Nebojsa Zelenovic, Mixed Reality Developer in Belgrade, Serbia
Nebojsa Zelenovic

Mixed Reality Developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Member since April 5, 2020
Nebojsa has been developing VR and AR in Unity for seven years. His clients include Microsoft, Samsung Next, Airbus, and Verizon. For three years, he led the team that was building the Unity-based SDK for Meta's augmented reality glasses platform. Nebojsa has been at the leading edge of the VR/AR industry since 2013, presenting demos to hundreds of customers, venture capitalists, and business leaders during AR and Unity conferences.
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  • Self-employed
    Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EOSIO, C++, JavaScript
  • Self-employed
    ARKit, ARCore, HoloLens, C#, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Unity
  • LiquidApps
    Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EOSIO, C++, JavaScript



Belgrade, Serbia



Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio, Unity, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is Infiniverse, a blockchain-based AR platform that allows users to place 3D digital content in the real world for others to experience.


  • EOSIO Blockchain Consultant and Software Engineer

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Built a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace over six months, working with the team behind Scatter, the most popular EOSIO wallet. Also worked on tools for EOSIO integration into Unity (C#) and JavaScript.
    • Audited the C++ smart contracts for Kyber Network's EOS port, an on-chain liquidity network similar to Bancor.
    • Created a tool to send tokens from one EOSIO-based chain to another.
    • Developed smart contracts for PIXEOS, a pixel master-based game for the EOS blockchain.
    Technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EOSIO, C++, JavaScript
  • AR/VR Consultant and Software Engineer

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Built the initial Unity SDK for Samsung Next's WhARe cloud service, kickstarting development during the initial three months of the project.
    • Developed key features of a collaborative, 3D presentation tool that was one of the few HoloLens apps sponsored directly by Microsoft. This was a 500-hour engagement.
    • Led Airbus' core mixed reality team in developing a multiplayer airplane control game for a HoloLens app designed to teach new employees about airplane dynamics. This was a 9-week engagement.
    • Built VR demos for an Israeli medtech startup, which were experienced by the prime ministers of India and Israel at a conference.
    • Led several key projects for Verizon Media, including a VR demo for selected Verizon flagship stores that generated great press around store openings.
    Technologies: ARKit, ARCore, HoloLens, C#, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Unity
  • Blockchain Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    • Created the Zeus SDK package manager, allowing Zeus boxes to be versioned and packaged similarly to NPM modules.
    • Converted common EOSIO-based smart contracts to use LiquidApps' vRAM technology, making EOSIO smart contracts significantly cheaper to deploy.
    • Built Zeus IDE, a Gitpod-based cloud development environment, allowing Zeus devs to instantly get up and running with the Zeus SDK.
    Technologies: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, EOSIO, C++, JavaScript
  • Founder

    2017 - 2019
    Infiniverse, Inc.
    • Led the Infiniverse project vision, technology architecture, partnerships, funding, and operations.
    • Secured collaboration with Samsung Next, resulting in a $50,000 grant and a perpetual license to Samsung Next’s WhARe cloud.
    • Selected as one of eight companies out of 241 to pitch Infiniverse on the main stage at AWE 2018.
    Technologies: C++, Smart Contracts, EOSIO, Vue.js, JavaScript, C#, Augmented Reality (AR), Unity
  • Software Engineer

    2013 - 2016
    Meta Company
    • Led the development of the Meta Unity3D SDK, an augmented reality glasses platform, from architecture design to implementation.
    • Developed the first officially released Meta app, a 3D holographic web browser.
    • Built an investor demo in a team of three, which led to a $23 million Series A round.
    • Ran sprint planning meetings to prioritize and allocate resources to tasks.
    Technologies: C#, Augmented Reality (AR), Unity


  • Infiniverse

    Infiniverse is a decentralized augmented reality platform and persistent virtual world on top of the real world. The platform allows users to place persistent content in the world, which remains in the same physical location even after the user has left the area or quit the application.

    Due to the scarcity of real-world space, users must purchase or rent “land,” the digital layer of real-world locations, in order to place persistent content there. Infiniverse has its own economy and virtual currency, Infinicoin, which is used to register land and make transactions on the marketplace.

    I led the project vision, technology architecture, partnerships, funding, and operations. While the project was ultimately put on hold due to a lack of funds, I am proud of our achievements, including being selected to pitch onstage at AWE 2018 and for collaboration and partnership with Samsung Next.

  • HoloWeb

    HoloWeb is a 3D, holographic web browser for the Meta glasses platform. It allows users to create unlimited web tabs, which live in the 3D space around them, and interact with the AR browser with their hands. HoloWeb was the first officially released Meta application, for which I was the sole developer.


  • Frameworks

    Unity, ARKit
  • Tools

    HoloLens, Git
  • Platforms

    ARCore, Blockchain
  • Other

    Augmented Reality (AR), EOSIO, Smart Contracts, Virtual Reality (VR), Computer Science, Finance
  • Languages

    C#, JavaScript, Python, C++
  • Libraries/APIs



  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Finance
    2010 - 2015
    University of Sydney - Sydney, Australia

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