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Miroslav Maraz, SQL Developer in Philadelphia, PA, United States
Miroslav Maraz

SQL Developer in Philadelphia, PA, United States

Member since May 15, 2016
Miroslav is now available for hire
Miroslav Maraz, SQL Developer in Philadelphia, PA, United States
Miroslav Maraz

SQL Developer in Philadelphia, PA, United States

Member since May 15, 2016
Miro is a versatile software engineer with a mix of skills ranging from application development to data engineering and data science. He has 15 years of experience building and delivering data-driven applications to clients of all sizes. He is extremely flexible and able to work as a standalone freelancer or integrate within teams. Miro currently builds intelligent web applications and APIs with embedded smart algorithms and machine learning.
Miroslav is now available for hire


  • Untitled Research
    Python, R, C#, SQL Server 2016, PostGres, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, BreezeJS...
  • Coldlight | PTC
    Talend, AWS, Redshift, SQL Server, PostGres, MySQL, MongoDb, C#, Python, Java...
  • Connolly (Cotiviti)
    SQL Server (Full-Stack), Pervasive Integrator, SSIS, OLAP, R, HTML, ERStudio


  • SQL, 16 years
  • Database Design, 10 years
  • OLAP, 10 years
  • .NET, 7 years
  • Python, 4 years
  • NoSQL, 3 years
  • APIs, 3 years
Philadelphia, PA, United States



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, VS Code, Spyder, PyCharm, RStudio

The most amazing...

...project I've architected was a smart healthcare platform that combined medical data from 160 million individuals with machine learning to predict various risks.


  • CTO | Lead Architect

    2015 - PRESENT
    Untitled Research
    • Created a predictive API with Python, Flask, MongoDB, PostGres, and
    • Designed a desktop master data management application using C#, SQL Server, Entity Framework and DevExpress components.
    • Developed a responsive Angular application for movie data.
    • Created an internal toolkit based on R Server, SQL Server 2016 and H2O that enables rapid development of predictive models and collects supporting data and metadata.
    • Crafted interactive noetebooks that visualized historic data for a music industry client with R Markdown, Bootstrap, Plotly, and Impala SQL.
    Technologies: Python, R, C#, SQL Server 2016, PostGres, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, BreezeJS, Docker
  • Technical Director | Data Services

    2014 - 2015
    Coldlight | PTC
    • Architected a database system that collected 1.1 billion+ healthcare transactions and events for 160 million individuals with Talend and Amazon Redshift.
    • Created a metadata-driven feature engineering and data transformation utility capable of transforming raw data into input features for a machine learning process.
    • Created several workflows in Talend that interacted with several database systems and machine learning and persist the results of machine learning processes.
    • Oversaw an implementation of a Talend-based master data management solution that replaced proprietary, labor intensive solution.
    • Assisted colleagues from various departments to optimize data engineering and data transformation techniques and methods.
    Technologies: Talend, AWS, Redshift, SQL Server, PostGres, MySQL, MongoDb, C#, Python, Java, Tableau
  • Lead SQL Developer | Technical Data Analyst

    2009 - 2014
    Connolly (Cotiviti)
    • Led the re-engineering effort of a 6+TB data warehouse that enhanced performance while reducing storage footprint by 20%.
    • Designed a custom, data collection framework that enabled collection of previously unattainable information from 3rd party systems access with AutoIt, SQL Server, and PowerShell.
    • Implemented various enhancements and optimizations to SQL based ETL processes to enhance performance and reduce processing time by 63%.
    • Developed various data mining analysis of healthcare claim data aiming at identifying anomalies with SQL Server SSAS Data mining algorithms.
    • Created a custom rule engine with XML based storage and SQL based execution that allowed users to create, store and execute business rules against the data warehouse and find qualifying records.
    • Authored and lectured a SQL server advanced course for an internal team of SQL developers.
    Technologies: SQL Server (Full-Stack), Pervasive Integrator, SSIS, OLAP, R, HTML, ERStudio
  • Software Engineer | Data Architect | Co-founder

    2006 - 2009
    KRESS, Slovakia, EU
    • Designed a custom data processing and master data management platform that integrated pharmaceutical sales, logistics and CRM data with VB.NET, DevExpress, and SQL Server.
    • Led the development of a data analysis tool that allowed 400+ users to explore and visualize millions of rows of sales data offline with a proprietary ROLAP technology.
    • Created a GIS-based mapping module that enabled the end users to customize maps and create and analyze sales across custom regions.
    • Automated data aggregation processes used to create offline cubes with metadata driven by using VB, SQL Server, and a proprietary ROLAP engine.
    Technologies: .NET (C#, VB), SQL Server, MySQL, MDX, OLAP, HTML, DevExpress
  • IT Consultant

    2002 - 2009
    Freelance Work
    • Designed and implemented a production management system powered by bar code based data collection that enabled real-time insights into the production progress.
    • Designed a PocketPC based app that allowed plant managers to monitor production progress in real-time from anywhere within the facility.
    • Built a school management application that helped manage courses, classrooms, scheduling, billing, and reporting.
    • Implemented and customized a groupware system for the knowledge base, internal scheduling, articles, and polling.
    Technologies: VB6, VB.NET, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebase, MDX, OLAP, Citrix


  • Medical Transportation Intelligence Center (Development)

    A business intelligence system for a medical transportation company that integrated otherwise isolated billing and dispatch systems to allow for simplified reporting, analysis, and effective business management.

  • FLIQ.AI (Development)

    FLIQ is a movie intelligence platform powered by AI technology. It gives unprecedented access to rich, interactive movie analytics.


  • Languages

    SQL, JavaScript, C#, Python, R, Visual Basic, ML Programming Language, Markdown, HTML/CSS, AutoIt
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Frameworks

    .NET, ASP.NET Web API, Flask, Windows PowerShell, AngularJS
  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio, Talend ETL, Mongoose
  • Paradigms

    REST, Database Design, OLAP, Agile Software Development, DevOps
  • Platforms

    Docker, Talend, RStudio, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Other

    Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, APIs, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Virtualization, Data Mining, Lean Startups, DevExpress, Angular Bootstrap
  • Libraries/APIs

    Flask-RESTful, Node.js, NumPy, Breeze.js, NLTK, Windows Forms


  • Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management
    1998 - 2004
    Slovak Technical University - Bratislava, Slovakia, EU
  • MCITP SQL Server Database Administration
  • MCITP SQL Server Business Intelligence
  • MCITP SQL Server Database Development
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