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Morley Tatro

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack and React Developer

Burbank, CA, United States
Toptal Member Since
December 28, 2021

Morley has been a lead software developer for nine years. He specializes in JavaScript-centric workflows focused on front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Svelte, in addition to Node-powered back ends dovetailed with REST and GraphQL APIs. He started his career in PHP and WordPress development. Morley is passionate about functional programming and creating elegant, scalable solutions.


React, Puppeteer, JSDOM, Automation, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, GraphQL...
Cambridge LSAT
JavaScript, ECMAScript (ES6), Svelte, Node.js, Express.js, Amazon API...
TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Front-end, API Integration




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Express.js, Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, REST

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is a real estate-centered CRM with a time-scheduled web scraping component on the back end.

Work Experience

Lead Developer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Crafted a custom integration solution, pairing React front end with PostGraphile and GraphQL for managing complex relational data.
  • Automated inspection creation through web scraping, saving an average of ten minutes per record.
  • Implemented automated email campaigns through a SetCronJob API.
  • Integrated a Firestore (NoSQL) database for a custom CRM solution.
Technologies: React, Puppeteer, JSDOM, Automation, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, PostGraphile, SparkPost, Scraping, Front-end, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web Scraping, Email Campaigns, NoSQL, API Integration, Next.js

Lead Developer

2012 - PRESENT
Cambridge LSAT
  • Engineered a custom eCommerce solution integrated with Braintree Hosted Fields and PayPal onsite checkout.
  • Built a universal JavaScript application with a Svelte front end and Express.js back end as an Amazon affiliate store, pulling live pricing and product information.
  • Established one of the first online platforms for downloading and practicing with official LSAT material.
Technologies: JavaScript, ECMAScript (ES6), Svelte, Node.js, Express.js, Amazon API, Braintree API, PayPal, eCommerce, Front-end, Back-end, API Integration

Staff Software Engineer

2022 - 2023
  • Architected and delivered end-to-end rewrite of the authentication front end with crypto wallet login.
  • Led dashboard team and maintained TypeScript/React code quality through thorough code reviews.
  • Collaborated closely with marketplace and lending teams to ensure users' unified experience.
  • Revamped primary GUI library to support custom whitelabel theming in front-end applications.
  • Managed and mentored junior engineers in best practices and functional programming.
Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Front-end, API Integration

Front-end Engineer

2021 - 2022
Golden Hippo Media
  • Transferred the Ionic Angular sales funnel to React and GraphQL for rapid prototyping and split testing.
  • Migrated the underlying deprecated Ionic library to Webpack 5, speeding up local and remote builds by up to six times.
  • Developed a method for file exclusion leading to a tenfold local development speed increase in the workflow.
  • Ensured quality standards through regular code reviews of contractors' codebase contributions.
Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, Ionic, Ionic 4, Webpack, React, React Router, GraphQL, Jira, Front-end, Code Review

Lead Instructor

2019 - 2021
Coding Dojo
  • Co-authored and piloted a React curriculum at the home campus and assisted in migrating the three-stack program from Angular (MEAN stack) to the MERN stack.
  • Served as a core contributor to the program-wide Discord integration, creating a rapid two-click user sign-up process.
  • Created a platform-specific CLI to efficiently track Zoom class attendance and push it to the program's back end. This tool was eventually adopted to track course participants on a broader basis.
  • Integrated the Gmail API for sending automated, template-driven emails to students.
  • Managed two other instructors on-site, supporting all aspects of instruction and campus upkeep.
Technologies: Python, Python 3, Java, JavaScript, C#.NET, React, MongoDB, MySQL, Postman, Web Development, MERN Stack, Discord, Gmail API, API Integration

A React-based CRM for managing real estate inspections, agents, escrow agents, and more. I developed a custom full-stack solution to schedule and manage web scraping, fueling the acquisition of new clients. With the automated data collection, the company scaled from a single-person operation to a thriving team of 15 members.


A platform for relatives and others to easily gift recent graduates with money. I completed the front end using Gatsby for SEO and built a custom back end in Node.js using Postgres as the data store and a GraphQL/Dataloader API interface. The app is connected to Stripe and allows users to quickly and easily send money to registered recipients.


HTML, GraphQL, Python 3, CSS, C#.NET, TypeScript, SQL, JavaScript, Python, Java, ECMAScript (ES6), PHP, Ruby


React, Node.js, Context API, Puppeteer, Amazon API, Braintree API, React Router, Gmail API, Stripe, Stripe API, Google Sheets API


API Integration, Web Scraping, Front-end, Analysis, Economics, Finance, JSDOM, PostGraphile, SparkPost, Scraping, PayPal, Web Development, Code Review, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Campaigns, eCommerce, Back-end, MERN Stack, Discord, Gatsby, Email Coding, Firebase Cloud Functions, Data Loader API


Express.js, Ionic, Ionic 4, Svelte, CodeIgniter 3, Ruby on Rails 4, AngularJS, Next.js


Braintree SDK, Cron, Webpack, Postman, Jira, Google Sheets


REST, Functional Programming, Automation, MEAN Stack, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Firebase, LAMP


PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Cloud Firestore, NoSQL

1996 - 2000

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA


Full-Stack Developer

Coding Dojo