Muhammad Danial Iqbal, Developer in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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Muhammad Danial Iqbal

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Mobile and Software Developer

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Toptal Member Since
October 26, 2022

Muhammad is a web and mobile developer with seven years of experience in React, React Native, and Next.js and has worked with large pharmaceutical, automotive, and real estate companies. He is the lead mobile developer in a data company that helps pharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi improve growth by providing better forecasting, analytics, and insights. Muhammad has led teams and is known for delivering stable applications for high-traffic use (in the millions).


React Native, Visual Studio App Center, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, CSS...
Next.js, React, React Native, Node.js, Strapi, REST APIs, TypeScript, GraphQL...
React Native, JavaScript, REST APIs, TypeScript, CSS, Leadership, iOS, Firebase...




Preferred Environment

React, React Native, Next.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Front-end, Mobile, MySQL, FFmpeg, HTML5, Expo, Responsive Web Design (RWD), CSS3, OAuth 2, Live Chat, Realm

The most amazing...

...high-traffic application I've built is OLX, with over ten million downloads.

Work Experience

Lead Mobile Engineer

2022 - 2022
  • Improved the team structure by introducing practices on reviewing pull requests and Git in teams, estimating, planning, and managing the work according to deadlines as a part of a team coordination challenge I joined.
  • Implemented the ad hoc deployment for their 16 applications (Android and iOS) on the App Center with distribution groups and auto-resigning of profiles.
  • Refactored legacy code pieces that were causing ripples on a regular basis.
Technologies: React Native, Visual Studio App Center, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, CSS, Leadership, AWS Amplify, iOS, Firebase, Android SDK, APIs, Front-end, Mobile, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services (AWS), HTML5, Tailwind CSS, JSON, Expo, Responsive Web Design (RWD), OAuth 2

Principal Software Engineer

2020 - 2022
  • Created a multi-tenant suite for the automobile industry, which included car inspection and auction platforms.
  • Built Lamudi's Pakistan tenant from scratch in Next.js with 90+ page speed scores on all pages.
  • Retired legacy code by replacing it with new code structures and technologies (Next.js and Node.js). Previously it was not an SPA and was built in PHP.
Technologies: Next.js, React, React Native, Node.js, Strapi, REST APIs, TypeScript, GraphQL, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SSG, Server-side Rendering (SSR), CSS, Full-stack, Back-end, Leadership, AWS Amplify, iOS, Firebase, Android SDK, Front-end, Tailwind CSS, JSON, Expo, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Live Chat

Principal Software Engineer

2019 - 2020
  • Led the build of the mobile platform built in React Native.
  • Improved the application's lead-to-conversion ratio and made improvements based on the data collected from funnels and A/B testing on onboarding forms.
  • Implemented the complete face-lift of the application.
Technologies: React Native, JavaScript, REST APIs, TypeScript, CSS, Leadership, iOS, Firebase, Android SDK, Front-end, Tailwind CSS, JSON, Expo

Principal Software Engineer

2019 - 2019
  • Developed a single-page checkout for multiple vendors of an eCommerce platform.
  • Built a React Native web app that works on all platforms with a single codebase.
  • Contributed to an in-house framework for creating a React Native web named BlueBaseJS.
Technologies: React Native for Web, React, React Native, Node.js, REST APIs, TypeScript, GraphQL, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Full-stack, Back-end, Leadership, Android SDK, Front-end, Tailwind CSS, JSON, Expo

Senior Software Engineer

2015 - 2019
  • Developed a progressive web app built in React following Google's best practices and a good page speed score.
  • Integrated multiple product tools to improve and monitor the product's stability, such as Google Optimize (A/B testing), Hotjar (user behavior tracking), Google Analytics (funnels and traffic monitoring), and GTM (Tracking).
  • Built a client as a PWA in React, doubling the time and sessions spent on the app.
Technologies: React, Android, REST APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Server-side Rendering (SSR), Full-stack, Back-end, AWS Amplify, Android SDK, APIs, Front-end, Tailwind CSS, JSON

Pakwheels Mobile Web Platform (PWA)
The web app for both the clients, web, and mobile, was initially a multi-page app built in ROR, but most of the traffic was on the mobile web client, so we built that client as a PWA in React. After the migration, our session count and average time spent on the app doubled. This had a significantly positive impact on the business.

Car Force

This is an end-to-end multi-tenant solution for a car transaction business requiring a minimum set of configurations to have a tenant up and running. The tenants onboarded until I left the company were Dubbizle, OLX, and Kaidee. The suite includes car inspections, car auctions, and a CRM tool. The platform's technology stack is ROR for the headless API back end, React Native for the mobile app, and React for the web administation panel.

CarSwitch React Native App (iOS and Android)
This React Native application deals in the automobile industry as a managed service for onboarding cars after inspecting the car's condition and verifying the seller's documents. This is not a classified platform because they manage buyer's calls and set-up meetings with potential buyers after screening. They have a cut based on the price of every deal.


PakWheels Android Application
A classified automobile platform dealing in cars and bikes with an eCommerce store for automobile parts. The platform also deals in managed services, such as onboarding cars and selling them on a company's behalf, along with a classified section.

Zameen Web App
A classified platform for real estate. The app was previously built in PHP. We migrated it to Next.js on the client side, connected with a newly built headless set of APIs. We also developed new sections of the back end built in Node.js.

OLX Motors Web App
The goal of the application was to grow awareness of the automobile industry, helping buyers make better decisions regarding their new car purchases. The app's main features include car comparisons, car reviews, a tire guide, and a set of features and specifications for new cars.

OLX Motors React Native App
This React Native package embeds in a parent React Native application. The motive of the application was to grow awareness of the automobile industry while helping buyers make decisions with comprehensive research on the available options and prices.
2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST) - Lahore, Pakistan


React, Node.js, React Router, React Navigation, REST APIs, FFmpeg, AWS Amplify, Google Maps, React Native for Web


Visual Studio App Center, Webpack, Babel, Expo, Knex.js, Gulp, Google Places SDK


React Native, Next.js, Flux, Redux, Android SDK, Bootstrap, OAuth 2, Material UI, Tailwind CSS


JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Python, XML, Java, CSS, HTML, HTML5, CSS3


REST, Design Patterns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive Web Design (RWD)


Android, iOS, Firebase, Mobile, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


MySQL, JSON, Realm, Databases, Redis Cache, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


OOP Designs, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), APIs, SSG, Server-side Rendering (SSR), Front-end, Live Chat, Data Structures, Strapi, Full-stack, Back-end, Leadership, Machine Language

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