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Nebojsa Brindic

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Software Developer

Belgrade, Serbia
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October 19, 2017

Nebojsa has a master's degree in software engineering and a decade of development experience, including working in a team that's passed through two startup accelerators with gaming projects. Experiencing this has given him a solid background in game development and entrepreneurship. Recently, he's been specializing in VR/AR development, emphasizing its appliance in sports, education, firefighting, and the military fields.


Black Ring United
Mixed Reality (MR), Oculus, HoloLens, WebGL, Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio...
Photon Optronics
C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)
Bincode Entertainment
WebGL, Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, C#, Unity3D, Oculus




Preferred Environment

Unity, Git, Visual Studio, C#, Unity3D, Software Architecture

The most amazing...

...device I have developed is the augmented reality gas mask with the ability to see through night, smoke, and fog.

Work Experience


2017 - PRESENT
Black Ring United
  • Acted as a lead developer and architect for a roguelike, deckbuilding RPG card game project for desktop, mobile, and VR to be distributed on Steam, Play, App, and Oculus stores. The in-house project is planned for release by the end of 2023.
  • Worked as the lead VR developer for an app psychiatrists use to mimic triggering environments for patients with alcohol, drug, and fear disorders. The app tracks the patient's heart rate through Bluetooth readings from external devices.
  • Built a baseball training VR app for a user audience aimed at batters and umpires. It has speech recognition, real MLS player heatmaps, and personalized animations for each player in the league.
  • Developed SmartTactics, a VR/mobile app system where a soccer coach could create tactics in a 2D editor, and the players could access this data through VR headsets and perceive tactics in the most immersive way.
Technologies: Mixed Reality (MR), Oculus, HoloLens, WebGL, Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio, Virtual Reality (VR), Git, C#, Unity3D, Games, 3D Games


2011 - 2022
Photon Optronics
  • Implemented image processing for night-vision devices, including image sharpening, noise removal, and automation of visual inspection—finding dark spots (blemishes) and calculating vignetting.
  • Developed prototype AR glasses to help firefighters see through darkness and smoke. It's an OpenCV-embedded app that extracts essential contours of the scene recorded by a thermal camera and displays them on AR glasses.
  • Researched and developed a mixed-reality appliance for night-vision military helmets. This included image fusion of night-vision and thermal data displayed on AR glasses.
Technologies: C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)


2014 - 2017
Bincode Entertainment
  • Built a framework for the codeless development of RPG games in Unity3D. It provided users with an extensive system for defining skill trees, abilities, items, weapons, characters, and levels—all must-have ingredients for an RPG game.
  • Served as a lead developer for Svarog: The Awakening; it's a cross-platform game ported to mobile and WebGL. The game had elements of Slavic mythology with a Diablo-like hack-and-slash RPG.
  • Worked on procedural generation of Unity-based 3D sniper games for Android, iOS, and WebGL. This project was a mix of web development and modular Unity game architecture.
  • Developed 3D product customizers for web-based eCommerce platforms. Be it automotive, jewelry, clothing, nautical, or biking industry, I needed to assemble such an architecture that could support a generalized product customizer.
Technologies: WebGL, Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, C#, Unity3D, Oculus

Lead Developer

2011 - 2015
Rodin Diagnostics
  • Networked the DICOM-compliant modalities in a unified network to allow storage and remote access to medical exam imaging (MR, CT, and US).
  • Implemented an HL7-compliant medical workflow; a patient's data needed to be entered only once at the reception desk and all the data is shared across medical modalities.
  • Established teleradiology links to allow doctors at remote geo locations to easily access exams data/imaging and perform image processing on their local machines.
Technologies: C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Databases


2009 - 2013
Realsoft Systems
  • Developed an online dating platform with 3D avatars and live chat support. The project was for a Dutch-based client that intended to offer a Second Life clone to the audience.
  • Built document management systems, which included OCR and feature extraction, e.g., dates, addresses, and so on. Provided a batch of scanned images and then digitized the paper documents.
  • Performed R&D for clinical networking and DICOM/HL7 medical protocols in order to develop prototype radiology information systems, as well as to establish an imaging archive with remote access support.
Technologies: C#, Microsoft Visual Studio

Mental Therapy VR App

The app was developed in Unity and deployed to Oculus devices. There are two parts to the app:

1.) The desktop app is used by psychiatrists to set up personalized session parameters, such as triggering environments and items, including bottles of alcohol, drugs, and weapons. Once the session is started, the scene is streamed to the patient's headset.

2.) The VR app is presented to the patient, displaying a 3D rendering of the scene and triggering item. By measuring the patient's heart rate via Bluetooth to the desktop app, the psychiatrist can guide and train the patient to gain control over their desires and thoughts.

Baseball VR Training

An app developed for simulating baseball umpire and batting practice incorporating real baseball players from the US major league. It has been deployed to Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Custom Unity editor scripting allows for the importing of each baseball pitcher's heatmap. Personalized animations have been developed for each real pitcher. Once the user selects batting practice, they can train against virtually real pitchers.

For umpire practice, the app features a voice recognition system that analyzes microphone input and calculates the user's ability to make the right decisions, such as whether a pitch was a "ball" or a "strike."

See Through Smoke Gas Mask

The project aims to enhance commercially available gas masks with augmented reality glass, allowing for the display of environmental contours in low-visibility conditions, specifically to see through smoke. The output image is produced by analyzing and processing a real-time thermal camera stream.

The biggest challenge was achieving a high frame rate on a low-performance board computer. For the prototype, a 32-bit Raspberry Pi Zero was used, the lowest-performance Linux board on the market. However, the achieved frame rate was limited only by the speed of the camera, allowing for rendering at 50+ FPS.

The image processing is fully done on the GPU, and the image is directly displayed in the console frame buffer, avoiding the usage of Linux GUI.

Rogue-like Deck-building RPG Card Game

A deck-building card game developed for PC, mobile, and VR. It is a spiced-up variant of "Slay the Spire," the leading game in the genre. The game is developed in Unity and is fully data-driven. To achieve easy balancing, custom editor scripting development is used, so all items, cards, and enemies can be edited from the Unity inspector without the need to write code.

The system's architecture allows for core logic to be shared across all target platforms, meaning that porting to a specific platform only requires the development of the UI and input.

The game is expected to be released by the end of 2023.


A soccer tactics board that allows the creation of team actions and previews them in 2D and 3D mode and VR. This helps players to precisely visualize coaches' thoughts without language barriers. It has the potential for group training with a multiplayer VR experience.

Sniper Game Procedural Builder

A Unity that project allows users to generate sniper shooter games for mobile and WebGL devices procedurally. Users can configure various parameters in the web app, such as the number of enemies, the number of levels, types of human models in the game (neutral/enemies), guns, and more.

By clicking the build button, executables are delivered for Android, iOS, and the WebGL platform, ready for hosting and playing.

Svarog: The Awakening

A hack-and-slash RPG game developed in Unity3D and deployed to Android, iOS, and WebGL. The project considered the development of custom Unity editor extensions to allow the team to easily configure and balance the game without the need to change the code.

3D Product Customizer

A CMS engine for 3D product customizations that is cross-platform, portable to mobile and WebGL apps. It allows the users to customize products offered by the vendor by changing materials and parts and has been tested within industries like automotive, yachts, watches, jewelry, bikes, and handbags.
2010 - 2012

Master's Degree in Software Engineering

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Belgrade, Serbia

2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems and Technologies

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences - Belgrade, Serbia


Principles of Game Design

Michigan State University via Coursera


Introduction to Game Development

Michigan State University via Coursera


WebGL, OpenGL


Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, HoloLens


Unity3D, Unity, Photon


Oculus, Android, Steam


C#, SQL, HTML, JavaScript




Agile, Mobile Game Design


Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), Games, 3D Games, Game Development, Software Architecture, Gaming, Video Gaming, Fusion, Augmented Reality (AR), Networking, Software Engineering, Programming, Game Design, Bluetooth, Shaders, Multiplayer

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