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Nemanja Stojanovic

Nemanja Stojanovic

Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Member since May 2, 2014
Nemanja is a software developer with an inclination towards computer science and innovation. He has years of experience working with different programming languages and frameworks, giving him the ability to quickly adapt to any working environment or task.
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  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 6 years
  • C++, 5 years
  • Functional Programming, 5 years
  • Ruby, 5 years
  • JavaScript, 4 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 3 years
  • Scala, 2 years
Santa Barbara, CA, United States
Preferred Environment
Git, Linux, Sublime Text, Vim
The most amazing...
...thing I've coded is a first order logic library for Haskell implementing a unification engine and a DSL for declaring logic statements and queries.
  • Full Stack Developer
    2013 - 2015
    DS IT Consulting
    • Worked on an in-house CMS as a part of a team. Split up the CMS into several isolated components.
    • Implemented asset management in the CMS core using Fog to store data on AWS and exposing the REST API via Sinatra.
    • Worked on creating a separate agent with specialized logic communicating with the core via message passing, separating functionality from the core (similar to delayed_job).
    • Patched Dust.js grammar to support in-house needs.
    • Implemented a Dust.js parser/syntax checker with stricter rules. Used it to check the syntax of all view templates before the server actually started.
    • Implemented a URL-match parser similar to Sinatra's for use with an in-house server library for Node.js.
    • Implemented parts of the display server to pull and display pages cached on Riak.
    • Extended the core model to support more content types in a generic way and allow for simpler publishing (JRuby, Neo4j).
    Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, CoffeeScript, Node.js, Neo4j, Riak
  • Developer
    2010 - 2011
    Informatika A.D.
    • Implemented a SNMP module for a SCADA system in C++.
    • Created a ladder-diagram editor with live debugging for the InfoPLC project in .NET.
    • Created an application to bundle a collection of rectangular images into a space-efficient atlas in .NET and JavaScript.
    • Worked on a thin client used to communicate with a legacy mainframe system over named pipes (.NET).
    Technologies: C++, .NET, JavaScript
  • Languages
    CoffeeScript, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript, SQL, Go, C++, Haskell, C, Elixir
  • Frameworks
    Ruby on Rails (RoR), Sinatra, Graphcool, Boost C++, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs
    Underscore.js, jQuery, Node.js
  • Paradigms
    Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Logic programming, Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms
    Linux, Arduino, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Other
    Parsers, AI Programming, Microcontroller Programming, Game Development
  • Tools
    Visual Studio, ANTLR
  • Storage
    Neo4j, PostgreSQL, Riak, MySQL
  • PhD in Computer Science
    2017 - 2022
    University of California, Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara
  • Batchelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    2009 - 2013
    Metropolitan University - Belgrade
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