Software Design, Hexagonal Architecture, TSLint, Stripe Payments, PayPal, Caching
  • Platforms

    Linux, Software Design Patterns, WordPress, Apache2


  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering and Information Systems
    2008 - 2013
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia

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